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Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

Before discarding that kleenex box you may want to consider some of these ideas. This guide is about uses for empty tissue boxes.


Solutions: Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes

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Tip: Tissues and a Trash Can

tissue and trash can on table

With the colds and flu that are going around, you may find that you are constantly dragging around a box of tissues. This simple tip will provide you with both the ever needed tissues, along with a handy trash can for the used ones.

Take an empty tissue box and remove the plastic flaps around the opening. Then using two large rubber bands, attach a full box of tissues to the empty one. This is also a great option if your kiddo is sick on the couch. :)

inside the trash can

    By lalala... [715]

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    Tip: Use Empty Kleenex Box For Dryer Lint

    I use empty tissue boxes by my washer and dryer to put the lint and used dryer sheets in. They hold an incredible amount and because of the small opening with plastic lining, it keeps the lint from flying around in the air! I have a family of 5 so I do a LOT of laundry! I find one empty box will easily last 4-6 weeks. I also use it to put trash from pockets into - my teenage son is great for leaving things in his pockets. I also keep an old piggy bank beside the tissue box. The loose pocket change really adds up!

    By 09dsh from OH

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    Tip: Use Empty Tissue Boxes for Small Trash Can

    I place my paper scraps in an empty decorative tissue box while working on my scrapbooking. This can be used for any project that creates small pieces of trash. This way your craft area stays clean as you create.

    By pine4 from Littleton, CO

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    Tip: Reuse Cardboard From Tissue Box

    Open up the glued end of an empty large tissue box so it is now flat. Trim off the logo area. You can use the plain white area if you wish. Trim off ends and save them. You can get three tiny gift tags from the ends. You can make 4 cards, 1 bookmark, and 24 tiny tags from a single box or 7 cards and 21 tags from one box!

    For gift tags, punch a small hole in the top and add a ribbon to tie on to the gift. Attach a ribbon to the top of your bookmark the same way. Not all boxes measure the same, so don't worry if you don't come up with the same cuts or think you made a mistake.

    By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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    Tip: Store Recycled Ziploc Bags In Empty Tissue Boxes

    If you re-use zip-lock bags, use empty tissue boxes to store the bags. Fold them neatly so they pop out like tissue.

    By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

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    Tip: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

    Empty Kleenex boxes are great for storing plastic grocery bags. I put a box of them in the bathroom cabinet for use in the bathroom trash basket and under the kitchen sink for the kitchen trash can.

    Also a Kleenex box makes a mini-trash basket to set near a desk or other area.

    By Judy S. from North Dakota

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    Tip: Use Tissue Box To Store Plastic Bags

    I find that I can keep my miscellaneous small plastic bags that keep on coming in more or less in check by putting them into empty Kleenex boxes and putting them on a shelf. Much neater! And the boxes will really hold quite a few bags scrunched together.

    By pamphyila from L.A., CA

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    Tip: Reusing Square Kleenex Boxes

    I have Kleenex (facial tissue) all over the house, almost every room. Instead of constantly buying the small square box that fits in the common decorative Kleenex holder, I keep reusing the first box, open one of the side flaps, grab a 2 inch stack from the cheaper box, fold over the Kleenex and put inside the old empty square box, close the flaps and slip it back in the decorative holder. The small square boxes are more expensive and there is no need to keep buying them. The original is easy to refill and use so the Kleenex keeps its shape in the holder.

    By Laura from Camano Island, WA

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    Tip: Store Paperwork in Tissue Boxes

    When finished with tissue boxes cut from the centre to the corners and fold all sides down. Then staple the folded sides to the sides of the box, It is now ready to keep all your paid accounts in.

      By Vivienne Bahr [3]

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      Tip: Make Supply Boxes from Tissue Boxes

      I cut off the tops of square tissue boxes and use them to put things in.

      By Marjae from Kingston, NY

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      Tip: Uses for Tissue Boxes

      Uses for Tissue BoxesHere are some creative ways to reuse tissue boxes. Post your own ideas below:

      Tissue Box For Yarn Scraps

      I do a lot of crocheting and am constantly having scraps of yarn laying around. To combat this problem, I keep an empty boutique tissue box close to where I am crocheting. I use it until it is full, then just throw it away and start on a new one. Saves a lot of trips to the trash can.

