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Removing Sticker Residue

Removing Sticker Residue

It is so frustrating trying to remove sticker residue from your purchases or elsewhere around your home. This is a guide about removing sticker residue.


Solutions: Removing Sticker Residue

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Tip: Use a Steam Iron to Remove Stickers

How many of you moms out there have spent entirely too much time trying to remove stickers that have been stuck on every surface in the entire house by your ornery toddler? Hold onto your bonnets, ladies! You ready? Use the steam from your iron to remove any type of sticky sticker off any surface!

Fill your iron chuck full of water and turn the heat and steam on High. Let it get good and hot, then hold your iron upright or over your sticker nightmare and start pressing that steam button as fast as you can. In seconds, the entire sticker can be lifted off with absolutely NO residue left on the surface.

May all of you sticker-removing mommies sleep better tonight knowing that at least one toddler mess can be cleaned up with ease.

By April from Albany, GA

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Tip: Remove Sticker Residue With Peanut Butter

Don't you find it annoying when you buy something and when you try to remove the label it leaves a greasy or a sticky substance on the item? Well if you don't have any goo begone, just smear a gob of peanut butter on it. Take a paper towel and rub, turning the paper towel often as it removes the sticky substance. No more sticky substance on it. It really works. I just did this on a jar, removing what was left of the price tag!

By Dorothy from New Creek, WV

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Tip: Removing Sticker Residue from Glass

Don't you just hate it when you get something new made of glass with a sticker on it. You remove the sticker, but it leaves a sticky goo like substance on it. Problem solved! Just put some rubbing alcohol, mineral oil, or nail polish remover on a cotton ball or paper towel and rub it. The residue comes right off. So easy!

    By dorothy wedenoja [170]

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    Tip: Lighter Fluid for Sticky Stuff Removal

    Lighter fluid for cigarette lighters (Ronsonal, Zippo, or store brand) is wonderful for removing sticky stickers or labels. It even works on fabric! Just a little bit will dissolve the messy sticky residue.

    I had gotten some quilt squares on sale and left them in my car during 100 degree weather. Needless to say, the labels were sealed to the fabric. I had used the lighter fluid on solid objects and figured what could I lose. It works wonderfully. I just had to rinse out the fabric and I was so happy.

    Just remember, no smoking during use.

    Source: Used this at my job at Amber Unicorn used bookstore to remove labels from book dust jackets and paperbacks.

    By Terry from Goodsprings, NV

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    Tip: Removing a Sticky Residue


    Lemon essential oil removes sticky residues quickly and easily. Put 4 drops of the lemon essential oil onto a cotton ball. Hold the cotton ball onto the sticky residue for a couple seconds then rub in a circular motion until the residue is gone. I have successfully used this method for removing two sided tape from metal and also sticky residue from labels.

    residuewiping with oilalmost goneadhesive gone

      By StellaBell [176]

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      Tip: Mayo for Removing Labels from Jars

      Soak the jar and, after removing label, add a dab of mayonnaise. Let it set a few minutes, then rub. The glue will come off with no effort.

        By punki [1]

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        Tip: Removing Glue Residue

        You probably won't believe it (I didn't at first), but the best thing I know to remove sticky residue from labels and tags is fly spray! Yep, your everyday, garden variety fly spray. Spray some on a paper towel and rub the sticky area (it takes a little work). If it is particularly stubborn, spray it directly onto the area and leave a few seconds before working on it. You may need to do it a couple of times, but I haven't found one yet that didn't come away. This works on glass, ceramic, china, etc.

        By Sue from Palm Beach, Queensland

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        Tip: Using Hand Sanitizer For Sticky Residue

        You know how you peel off a sticker and it leaves behind the sticky glue? I used Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and it works great. I put some on and spread it evenly throughout the surface then let it sit for 20-30 minutes. I just rubbed and the glue came off in clumps. It didn't make anything change colors so it works perfectly!

        By Petey from MI

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        Tip: Careful With Goo Gone on Leather

        I bought a pair of Lilly Pulitzer sandals that had sticker residue on the leather insoles. I used Goo Gone and it removed the gold lettering also and also left a blotched area. I have used Goo Gone in the past with great success, but I would not recommend using it on leather.

