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Removing Salt Stains From Shoes

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Leather Shoes

With winter comes slushy snow and salt stains on your shoes. This is a guide about removing salt stains from shoes.



Here are questions related to Removing Salt Stains From Shoes.

Question: Removing Salt Stains on Wooden Platform Shoes

I have shoes with wood platforms that have been salt stained. How do I safely remove the salt stains? Also, is there a way to treat them to prevent this from happening again?

By gotogirl from MI


Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]02/15/2011

My first thought regarding how to prevent it from happening again is to wear boots and take your shoes with you.

Question: Removing Salt Stains on Shoes

How do i remove salt stains from shoes/boots?

By Ted G

Solutions: Removing Salt Stains From Shoes

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