Saving Money on Coffee

A daily beverage for many people, getting the most out of your coffee purchase is important. This guide is about saving money on coffee.

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Tip: Saving Money on Coffee

By Suzanne 1

My daughter taught me this tip about saving money on coffee costs. She worked in a fancy coffee shop and they taught her tons about coffee, even though she is not a coffee drinker.

Grind your coffee very fine (espresso grind) and it will go much further. Only use half your normal amount of scoops to get the same or even darker pot of coffee. You may need to use a double filter in your drip coffee maker so no grounds get through.

We have been doing this for awhile now and are very pleased with the results. And, our coffee costs are going down so we are even able to purchase socially responsible coffee also.

By Suzanne from Bainbridge Island WA


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Tip: Saving Money on Coffee

By Bobbie 166 11

Saving Money on CoffeeI love my coffee, but the prices continue to go up so I am sharing some things that have helped me save $$ on my coffee.

  1. Make your coffee at home and take it with you. This is a huge savings over even the senior coffee price at McDonald's.
  2. Make a smaller pot of coffee instead of the whole pot. I find I actually drink less if I make a smaller pot of coffee. After coffee is gone, I start drinking water all day.
  3. Buy your coffee in bulk when possible. We belong to Costco, they often have coupons on Folgers. I have also purchased on line through Amazon when they have coffee sales.
  4. I have a friend who buys green coffee beans and roasts her own. She said it is fun to do and saves her money.
  5. I also use coupons when they are in the paper and grocery flyers. Walmart, if you shop there, will take another store's ad and match the price.

There really is never a reason to pay full price for coffee.

By Bobbie G from Rockwall, TX


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Tip: Combine Expensive And Cheap Coffee

By Brenda Walker Hellstrand 15 2

I adore great coffee but with the economy going wacko on my wallet, I've had to get creative. When I want that great flavor coffee, but can't afford the high cost, I buy one jar of my favorite and one cheap jar on sale then mix them together. I swear after the first cup, I really can't tell the difference.

By ms444125 from Charlotte, NC


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Tip: Use the Entire Pot Of Coffee

By Dave Woodman 1 2

Good coffee is expensive, but cheap if you use it correctly. I purchase good quality ground coffee. When I make a 12 cup pot of coffee, I immediately pour the whole thing into a reused plastic juice bottle. There is usually 1 cup over the container size that I drink. Then I keep it at room temperature in the sealed container, close to the coffee pot.

When I am ready for another cup, I put it in a mug and heat it in the microwave. No more burnt tasting coffee from setting after making on the coffee warmer. No stale coffee to throw away, and no waste. I drink a lot of coffee and don't pay half of what most of my friends pay for coffee supplies. Waste not, want not.


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    Tip: Give Up Designer Coffee

    By fay 6 3

    If you are spending $3 for a cup of cappuccino every morning, this adds up to $21 a week or $1092.00 a year. Instead, you can choose to buy a three-pound can of French vanilla cappuccino for around $12.00. "This will give you 64 cups of coffee, which is less than 20 cents per cup." Multiply that for a week and you get $1.40 or a total savings of $19.40 for the whole week, or a whopping savings of $1,008.80 for the year.


    By Faylee from Kingsport, TN


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    Tip: Make Your Own Bottled Coffee Drinks

    By Susan 8 11

    Bottled coffee drinks are better if the coffee is from home. Wash out any single-serving size plastic bottle and allow to dry upside down in a dish rack. I personally prefer 1-liter bottles but any size will do.

    Meanwhile, brew a pot of coffee as strong or as weak as you generally make it. Once brewed, remove from heat and allow to cool completely. When cool, use a funnel to pour coffee from coffee pot into the plastic bottle, being sure to fill the bottle only 1/3 full. Repeat with as many bottles as you have or as much coffee as you have. Once the bottles are one third full of coffee, place in the freezer for 4-8 hours. I like to put the bottles in the freezer partially on their side, so the coffee is lining one side of the bottle but not all the way to the bottle neck.

    Make another pot of coffee. To this pot of coffee, add a stick of cinnamon or a bit of cocoa powder or teaspoon of vanilla extract. When the pot is full, remove from heat and add the condiments you normally add to your coffee to include cream or sugar or peppermint. Allow to cool thoroughly, then pour into a (previously washed out) water jug or 2-liter bottle and store in the fridge.

    Just before you are ready to go to work or elsewhere, remove the frozen coffee from the freezer and using the funnel, pour the coffee from the fridge into the bottle with the frozen coffee. Replace the lid and you're set to go. Iced coffee exactly the way you like it and it won't water down before you drink it all because the "ice" in your iced coffee is coffee.

