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Uses for Citrus Peels

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Lemon Peel

In addition to composting, citrus peels have a wide variety of uses around your home. This is a guide about uses for citrus peels.

Solutions: Uses for Citrus Peels

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Tip: Citrus Peels Keeping Kitties Out of Your Garden Area

When we had a garden (and there were lots of feral kitties around us in that neighborhood which was near a park), we just scattered fresh orange or lemon peels throughout the areas and that seemed to do the trick. Cats do not like the smell of citrus peels, which are harmless since the kitties don't bother them at all.

Please do not ever put things like Tabasco sauce or other harmful things anywhere that a helpless little animal might be blinded or made terribly sick by eating or coming into contact with it.

Source: A lifetime of gardening, dealing with animals and looking for ways to do both safely and enjoyably.

By Julia from Boca Raton, FL

Tip: Save Fragrant Fruit Peelings

Whenever I peel a fragrant fruit such as an apple, lemon, orange, etc. I save the peelings to simmer on the stovetop. There are times when I cannot use them that day. So I have a bag in my freezer that I will save these peelings until I can use them. I add some whole cloves and sprinkle cinnamon into the mix when simmering with added water on the stovetop.

If I have an unpleasant odor in the microwave I will use the same mixture in a microwave-proof measuring cup and simmer it a bit. Let it stand in the microwave for a few minutes. Open the door, remove carefully, and wipe the inside dry. Leave door open to dry thoroughly.

By mkymlp from NE PA USA

Tip: Dry Your Own Citrus Peels

Grate lemon peel, lime peel, and orange peel when you buy those fruits on sale or any time. Allow the peel to dry on waxed paper. When fully dry, store in glass jars and label. Saves money by using these peels for flavorings when cooking or baking.

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

Tip: Burn Lemon or Orange Peel for Fragrance

If you have an open fire or a wood burning stove, throw orange and lemon peel in with the fuel and the room will be filled with a delicious smell.

By Lucy L. from England

Tip: Lemon Peels

Cauliflower will stay white if you add a small piece of lemon peel to the water while cooking

Also, after you squeeze the juice from a lemon or orange, freeze the rind. This way, when a recipe calls for rind, you won't have to grate a fresh fruit.

Source: From a vintage Woman's World magazine.

By Cinnamon from Williams Lake, BC

Tip: Uses for Citrus Rinds

When you use a lemon, don't throw away the peel. Put it in a baggy and toss it in the freezer. Then you will have it handy if you encounter a recipe that needs lemon zest.

Ideas for reusing Citrus Rinds. Post your ideas.

Tip: Freeze Citrus Peels

Freeze the peel from oranges or lemon and later you can use it to flavor tea, coffee or cider.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Tip: Make Citrus Oil for Insect Control

Make citrus oil to keep aphids, white flies, fire ants, and mosquitoes away! Soak the rinds of 2 orange peels in 1 gallon of water (closed) for about 10 days. Strain out the rinds/peels and store in mason jars until ready to use. If you will be applying to fire ant mounds, apply full strength. If spraying on plants, dilute 2 ounces of citrus oil with one gallon of water to avoid burning plants.

You'll be an organic gardener in no time.


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Question: Blending Whole Lemons Including Peels

Can one blend a whole lemon, both juice and back together, to drink? Is the lemon oil edible (the oil from the peel)?

By Barth

Question: Health Value of Grated Lemon Peel

Is it true that if you freeze a lemon whole you can grate it over your foods and get the best nutrition, as well, as anti cancer protection? Claims are the skin holds anti cancer protection similar to chemotherapy.

By Judie

Most Recent Answer

By Faye06/23/2012

As far as lemon peels having anti-cancer properties, I don't know, but I was very excited to hear on t.v. a week or so ago about about turmeric or cumin having serious anti-cancer properties! From what I understand, it attacks the cancer cells on 5 different levels, from the beginning stage to the end stage and 3 stages in between. You can generally get turmeric from WalMart on the vitamin isle. It is also as effective as ibuprofen in relieving pain, but with no side effects! I hope this helps.

Question: Using Citrus Peels as Cat Repellent

If orange peels and lemon peels work, why not use orange or lemon juice in a garden sprayer and just spray the yard?

By Buddy J.

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]07/28/2011

Ants would be attracted to orange juice. Plus the zest of the fruit is where the oil is and is what makes it so strong.

Question: Uses for Lemon and Orange Peels?

What are all the uses you can think of for orange and lemon peels?

Most Recent Answer

By Nina (Guest Post)05/12/2008

Use orange peels to rub onto your skin as a natural mosquito repellant.