      By Barbi from Urbana, OH

      Garbage Bag Dispenser

      I just invented and tried this last night. I have a roll of garbage bags with about 200 garbage bags. It was in a plastic bag and every time I pulled out a garbage bag, it would get twisted, and I would have to untwist it. Not a major issue, but annoying nevertheless. So I took the roll out of the bag and put it in an empty Kleenex box. Now the bags come straight out and it's easier to find where to tear them.

      Chuck R. from Grand Rapids, MI

      Storing Plastic Bags

      I've always hated to throw away beautifully decorated tissue boxes, so when I was looking for a handy place to store plastic grocery bags, and keep them easily "grab-able", I came up with the idea to fold the bags as flat as possible (doesn't really take that long--like folding laundry) and place them in the tissue box. I keep it out on the counter with plastic bags ready to reach whenever needed.

      By Paula W

      I have a friend who donates unneeded plastic grocery bags to shelters or thrift shops. At night or when I have some free time I fold bags while I watch television and place them in a tissue box. They are neat and in a pretty container. My friend says that missions and thrift shops can always use clean bags. Womens shelters and YWCA's can usually use these bags and are thrilled to get them in a pretty box that is organized and can be slipped on a shelf or under a counter.

      By Julie

      Don't throw away old Kleenex boxes. Use them to store all you bags you get at supermarkets, Wal-Mart etc. You don't even have to fold them if you don't want to. I just stuff them in the box. A box hold quite a few and then they are handy to line your plastic garbage bucket in the kitchen. I also use a Kleenex box to store empty bread wrappers. When I make home made bread, I use the ones I've saved and can then freeze the baked loaves without having to purchase anything to put the loaves in.

      By Betty

      Box For Drawings

      You can also use them for drawings at parties or fund raisers. No need to find a box and cut a slit when you can use the old Kleenex boxes.

      They are also handy if you want to set up a coupon swap in a retirement area, community area, laundromat, etc.

      By Tawnda

      Handy Storage Containers

      I carefully cut out the tops, tape the sides down with wide clear tape and use them for for anything I want, anywhere I want. Sometimes it's videos, books, jars on the bathroom sideboard, whatever. They are so pretty sometimes I too can't stand to just flatten and recycle them.

      I've even put clear contact plastic over the whole box when I was really happy with one. These were usually the Christmas designs. I've also cut the sides off, peeled off part of the backing board and "laminated" two with pretty sides out for lovely bookmarks.

      I'm certifiable when it comes to boxes and contact plastic anyway, sometimes I've found some wedge shaped boxes at stores that I wanted to put on a shelf and the box had a trademark along the front edges so I glued a pretty tissue box side over the trademark. Like I said, certifiable, but smiling because I didn't BUY fancy storage boxes .

      By Linne Dodds

      Cut box top at 4 corners, tape down the flaps. Use for storing small items that you have on your desk. Use in drawers for dividers to store various items. They are stackable. Good for storing cassette tapes.

      By Jo Ann

      Reuse The Pretty Designs

      Kleenex boxes can be really pretty paper so you could use them for making a paper collage

      By cocopuff1993

      For Harry Potter Fans

      Take a Kleenex box, put all Harry Potter Stuff (pictures, stickers, etc) and put a "lid" on it. Perfect for organizing a messy desk.

      By Andre

      Garbage Can For The Bathroom

      A friend of mine uses them as garbage a receptacle on her bathroom counter. It's perfect for discarding cotton swabs and other non flushables. It looks so much prettier too.

      By navaho.princess

      Play Slippers

      When I was little me and my sister stuck our feet inside them and used them as play slippers!

      By Kristi

      Save Dryer Lint

      I use them in the laundry area for dryer lint. Then I use the dryer lint for all kinds of things. Clay and fire starters are two of my favorites.

      By johnsonya

      Sewing Trash Basket

      I keep one on my sewing machine and put thread, scraps of fabric, etc. in it. When full, I just throw the whole thing away. No need for a waste basket by my machine.

      By Anna

      Pretty Bookmarks

      I cut the sides out and cut 2 pieces the size of a normal book marker, I hole punch the top, glue the two pieces together and glue gun lace around the edges and tie a small piece yarn to match and you can give them to people who love to read or as stocking stuffers! good luck!

      By Kay N.

