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Reviving Dry Erase Markers

Dry Erase Markers

You might be able to extend the life of that dry erase marker. This is a guide about reviving dry erase markers.


Video: Reviving Dried Up Markers

Try reviving your dried up markers before thawing them out. Check out this video and learn how we did it.

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Solutions: Reviving Dry Erase Markers

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Tip: Rubbing Alcohol To Revive Dry Erase Markers

Rubbing Alcohol To Revive Dry Erase MarkersDried out dry erase markers? Your whiteboard markers may have more life in them. Dip the tip in a little ordinary rubbing alcohol. If color is drawn down into the alcohol, there's life in your marker, and you can write with it some more now that you have treated it. If this does not work, then the marker is probably out of lasting power.

By Kirsten from Logan, UT

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Tip: Remove Tip to Revive Dry Erase Markers

I simply snip the tip of the marker with scissors. Sometimes removing a bit off the dried tip will expose fresh ink. It works just about every time for me.

    By Michelle B. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Reviving Dry Erase Markers.

    Question: Reviving Dry Erase Markers

    Is there any way to recondition a dry eraser marker? I know it still has plenty of ink, but the cap didn't click well enough.

    Thank you!

    Maria from Derwood, MD

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    Most Recent Answer

    By jvega1 1 11/19/2014

    Holy Guacamole! I have an old pre-1980's test tube centrifuge. A few seconds in that baby and voila. Just like new. Make sure to wear goggles.

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    Question: Refreshing Dry Erase Markers

    My Expo Dry Erase markers are not old, but one just dried up and the lid was on it. Is there anything you can do to "rewet" them?

    By Gypsy

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    Most Recent Answer

    By anne 58 76 03/31/2013

    Dip tips in very hot water, cover with cap for a few minutes.

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    Archive: Reviving Dry Erase Markers

    I was just wondering if anyone would know how to revive dried out dry erase markers. My 2 year old got ahold of them and left the caps partly off when she was done and now they are dried out. Any tips on getting them to work again would be much appreciated!

    Amy from PA


    RE: Reviving Dry Erase Markers

    Try storing them upside down for a couple days with the tips facing down. The ink may refill the tip that way. Sometimes it works. It probably depends on how dried out they are. (07/20/2004)

    By Anne H.

    RE: Reviving Dry Erase Markers

    Here's a tip that was just posted, it reminded me of your request: (08/16/2004)

    By ThriftyFun