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Full fare magazine subscriptions can be quite pricey. There are a variety of ways to save money on magazines. This is a guide about saving money on magazines.


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Tip: Saving Money on Magazines

I am addicted to magazines, but can't afford to buy them all. Now I do two things to feed my fix:

  • I ask every office (Doctor, Nail Salon, Hairdresser, etc.) if I can have their old magazines. They are usually delighted to get rid of those over 3 months old.

  • I subscribe to a free magazine website and get about a dozen as promotions: http://www.all-freemagazines.com/

Then I donate all my old magazines to my gym, hospitals, and nursing homes.

By cipi2000 from Miami FL

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Tip: Read Magazines Online

If you're like me, you love the Parenting-type Magazines, but don't want to pay for them. If you're already paying for the internet, why not just "subscribe" to their online version instead, and save a bundle? Not to mention saving a bundle of trees :)

By AlaskanAurora from Dutch Harbor, AK

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Tip: Borrow Magazines From The Library

I have always loved looking at magazines. Subscribing and having them come to the house is nice; however, in these times of trying to cut back on clutter or just be "green", I do not subscribe to any magazines any longer. I look at them for free at the library! I take my daughter to activities there and while I wait for her, I find a comfy spot to sit and enjoy looking at a large variety of magazines.

Not only am I saving money, but I'm not storing anything extra in my own house. I am in our library at least once a week if not more, so I truly get my "magazine fix"!

By Debbie52 from IL

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Tip: Saving Money On Magazine Subscriptions

It is that time of the year, and all my subscriptions are either due or will be due. Here is a suggestion that has helped me hopefully keep my bills down. I still love looking at magazines. I just cannot afford them any longer, until now. I now have four subscriptions to popular magazines and I did it on a budget. I just pay my subscription on a monthly basis. Now some companies will not let you do that, but I have found several that will send out the subscription while I am still paying the subscription off. I just check the box and ask the company to bill me.

Now for the ones that want their money up front, here is what I do. I send in the entire amount. Once the subscription is paid, I calculate what the subscription would have cost me monthly, and put that amount into a folder each month. When the subscription is due, I have the full amount without too much of a headache or strain.

You can also check into whether subscribing online with get you a better discount. I also sign up for their Facebook and Twitter pages to get more of a discount.

By jetruth from Waterloo, IA

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Tip: Saving on Magazine Subscriptions

One of my splurges is subscriptions to several magazines. I only purchase subscriptions from discount sites, but it is vital to read the "fine print". A price of $6 or $10 might seem like a great discount, but often these steep "discounts" are for a subscription term of only a few months, not a whole year!

And after reading my magazines, I drop them off at a nursing home, medical clinic or dialysis center.

    By Linda L. [83]

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    Tip: Share Magazine Subscriptions

    When I worked at the studios, etc, in the entertainment biz, they would have a circulation of the trade papers like Variety, rather than everyone getting their own subscription. I have done that, splitting up fashion magazine subscriptions, and so on with a friend. Saving duplications! and money, too.

    By Pamphyila from Los Angeles

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    Tip: Swap Magazines With a Friend

    Like magazines? You purchase a subscription to a magazine, and have a friend purchase a subscription she likes. When each of you are done reading yours, you swap! Two subscriptions for the price of one!

    By Gloria

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    Tip: Cheap Magazine Subscriptions on Ebay

    Do you love a magazine, but not the price of the subscription? Do you love to give magazine subscriptions for gifts, but can't afford it? Here's a GREAT tip. You can find many, many, many different magazine subscriptions at http://www.ebay.com

    They are direct from the publisher and very cheap. I recently got a 4 year subscription for my sis-in-law to "Child" magazine for $4.00. I got 3 years each of "Weight Watchers" and "Shape" for only $7. It is incredible. I have been purchasing magazine subscriptions from eBay for almost 5 years now, and have never had a problem. I will NEVER pay regular subscription price again! :)

    By Corey

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    Question: Inexpensive Magazine Subscriptions

    Does anyone know of a web site where you can get magazine subscriptions for lower costs than what the magazine inserts offer?

    By Kathryen from Northern VA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Jacquelyn Valentine [13] 05/04/2009

    I buy mine through www.magazines.com. They're usually really cheap, and they run specials with at least 12 chosen (and well-known) magazines to choose from regularly. The chosen mags change each time.

