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Removing Super Glue from Wood Furniture

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Super Glue

If you have ever accidentally gotten Super Glue on your furniture while making a repair, you know that removing it safely can be difficult. This is a guide about removing Super Glue from wood furniture.



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Question: Removing Super Glue from a Wood Table

Would anyone know any tips on how to remove super glue (used for fake nails) can be removed from a wood table, without sanding down the whole thing. Thanks,

Samantha R


Most Recent Answer

By joanfry [23]02/22/2011


Question: Removing Krazy Glue from Furniture Without Ruining the Finish

How do I remove Krazy Glue from a table without ruining the finish?

By Eileen from Monroe, NJ

Solutions: Removing Super Glue from Wood Furniture

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