    This easily converts to hot coffee if you have access to a mug and microwave and it's already the way you like it.


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    Tip: Reusable Keurig Pods

    By lalala... 732 97

    If you like the convenience of using a Keurig machine but find the pods too pricey or you miss your favorite coffee, there is a solution. We recently found a 4-pack of reuseable pods for $9.99.

    filling pod


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    Question: Selecting Coffee

    By Betty 104 753

    The price of coffee has gone over the roof. I was drinking Folger's Black Silk before it went to nearly $11.00 at WalMart for a can weighing a little over 22 ounces. Then I discovered a brand of coffee by the name of Java something. I can't remember the second word. It is excellent coffee for $4.50 a bag about the same ounces as the Folger's can. The problem is Big Lots doesn't keep it in stock all the time.

    I've tried Walmart's brand of coffee and do not like it. I like Kroger's brand of coffee that I drank at a friend's, but there is not a Kroger where I live. Though less expensive Folger's classic and breakfast blends are too weak for my taste and Maxwell House is no less expensive that Folger's.

    Using coupons doesn't help as the only coupons I see for coffee are no more than 25 cents and no store here doubles. I'm hoping my ThriftyFun friends can come to my rescue again and recommend a less expensive coffee.

    By Betty from Lubbock, TX

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Deborah 2 Flag

    January 3, 2012

    There is a coffee company called Boca Java that you can order coffee from online only also Eight O'Clock coffee is wonderful. They have coupons on their website also. I buy mine from Amazon when they have specials or Sam's Club and Walmart also carries it.

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    Article: A Penny Saved... The Morning Latte

    Fisher Swanson

    You Save: a year!
    Use the calculator below to see how much you could save by changing beverages!

    My Beverage Costs:

    I Buy It Each:

    Cheaper Beverage:

    The Frugalator!
    Do you purchase a latte everyday on your way to work? Ordering a latte every weekday adds up to $650 over the course of a year. If you are looking for ways to save and cut corners in your budget, cutting out the daily latte by either making your own or ordering a cheaper beverage could amount to significant savings over the course of the year. Use The Frugalator on the right to determine how much you could save each year by changing morning beverages.

    Some Cheaper Alternatives!

    • Buy Drip Coffee: $1.00
    • Make Your Own Latte: $.75 (Price using quality coffee, organic milk and flavoring syrup. Does not include price of Espresso maker.)
    • Make Your Own Drip Coffee... $.25 (Price using quality coffee. Does not include buying your own coffee maker.)

    Saving Money on Equipment

    The best place to buy rarely used espresso machines is garage sales. Shop around, you can find a quality coffee maker, new, for less than $30.

    If you buy one used, check inside the tank for mineral deposits and run a mixture of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water throught to remove any deposits.

    Save Money on Coffee

    Coffee prices fluctuate as the price of coffee beans go up and down. For big savings on coffee, consider roasting your own in a hot air popcorn popper. It's surprisingly easy to roast your own, just be sure to do it outside. Susan (from ThriftyFun) and her son even wrote a book about!

    We are creatures of habit, especially in the morning, change your habits and the savings will come easy.


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    Tip: Add Cocoa Mix To Coffee

    By Jennifer 1

    I really like to drink coffee. I drink it any time of the day. My favorite homemade specialty coffee is so simple and so delicious! Just take a cup of coffee and add a instant packet of hot cocoa mix.


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    Tip: Spending Too Much On Take Out Coffee?

    By Lisa 75 107

    Sometimes we don't realize how much money we spend on take out coffee. If you buy two cups a day, 5 days a week it can cost you approximately $60 a month. That's $720 a year on just coffee. Yikes! Here are a few solutions to cut down your Java costs.

    A great way to budget your coffee money is to get one of those reloadable coffee cards (Many chain coffee places have them) and put a set amount of money on it once a month (say $20). This will allow you to keep track of your coffee purchases easily. Some coffee chains give you perks if you register your card as well so ask your local coffee establishment about it. Make sure you stick to the coffee budget you set for yourself.

    If the establishment where you go does not offer reloadable coffee cards, have a separate tiny change purse in your pocket or purse with your set coffee money and only use this.

    I had a $10 Starbucks card one week and in two days it was gone because I had splurged on a few lattes and a snack. I couldn't believe it. If you bring your own mug in, you get a 10 cent discount with them.