      Reusable For Tissue Dispensing

      I carefully undo the flaps on one side of the box. Then I remove the paper core from a roll of toilet tissue and pull the paper out from the center of the roll. Slip the roll inside the box and pull the paper up through the open top. Tape the box side back together. Set these in handy places where you normally would have tissues, the bathroom, the bedroom, your office. When you need a tissue, just pull off a few squares of the toilet tissue. Lasts lots longer than the original box of Kleenex.

      By Harlean from Arkansas

      Save those cube Kleenex boxes. Open the bottom of the Kleenex box. Pull half of the Kleenex out of the rectangle box. Fold in half and push up into the bottom of the cube box. Pull the first Kleenex through.

      By MCB

      Kitchen Organizing

      I have found two useful ways to recycle Kleenex boxes. I use it to stuff my plastic bags in. I keep it in my pantry. When I need a bag for something, I simply go in & pull one from the box. It makes a great "dispenser". I also use them in my silverware drawer, to put drinking straws in. The straws usually come in a plastic bag. When you or the kids reach to get just ONE, we usually touch the tops of several. This way you can pick up the straw out of the box, from the middle, instead of the end. Much more sanitary!

      By FrugalFriend

      Cut box top at 4 corners, tape down the flaps. Use for storing small items that you have on your desk. Use in drawers for dividers to store various items. They are stackable. Good for storing cassette tapes.

      By Jo Ann

      Homemade Cards

      Some of the boxes have really neat designs on them so I use them to make my homemade cards with. When using a paper punch the design can be so weird you'd never know what it was before

      By catherine

      Use As Gift Boxes

      I have used the small "cube" tissue boxes as gift boxes at Christmas. Undo one set of flaps, put the gift inside (with some tissue paper if you like -- ironic, huh?), then wrap as usual. If it's a pretty Christmas design box, you may want to just let the design show, and simply cover the places where the brand name shows. Use a big stick-on bow or wide ribbon to cover the slit on top.

      By Becki in Indiana

      Kids Mailboxes

      Kids love mail. When I was in grade school eons ago, we made "mailboxes" for Valentine's day. The cards were put into our boxes through the slot at the top. Make a mailbox for your kids. If they get mail, drop it in. Otherwise a note from Mom and/or Dad is always appreciated!

      By homeschoolin_mum

      Car Garbage Can

      I use mine in the car to hold garbage. You can either pitch it when full or empty it and start again.

      By smcarney

      Organize Yarn Balls

      Use to keep large balls of yarn separated. Open side of empty box, place yarn in side then tape side shut. Thread the yarn through the hole.

      By David in Florida

      Sick Bed Garbage

      An empty Kleenex box is ideal near a sick bed. Just toss when full.

      By Moondancer

      Save Receipts and Other Small Items

      I use them on desk to put store receipts in. Put grocery store receipts in one for a month to see what you spent. Put kids color pencils or markers in one. Great for keeping kids small toys in. Great in girls bath for holding hair stuff.

      By Nelda Morelock

      Save Box Tops

      I use one to store the 'TOPS FOR EDUCATION' coupons, plus one to store Betty Crocker 'Points' from boxes.

      By darween

      Recycle The Paper

      You could always take them to the local paper-bank, and have them recycled into new tissue boxes with the latest logos/design of box re-printed on the side.

      By George

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      Here are questions related to Uses for Empty Tissue Boxes.

      Question: Uses for Empty Facial Tissue Boxes

      There have been some suggestions for how to use empty facial tissue boxes. I need more ideas. What do you use your empty facial tissue boxes for? (besides tiny trash cans near desks, or to store folded plastic bags.) I use mine for holding balls of yarn which like to bounce around then roll across the floor. I hate for yarn to get on the floor. Yuck. I wonder if they are too big to use in drawers for organizing? Would they take up more room than the items themselves?

      By JazzyMe from Los Angeles, CA

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Veronica 10 114 07/24/2012

      Why don't you check out ThriftyFun's article: Uses for Tissue Boxes? Also, if you have kids, they can make good finger puppet theaters.

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      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

      Archive: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I have a great overflow of plastic grocery bags, which I like to keep under each sink in the house to use for various things, for example in the kitchen I use them to dispose of peels from veggies or any other item I want dispose of when I am cooking or cleaning up the kitchen In the bath areas, I keep them under the sinks to use for numerous things. I often have my grand babies overnight, and the plastic bags are handy to put wet and dirty diapers in and dispose.