          By eggoodwin [1]

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          Tip: Removing Glue Residue From Pots and Pans

          Removing glue used for labels from cooking pans. I tried everything. WD40, mineral spirits, nail polish remover, dish detergent poured directly on the glue, nothing worked. I even tried leaving it on for several minutes. Then I tried mineral oil, rubbed it with terry toweling and within seconds it was off!

          It's such an easy solution it's probably been found before. I just happened to decide to try whatever I had on hand because I was getting frustrated at not being able to get the glue off.

          By Cbreeez from Ontario, Canada

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          Tip: Use Goo Gone to Remove Sticker Residue

          To remove price stickers, bumper stickers, or glue residue try using Goo Gone. I have found it to be the best, fastest, and will not damage. I even used it on t-shirts and jeans after I removed a stick-on label and it left a glue residue. It works great on plastic and glass. I always keep a bottle on hand. It can be purchased at many hardware, discount, and major stores.

          Source: This is my own idea after trying different products and other suggestions.

          By Linda from Arlington, Texas

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          Here are questions related to Removing Sticker Residue.

          Question: Sticker Residue on a Photo

          I was looking at some pictures i found in my purse last night, and the one with my daughter holding my great nephew (2 months old at the time) has some sticky paper residue on it, possibly from a sticker from my Dd (5 years old). I was wondering if there is a way to remove this without ruining the picture? Thank you for all responses. I would really hate to throw this one out.

          jmz2005 from illinois

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Janette 91 153 01/22/2014

          The absolute best product to use and will not damage photos is a product called Un-DU. You can get it in craft stores uisually in the scrapbooking section. I have also found it at Lowes. This amazing product will also remove dried hot glue where the glue was not meant to be. ou just have to try it. Hope this helps (I know it will).

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          Question: Removing Sticky Residue

          How do I remove the sticky glue from labels placed on containers?

          By Curtis from Valley Mills, TX

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          Most Recent Answer

          By davidh 1 04/13/2015

          I used J & J baby body wash, let it soak over night. The labels came off but not the glue. I used Land of Lakes butter
          with Canola Oil as a ingredient, smeared it on the lids on the glue areas and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then ran water on the lid and used a paper towel to wipe it off and all the glue was gone and no scratches. I could not see where anything had ever been on it (crystal clear). I was amazed and believe if I had used the butter in the beginning label and glue would have come off in one easy procedure. Hope this helps!

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          Question: Removing Sticky Label Residue from a Mirror

          I bought a large wall mirror and after removing the label there's a sticky residue that I can't take off. I tried alcohol and nail polish remover. Thanks

          By Letty

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Cynthia 1 5 06/27/2011

          Try GooBGone. Works for me.

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          Question: Removing Sticker Residue

          I would like to know how to remove glue left on silverware, such as knife/fork from the sales tag.

          By Patricia from Buffalo, NY

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Christina 1 5 08/10/2010

          Goo-Gone works very well on this. Follow the directions and your problem should be history.

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          Question: Removing Sticker Residue on Inside of Shoe

          How do I remove the sticky residue left from a sticker on inside of shoe, under my heel? It is leather, so I don't know if I can use Goo Gone. When I walk, one heel sticks and makes noise every time I take a step. Very frustrating!

          By Christine K.

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          Most Recent Answer

          By kaitlyn.vialpando 1 04/26/2014

          I bought a pair of sandals that have that suede type fabric and right under my heels there were stickers that rubbed off, leaving a sticky residue. I read all over different methods so I started going down the list. First I tried letting peanut butter sit on it, then I wiped it away with paper towels (which didn't work) and then I tried wiping it with a cotton ball and it was still super sticky. Then I tried rubbing in all sorts of directions with 100% acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls again. Still it felt sticky to me.

          So then I tried vegetable oil with cotton balls. I let it sit for a minute or so and then would rub in any direction where it looked like the suede was going different directions and the residue was lifting. In the end, I have the circular spots still there, but since they are sandals, I don't mind especially since they are dried and no longer sticky.

