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Using Campho-Phenique

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Campo-Phenique is a topical medication often used to help dry up and relieve the pain associated with cold sores. This is a guide about using Campho-Phenique.



Here are questions related to Using Campho-Phenique.

Question: Can Campho-Phenique Be Used Vaginally?

Is Campho-Phenique safe to use as a vaginal healing product for irritations and raw spots?

By madownie from Brunswick, GA


Most Recent Answer

By beckogcarol196104/26/2014

I've used it on a boil I had down there, it helped with the pain and healing. It did burn, I used a Q-Tip.

Question: What Does Campho-Phenique Do?

Can anyone please tell me what Campho-Phenique does?

Daphne from Adelaide, Aus


Most Recent Answer

By Anonyone05/31/2011

Yes this is the best product ever for Fever blisters, I have suffered with fever blisters since childhood. The embarrasment of this just killed me emotionally. For years they have come and gone, I have used any and every product to cure them and nothing ever worked salt rubs, alcohol and peroxide all made them worse and made my lip swell up more than it already was. A few years ago while having another episode I came across campho phenic at CVS, this is a miracle product. Within a day or two my blister dried up and the pain and swelling gone. The trick is to use this product immediatly at the first sign you are getting a blister, itching and or a bump and continue to use it until it is gone. I love this product and also always carry it on hand and at home. Definetly better that Abreva.

Solutions: Using Campho-Phenique

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