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Removing Yellow Stains from Linen

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Linen Tablecloth

Fine cotton fabric can become yellowed with age and need some special care to get it white again. This guide is about removing yellow stains from linen.



Here are questions related to Removing Yellow Stains from Linen.

Question: Removing Yellow Stains from Linen

Does anyone know how to remove old yellow stains from linen that has been stored? The type that just appear, old stains coming back? They are too good to throw away! Thanks.

By Jenniwren from South Coast, NSW, Aust.


Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Nicholas [13]08/07/2010

I tend to use lemon juice or white vinegar, but never use bleach, it will eat the fabric and create more yellowing. I lay out the linen on a white sheet on the grass in the sun, then put the juice or vinegar on the stain and leave it sit in the sun for at least the day. For really bad stains I soak in hot water with an enzyme cleaner (like oxyclean) first then lay out in the sun. The most important thing is to rinse, rinse, rinse to get all the soap and residues out. Hope this helps.

Question: Cleaning a Yellowed Linen Tablecloth

I am trying to clean a linen tablecloth that has become yellow thru non-use.

Barbara from Windsor, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Julie [2]10/25/2006

Mix a solution of dishwasher detergent and the hotest water you can get. Soak the cloth overnight and then launder as you normally would.

Solutions: Removing Yellow Stains from Linen

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