          Just experiment a little with things that you know won't ruin the fabric in your shoes. :)

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          Question: Removing Sticky Label Residue on Clothes

          Does anyone know how I can remove the label glue from the inside of my shoe without ruining the material? Ross sticks their price tags on the inside of the shoe and I've peeled it off and attempted to get all the glue, but the glue inside still sticks to the bottom of my foot. Actually it's a sandal type shoe so I'm barefoot when wearing these shoes. Any suggestions?

          By Diane from Sacramento, CA

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Vin 7 9 04/15/2010

          Try rubbing an ice cube on it. This works in getting candle wax out of fabric. It works on some types of glue. If not, I would try a little alcohol on a cloth.

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          Question: Sticker Residue on Satin Placemats

          How do you remove gummy residue left after removing price tags from satin placemats? Thanks in advance.

          Yvonne from El Paso, Texas

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Kevin (Guest Post) 12/20/2008

          There are several things that work well. Test first in a hidden part. White spirit is good to remove sticky residue as is eucalyptus oil but this will also leave an oily spot. One other way is to use another sticker to help lift off the residue.

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          Question: Removing Sticky Residue from Name Tag on Leather Jacket

          I have a square of whitish sticky residue on a black leather coat left after removing a name tag from it.
          Does anyone know how to get that off without damaging the leather?

          By Eleanor G

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          Most Recent Answer

          By decline_tostate 1 11/12/2013

          For leather I use this stuff called SofSole Leather Lotion that I buy from DSW.

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          Question: Clothing Label Left Sticky Residue

          I bought a girl's polyester vest and the manufacturer had put their brand sticker on the front of the vest. It has left a sticky circle approximately 1.5 in diameter. How can I remove the sticky patch without damaging the vest?
          Thank you.

          By Judy

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          Most Recent Answer

          By ShirleyE 32 41 10/11/2013

          Not sure if it will ruin the fabric, but nail varnish remover is usually good for getting rid of stitcky stuff.

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          Question: Label Adhesive on Metal Surface

          How can I remove left over label adhesive? I have washed in hot water, gently scrapped, and used rubbing alcohol. What do I do?

          By Pat

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          Most Recent Answer

          By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,656 04/22/2013

          Try using an acetone based nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Paint thinner or mineral spirit will also take the label adhesive off of a metal surface.

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          Question: Removing Sticky Name Tag Residue on Jacket

          How do I get sticky backing from a name tag off a jacket? The material is like vinyl/leather.

          By Ray F.

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          Most Recent Answer

          By beechiegirl1953 5 13 06/06/2011

          So as not to take any chances with damaging the appearance of the jacket, take it to a local dry cleaner and ask their advice, or to a western clothes store where they sell such items.

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          Question: Sticker Goo From Name Tags On Shirts

          My daughter came home recently with name tags on her t-shirt from a school project. I assumed she'd removed them before washing & drying however I just noticed the sticker goo is still on the thin t-shirt fabric. How can I safely remove this from these brand new shirts?

          Melissa W.

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          Most Recent Answer

          By terry 69 04/26/2005

          I had the same problem a while back, only with a pair of soft cotton knit pants. I figured that I'd use my Goo-Gone to get the stuff off, and if it messed up the pants, it didn't matter since I wouldn't wear them the way they were. The Goo-Gone worked great and didn't leave a trace of itself on the pants. I've also tried lighter fluid when I ran out of Goo-Gone, with equally good results.

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          Question: Sticker Residue on Leather

          I need help with the removal of sticker residue on a black leather couch.

          By Sandy from Kansas City, MO

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          Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

          Archive: Sticker Residue on Leather Shoes

          How can I remove sticky label residue off leather? My new leather shoes had a paper label inside, on the leather insole, with the sale price on, but when I tried to peel it off it has left a really sticky patch. The leather is soft, almost like nubuck and very pale colour

          Gailsmum from UK


          RE: Sticker Residue on Leather Shoes

          There is a product called "Goo Gone", you can usually buy it at a hardware or department store, it will remove any residue, anything sticky, even wax without hurting the material. I use it for removing anything sticky. (09/07/2006)

          By Karen

          RE: Sticker Residue on Leather Shoes

          I agree... Goo Gone. It's great and good in your situation since the goo is on a surface that doesn't show. (09/11/2006)

          By Claudia _MD

          Archive: Removing Sticky Residue

          To remove sticky residue left after removal of a sticker on a product, rub some vegetable oil on the spot, let it sit for an hour, and then wash with hot soapy water. There's no need to buy expensive removers like GOO Be Gone.