    If this is much too complicated for your liking, purchase one of those Big Sky Bistro Coffee Presses (google it and you'll see where you can get one, Amazon sells them) and bring your own ground coffee to work/school. All you need is boiled water. The press is your mug as well. Great invention!

    By Lisa from Halifax, NS


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    Tip: Reheating Cold Coffee

    By Peggy 63 173

    I drink a lot of coffee and hate to waste it. Sometimes (often), I will get busy and come back and it is cold. Instead of throwing it out, I pour it back in the pot. I come back in a few minutes and have a hot cup.


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    Tip: Brew Twice and Save

    By Heather 29 146

    Money is tight, and we love our morning coffee. I found a way to save 50%. I find the brand name on sale, and buy the darkest roast (look for scale on tin). Brew a full batch of coffee, pour into pitcher. Then fill reservoir with water again. Using the same grounds, brew again.


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    Tip: Kuerig K-Cups Vs. Ground Coffee

    By lalala... 732 97

    My husband got a Kuerig for his birthday. While the K-Cups are very convenient, we wondered how they compared to using ground coffee in the My K-Cup basket. A box of K-Cups contains 18 cups. Our bag of Tully's coffee weighed 12 ounces and we were able to get 25 cups of coffee.

    kuerig vs ground coffee


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    Tip: Stretching Coffee with Espresso

    By roger 1

    As coffee prices rose, I started using less, but it didn't taste as good. Now I have started to experiment with espresso. I added it a little at a time, until I got a great smelling, tasting, flavorful cup that is satisfying.


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    Tip: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    By Tina 3 6

    To save money on coffee, I get three 12 oz. cups from one and one half scoops of grounds. I use a reusable conical shaped 4 coffee cup filter in a wide soup/coffee cup and slowly pour boiling water into the first cup with one scoop of grounds.


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    Tip: Stretching That Gourmet Coffee

    I enjoy gourmet, fresh roasted coffee but the price isn't so much fun. I find mixing the ground gourmet about half and half with less expensive coffee still gives me a fresh roasted flavor but costs much less. By Lynn


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    Tip: Use a Commuter Mug

    For those of you that like to frequent coffee shops, whether on your daily commute or just when you're out and about, think about purchasing a commuter mug. Some coffee shops will discount your beverage purchase.


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    Archive: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    It is possible to to use coffee grounds more than once? How should they be stored? Do I need to add any extra fresh grounds to them when I use them a second time? Thank you for any help.

    By yarnlady from PA


    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    I tried that way back, when coffee went sky high and everyone was talking about doing it. None of the methods suggested gave anywhere near satisfactory results. I would rather drink less coffee and have it decent. (06/01/2009)

    By Mary T

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    In a drip coffeemaker: We re-use the grounds on the same day/morning. Add about half the usual amount of fresh grounds to the used grounds to get a second full pot of coffee. Fill water to the normal amount and brew. It is satisfactory for us. Rumor has it some churches and other social gathering places do this also. (06/03/2009)

    By kidsNclutter

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    I agree with kidsNclutter but also a cone filter uses less grounds and makes stronger coffee, esp if you manually, very very slowly, pour the water in, a little at a time. We use a manual Melitta coffee pot/filter we buy at Amazon. We get good tasting coffee and use very little coffee, two small scoops per pot. The slower the water is poured, the better. Most coffee makers let the water through too quickly, so you need to use more coffee. (06/03/2009)

    By karen608

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    Around here we call that Irish Coffee : ) as my older relatives love to reuse the grounds. I am Irish too, but I have never developed the taste for reusing the grounds. I think a reallg good cup of coffee requires fresh coffee grounds. It is one of my few indulgences. I think I will go get a cupt of hazlenut now! (06/04/2009)

    By mulberry204

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    I always use my coffee grinds more than once. The first pot is 2 scoops and for the next ones I add 1 scoop until the filter is full. I just don't like strong coffee. It taste ok to me. (06/04/2009)

    By Joyce wis

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    Unless you're a coffee snob, adding one half of the amount of coffee grounds for a second pot is just fine ;-) The taste difference is so minimal that it's worth the savings in money :-) (06/04/2009)

    By Deeli

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    I'm not sure about using grounds more than once, but I do know that you should grind your own beans (at home or at the store) and grind them much finer than pre-ground coffee and you'll need way less for a great, stronger cup of Joe. A Dutchman showed me that 20 years ago. (10/06/2009)

    By Lisa M.

