Removing Ink from Vinyl Dolls

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Children love to draw on just about anything including their toys. This is a guide about removing ink from vinyl dolls.


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Tip: Removing Ink From Vinyl Dolls

To get ink stains off a vintage baby doll, pull back the doll's hair and remove clothing to keep them from getting bleached. Liberally apply 10% benzoyl peroxide acne treatment cream to any areas with ink. Be careful to avoid the eyebrows. Lay the doll in the sun. It will take more than one application to completely remove all ink. Just keep reapplying until the ink is completely gone.

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By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

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How do I get ink of a soft plastic doll's face?

By Jane

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By Lisa [2] 08/09/2011

A lady working at an American Girl store said that we could try using the tiniest bit of benzoyl peroxide acne treatment to help remove or lighten dark stains. Also, when they clean the dolls in the store, they use a little baking soda on a wash cloth that they've sprayed with a little water. They scrub the doll, and then clean off the baking soda by using a fresh cloth sprayed with a little water. You might want to try that first. We never tried the benzoyl peroxide, because our mark is pretty small, and I don't want to take any chances.

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Question: Removing Fabric Dye Stains on Doll

My Soft Cuddle baby doll got fabric dye stain as I had packed it in my luggage during travel. She got big black spots on her forehead, lips, and hand. Please tell me how can I get rid of those black spots.

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Question: Removing Burn Mark on Doll

I was trying to get rid of the pen mark on a doll, so I applied the cream and placed my doll under a light. Unfortunately it was too close and although the ink stain has gone I am now left with a big round dark patch on my doll's forehead. Please help as I can't find any answers on how I can lighten it. I tried more cream, bleach, cleaning products nail polish remover, and hair spray. Nothing is working :(

By Anna

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