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    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    Check to see if your library has a magazine box, ours weeds out their old issue magazines and charges a dime each. Also people drop off their recently read magazines in the box for the library to sell as well. I just bought this years Nov. issue Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day for twenty cents! If your library doesn't do this maybe they could start. Sure beats checkout lane prices. (12/02/2004)

    By Melanie

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    My husband had just a few frequent flier miles on an airline that he seldom flies. Every so often, they send out magazine offers that can be had in exchange for points. Since these points would probably expire before he ever built enought to cash in for a ticket, we traded some points for a few subscriptions...some 6 months, some 12 months. Even got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for 9 months! Check the webpage that services the brand of flier miles that you have and there might be a similar offer listed there. (12/03/2004)

    By Sparkydog

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    There are some real bargains on eBay, just go to eBay and do a search for Magazine subscriptions. I usually get subscriptions for some of my friends as Christmas gifts. To give an example, one magazine that is currently on eBay is Outdoor Life Magazine 3 year Subscription 33 issues for $9.49(/b) And you can find many others. (12/03/2004)

    By Harlean from Arkansas

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    I recycle magazines by bringing them to work or passing them on to friends with similar interests and they pass them on again. Try starting a group where you trade magazines. (12/12/2004)

    By Susan

    Magazine Subscriptions

    If you have friends or relatives that like various magazines, have each one subscribe to a different magazine and pass them among yourselves. Later they can be donated to a senior center or hospitals. It sure saves on everyone ordering the same magazine and pitching it! By Syd (12/15/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    To save money on magazine subscriptions, swap gift subscriptions with your friends. Gift subscriptions are often cheaper than the regular ones, and it's a great way to share! If you want to swap gift subscriptions to progressive or small press magazines, there is a mailing list set up to help you:


    Hope this helps!(12/28/2004)

    Shannon from Georgia

    Thrift Stores

    I love magazines and looking for new tips or travel destinations. I hit the thrift stores and find single magazines I like for .25 or a bundled group for a couple bucks. When I'm done looking thru the mags, I use them to make my own handmade paper for cards. By S. Witham (02/25/2005)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    I use to buy boxlots full of Magazines for a dollar at Auctions. You get to see what you are buying. Also some Vendors at Flea Market have them, You can also find Magazines on the Net ,Some of them cost nothing,or you pay a subscription but you get to go back in their archives. Join Freecycle on the computer in your area. They are always giving Magazines away (02/25/2005)

    By Mr. Thrifty

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    Check out the website "discountmagazines.com. I found them to have the cheapest prices on a lot of different magazines. I usually get the magazines I would not subscribe to from the library. The ones that I get cheap enough by subscribing, I take to the library or hospital waiting rooms when I am finished with them. (02/25/2005)

    By monica

    Read Magazines at the Library

    Make good use of your local library. Cancel magazine subscriptions and enjoy them for free at the library. (03/18/2005)

    By Cynthia

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    I subscribe to several free newsletters and visit freebie sites. I subscribe to many hunting and fishing magazines for my husband, gaming and pc ,baby and family magazines for my kids, remedy and health as well as fashion magazines for myself, and each and every one of them is FREE! That's right I haven't paid for a magazine in about 2 years now. Some subscriptions are for 6 months, but most are 1-2 years! Hope that helps some of you! (03/18/2005)

    By Jdd

    Swapping Magazines

    I save money on magazines by sharing with a neighbor. She orders one magazine subscription and I order one and we swap the mags after reading them. We agree to a week to 10 day time period from receipt to swap.

    By Linda` (04/07/2005)

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines



    Many are just shipping charges added, usually $4.69. (04/08/2005)

    By Fran Marie

    Free Magazine Subscription Site

    This is a very comprehensive web site for free magazine subscriptions. Some of them go pretty fast, but keep checking back, and you may get the one you want!

    http://www.all-freemagazines.com/ (04/19/2005)

    By Las Vegas Angel

    Magazine Subscriptions

    Instead of subscribing to two magazines, my girlfriend and I each subscribe to one and then when we get together for lunch exchange magazines and share ideas. (04/23/2005)

    By Bobbie

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    I was shopping at my favorite mega store (Meijer) a few weeks ago and was given a checkout coupon from a new magazine called Budget Living. I just had to call the 800 number and got a year of that magazine as well as my choice of FIVE other magazines for free. I already subscribe to a number of magazines, so I made a promise to myself to be sure to take them to waiting rooms as soon as I read them. There was NO CATCH, I didn't even pay shipping or anything. It's been fun. So try going to Budget Living's website. Good Luck (04/24/2005)

    By AskLiz


    If your magazines are a one person read, find out if the library carries the ones you like and take some quiet time for yourself. Read them at the library for FREE. (06/17/2005)

    By Syd

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    Yard sales are a great place to find magazines really cheap. Also at thrift stores. A pal said recently at their bank, they received a form for some free magazines, so look around your banking establishment. (06/17/2005)

    By badwater

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    ebay. seriously. (07/07/2005)

    By claireb

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    I just found this site and they have free magazines such as Maxim and Sports Illustrated. A good find!

    http://www.allmags4free.com (02/04/2006)

    By Thriftinator

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    Digital magazines, some are free and some are not, save on paper! www.zinio.com (01/23/2009)

    By soyzicks

    RE: Saving Money on Magazines

    My library has a magazine swap area - borrow, take, drop one. Great way to save! (01/23/2009)

    By DVG