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Removing Silicone Spray

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cleaning silicone spray from tiles

Removing silicone spray from surfaces is easy enough if you use the right products. This is a guide about removing silicone spray.



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Question: Removing Silicone Spray From Tile and Hardwood Floors

We had a gym set up in our downstairs tiled area. The man sprayed silicone spray on the weights so they move properly, but the spray has gone all over the tiled area and up our hardwood floor staircase. I've cleaned it twice and it's still very slippery. I'm sure it was only a very fine spray, but we are slipping all over the place. Please help.

By Jenny


Best Answers


Pine Sol. Straight.
I was working on my bike inside the house. Laid down rags, but over-sprayed silicone on the hardwood. I first tried Windex. No change. Then I used my steam cleaner. Just as slippery as before.Then I poured down Pine Sol, no water, onto the floor. Rubbed it in then rubbed it off. No more slips in our house. Thank goodness.

Best Answers

By Lilihua08/31/2010

I dropped a can of silicone spray and the nozzle tip snapped off spraying silicone spray forcefully everywhere on my oak hardwood floor. I grabbed the can, put my finger over the top, and ran it outdoors. I had a heavy concentration of silicone spray all over the floor. I searched the internet. Then thought I'd try my new Floor Steam Cleaner to see what it would do. I kept going over everything slowly over and over. No chemicals, no getting down on my knees, and it was all cleaned up!

Best Answers

By regor4 [2]03/19/2010

Ammonia let sit 15 minutes with plenty of ventilation. Use floor scrub brush then mop rinse with 1/2 cup white vinegar mixed in 1 gallon water.

Question: Removing Silicone from Tiles

How do I remove silicone from tiles?

By Carl from UK


Best Answers

By Grandma J [46]09/17/2010

Use the hair dryer on hot and warm it up, peels right away. Do not use a paint remover gun. That will catch fire.

Best Answers

By Lilian09/17/2010

Try this:
Spray with WD40 , let sit for a few minutes and scrape off with a plastic scraper.

Best Answers

By marion davidson [22]09/17/2010

Try white spirit.

Question: Removing Silicone from a Bathtub

How do you remove silicone from a bathtub? The tub is fiberglass and it has clear silicone that has hardened. It was used as a sealer and adhesive.

By Grannyfive from West Fargo, ND

Most Recent Answer

By Patty [11]03/08/2011

I read the article from Anonymous and, being a cleaner for newly constructed 'spec' homes, just be careful of Goof-Off. It will take the shine off, Goo-Gone does not. And to spare your fingers from rubbing, use a large pink eraser or a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean.

Solutions: Removing Silicone Spray

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