      We used a number of Kleenex tissues this winter and I tend to buy the ones that are decorative. Instead of tossing them out when empty, I stuff the plastic grocery bags in each empty tissue box and have a great storage box for the plastic grocery bags. Now they are hidden in a decorative tissue box and so easy to pull one out when needed.

      By Bobbie from Rockwall


      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      Bobbie, that is an awesome idea! Thanks from Indiana. :)


      By Lisa

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      You can also use the mesh bags onions comes in. You can see how many you have and also it will hang up. I get really nice compliments on my bag holder. (03/31/2008)

      By Nana B

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I do the same thing, except I use empty baby wipes containers! I even keep a container of bags on the back porch to empty the cat litter in. (03/31/2008)

      By Linda in Alabama

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I used a tissue box once as a gift box. Cut the top of the box partially open, placed the shirt inside and taped the box top back down. Wrapped the gift as usual. When the recipient opened the giftwrap they thought they'd rec'd a box of tissues, till I explained, "no, there's something inside."They liked my gift as well as my unique gift box. (04/05/2008)

      By badwater

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I reuse them also. I use them for storing used bread bags that I reuse for food storage. I also use them for rags. I roll the rags onto each other, this way I can grab one at a time. (I use these instead of paper towels.)

      Trish in CT (04/07/2008)

      By GirlNumber5

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      This is one of my favorite ideas. My mother has been using these for years. I think she has one in every room, go figure. Now that my cute blue Ikea bag holder has bitten the dust, I guess I'm stuffing my pretty Kleenex boxes now. (06/04/2008)

      By alcorn1871

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I use empty tissue boxes to store used dryer sheets that can be used again. Once a dryer sheet is no longer good to use in the dryer, I use it to clean out the lint filter. Saves the tips of the fingers and is disposable. (09/24/2008)

      By Margaret

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      What a great idea! That is a lot better than what I currently use. (a grocery bag to hold all the other rolled up grocery bags!) I will happily use your idea now! Thanks! (12/28/2008)

      By VTMama

      Archive: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      <div align="right">

      <img src="" width="300" height="225" border="0" hspace="7" vspace="0" alt="Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags">

      My daughter taught me this one. Fill an empty tissue box with the plastic carry bags you get that hold groceries. You can pull them out one by one. Nowdays, the tissue boxes come so that they match any room.

      By Sally M from Buffalo, NY

      Archive: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      Don't throw away those empty tissue boxes, instead, store plastic grocery bags in them; one in each bathroom, near baby changing stations, in garage. For the kitchen, I use an empty wine box, (the kind that comes in a bag in a box with a spout.) This is much neater than those fabric tubes on a string, that expand to the size of giant Kielbasa sausages.

      By Morenrg from Austin, Texas


      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      I have been doing this for years as well as finding plastic boxes that you put a tissue box into {one with a bottom on them} and they work great.

      I have cats and reuse the bags for cleaning the catbox and keep the plastic ones in the bathroom near the box! (10/05/2009)

      By wolfbytez

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      What a great tip! I save all my grocery bags, but I have been putting them in another bag and that takes up a lot of room. I will be saving my tissue boxes to put them in from now on. Thanks! (10/09/2009)

      By sameoleme

      RE: Tissue Boxes for Plastic Bags

      Great idea! If you have lots of bags and just want to store them you can also use the empty 12 can box that pop comes in. They have the hole(you know the one you put your hand thru) or you can just fill from the side.They also stack well. I have lots of bags :). (10/24/2009)

      By caeridwen

      Archive: Kleenex box stuffed with plastic bags

      I keep an empty facial tissue box in my desk drawer at work, (the pop-up kind of box), stuffed with empty plastic grocery bags. It holds about 10 or more bags. It comes in handy when you need a bag to carry something home in, or if someone else needs a bag. You can also keep a box of bags anywhere you think you may need to keep the bags handy, such as in your car, your garage, your basement, or hall closet.

      About The Author: Ness is the co-list mom of Waste Nothing


      RE: Kleenex box stuffed with plastic bags

      Good tip. Just hope no one reaches in there thinking they will pull out a Kleenex. (05/19/2009)

      By Anonymous