          By Barbara Hauser


          RE: Removing Sticker Goo

          If the sticker was on something that you don't want to use oil on try putting in the freezer, in fact....put into the freezer before peeling the sticker..let it freeze completely, peel off. (07/27/2004)

          By Diamondee

          Removing Sticker Goo

          To remove leftover sticky stuff from stickers, simple use a little babyoil.

          By Renee V (07/11/2005)

          By ThriftyFun

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          Rubbing alcohol also works for removing adhesive residue, in case you don't wish to use oil on a particular object. (07/12/2005)

          By P.

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          That is a great idea. I must say that Goo Gone is not expensive considering a little goes such a very long way. Sometimes paying for something that lasts and lasts is a real value also.

          By the way, the product also works great if you happen to have a little person who has gum in their hair! (07/12/2005)

          By Patti

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          Thanks so much for the tip. I have some containers that came with chicken salad or potato salad in them originally. I love to use them for storing leftovers in, however, I have never been able to completely get the stickers and the sticky off. You can bet I will be trying this one out. Thanks again. (07/17/2005)


          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          That works great! Santa brought us a new Power Wheels car with a HUGE sticker on the front windshield and your solution worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch.

          Kip (12/24/2005)


          remove goo

          Thanks it worked great on the goo stuck to my mirror from a fly trap

          By Ec

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          I sometimes use a squirt of aerosol hairspray, deodorant or fly spray. Leave for a minute or two and viola the sticky stuff comes right off. You could also try some eucalyptus oil if you have any. (12/09/2006)

          By K from Oz

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          For some reason, Axe deodorant works perfectly. Just spray on the affected sticker gunked area and let it sit for 10 seconds. Then wipe around and wait. Works nicely. (12/15/2006)

          By Fellow Traveler

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue of a delicate shoe

          I Use hair spray or Tinacin(foot & sneaker deodorant). After the sticker is out and leaves some residue, put some oil (I used anti frizz oil - for hair) and scrub with your finger nail. (12/28/2006)

          By Sol

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          I removed a "caution, hot surface" sticker that was meant to stay on the top of my new stainless steel toaster oven for its lifespan. I tried most of the things I found on this site, but for this stubborn residue that was designed to endure heat, I used peppermint oil (didn't have eucalyptus). Seeing that this left a strange haze, I put hot water on a rag to remove any traces of peppermint oil, wiped the surface dry and then polished it w/ Noxon metal cleaner. (01/01/2007)

          By Veronica

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          Pam or any non stick cooking spray works instantly at getting off sticky residue! (01/23/2007)

          By ah

          RE: Removing Sticker Residue

          I just used nail polish remover. There was glue residue from the high chair pad that collected food. I cleaned as much off as I could with warm soapy water and high pressure garden hose. Then I rubbed what was left with nail polish remover. Worked like a charm.(quote)(/quote) (03/22/2007)

          By nancy

          Archive: Sticker Residue on Leather

          I have a glue stain on a leather jacket from a "Hello my name is" sticker. Removing the sticker left a white glue stain.

          Sue from Ottawa, ON


          RE: Sticker Residue on Leather

          Simply wet a tissue with alcohol and wipe off the sticky. This works on anything and is easily done not to mention more cost effective then buying something to use. Good luck! (01/12/2007)

          By Paula Jo Carr in Mebane, NC

          RE: Sticker Residue on Leather

          I put a "Hello my name is" sticker on my leather jacket for a Halloween party, and someone at the party told me it would take off some of the leather.

          Fortunately, my hubby suggested using a hairdryer the same way people do to take off bumper stickers. Beautiful! It worked perfectly and didn't leave any residue. ~2 minutes (if that) and I was done! (11/02/2008)

          By Jennifer in CT

          Archive: Using Hand Sanitizer For Sticky Residue

          Hand Sanitizer is great for removing glue and such off your hands, price stickers off glass, etc.

          Archive: Sticker Residue on Leather

          I need to remove sticker residue from my leather jacket. Any ideas on what I can use that won't harm my leather?