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Removing Tough Smells from Laundry

A girl cleaning stinky laundry.

Certain odors are very difficult to remove from laundry. This is a guide about removing tough smells from laundry.


Solutions: Removing Tough Smells from Laundry

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Tip: Vinegar for Fresh Smelling Laundry

My husband is a runner and his clothes get really smelly. They were making all the laundry have an odor. I used several different brands of detergent, but his clothes still had an odor. I finally started adding one cup of household white vinegar to each load of clothes. No more odor! All the clothes come out smelling great and no more sweaty smell to my husband's sports clothes.

    By Luci M. [4]

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    Tip: Getting Rid of Tough Smells in Clothing

    To get tough smells out of clothing, use a touch of Pine Sol in the normal wash cycle along with your regular washing detergent. The Pine Sol smell won't be there (unless you use too much) and the bad odor will be gone as well.

    By Sandi

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    Question: Removing Stainless Steel Cleaner Smell from Laundry

    I accidentally threw a cleaning cloth that I had used to polish my stainless steel appliances into a washer full of bath towels, wash cloths, etc. After 4 washes the smell is still in my bath towels. What can I do next? I have tried Clorox and another time tried baking soda. Please help. Thanks.

    By Mary

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    By Vivian Dinsmore 2 1 12/01/2012

    Have you tried running a cycle with distilled white vinegar then rinsing with fabric softener with fabreeze? That may help.

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