    RE: Using Coffee Grounds More Than Once

    I agree 100% with Lisa M. I grind my beans fresh every morning, and I give them an extra little push of the button to make them extra fine. You use less and the coffee is great, strong too like I like it! (10/25/2010)

    By LuannD

    Archive: Saving Money on Coffee

    Tips for saving money on coffee.

    I love the gourmet flavored coffees. They are so pricey, I refuse to buy a big bag of it. SO I get the little "single pot" bags and stretch it buy adding the same amount of regular coffee. I buy the decaf flavor and add it to regular caffeinated coffee. So I get half the caffeine and double the amount of coffee.

    By Especielle from New Braunfels, Texas

    Post your ideas below.


    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    My husband and I love coffee, drinking two pots daily. I have found that I can brew a pot with the regular amount of ground coffee (4 scoops) and then for the second pot add just half the amount of fresh grounds (two scoops) to the grounds used in the first pot. I have noticed no change of taste and am saving each time I brew the second pot.

    By rbonneau

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    Get an inexpensive coffee mill - regrind the preground a little to refresh it and extend it some.

    By melody_yesterday

    Saving on Coffee

    Invest in a good thermal travel mug and make your own coffee for your commute instead of stopping to pick it up. You'll pay for the mug the first week and save after.

    By Cynthia Conley (03/23/2005)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    I was actually going to say basically the same thing that rbonneau said but I only make one pot a day ( I use 3 scoops one day and then 3 scoops the next on top of the prior days grounds) and just add to the grounds the night before (programmable coffee pot). I also found this saves on the filters as we have the cone shaped filters (thank you free Gevalia programmable coffee pot) which seem to be more expensive. Plus what melody_yesterday stated is helpful too. (03/23/2005)

    By mom2mcar

    Saving on Coffee

    My husband works construction and with it being winter here he takes a thermos of coffee with him as well as a large cup to drink on the way. We were going through coffee pretty fast. One day I decided to put half of a scoop of coffee into the filter that was already used to make coffee for the thermos, added the water and watched how the coffee started to come out. The result was great! We could not tell the difference in the first pot and the second. This saves a half of a scoop every day and we no longer are buying coffee as often as we were.

    By RoseMary B. (04/08/2005)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    I hardly perk or drip coffee anymore. I use instant,and once I get the right formula for my taste, I don't waste any coffee at all. Most of the cheap instants taste better with less then the recommended amount used.
    It isn't Kona coffee by any means ,but it gets the job done as far as satisfaction on my part.

    I usually drink two full cups a day. A 6oz jar last a little over a month this time of year but less in the winter. And no! I would never turn down a cup of anybody's fresh brewed coffee

    Drink Up Folks


    By Mr. Thrifty

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    We use 3 scoops the first pot, 2 scoops the second pot, 1 scoop the 3rd pot. Then if my hubby wants more, he washes the grounds with a half pot of water. el cheapo! (04/08/2005)

    By tina

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    You're not saving money if your coffee tastes terrible. And putting an extra scoop on already-brewed grounds makes coffee that tastes terrible! Plain terrible! I know because I've tried it. You would be better off to cut down on your coffee consumption and drink only the "good stuff" in smaller amounts. (04/10/2005)

    By Mary

    Mixing Coffees

    Mix your expensive ground coffee with a less expensive brand. This stretches the expensive brand and gives the less expensive coffee a "premium" taste.

    By truerblue

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    Buy the good stuff-the really good stuff FAIR TRADE ORGANIC- and limit yourself to one cup (or two) of it after that use the cheap stuff(or tea). Using a single cup drip cone or a french press makes you think about your intake too

    REMEMBER If you get the coffee for cheap, there's a farmer out there who is getting near zero pay(and probably cancer too) Between my husband and I we use about 1 lb per month now. that works out to 25c each per day and I refuse to buy cheap coffee. (05/24/2005)

    By for a lark

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    I have been buying my coffee for a while now at Wal-Mart. I buy a brick of reg and brick of decaf in the Great Value "house brand". One is Arabica and the other Columbian. I mix together in a large coffee can and keep in the frig. It doesn't cost a lot and tastes good. (08/08/2006)

    By Debbie52

    RE: Saving Money on Coffee

    I buy green beans from and roast it myself. 5 lbs runs 15 bucks. Pretty cheap and by roasting it myself, it doesn't get any fresher (though you want to let it breath 12 to 24 hours before grinding).

    If you really like coffee, the investment for a roaster is not that bad.

    By Carl

    Editor's Note: We roast most of our own. It's a lot of fun!

    Roasted Coffee Beans
    Food and Recipes Food Tips BeveragesJune 10, 2012
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