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Tea Tree Oil

Many pet owners have found ways to use tea tree oil as a remedy for various pet aliments. This is a guide about using tea tree oil for dogs.


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Tip: Tea Tree Shampoo for Dogs with Yeasty Skin Buildup

I have a German Shepherd that has to have baths due to a yeast situation on her coat, etc. I have to get her bathed and have it be efficient. I have tried bathing by putting shampoo on a dry coat. That never works. The next time, here is what I did. Keep in mind this recipe is for dogs:

I took a red Solo cup (like Toby Keith sings about) and I filled it up about an inch full in the bottom with blue Dawn dishwashing soap. Then I put a capful, not a cupful, a capful of tea tree oil, which you can get at the pharmacy. It is in a brown bottle and it is around 12 dollars. It kills cats so don't use it on them.

Then I fill the cup up with water and mix it with my hand. Then I set it aside in a safe place, and wet the dog with the shower. I really work the water into its coat. Then I pour the shampoo concoction on the coat of the very wet dog and rub it in. I keep putting more water into the cup and mixing it with my hand to get all of it out. I then massage this into the coat, deep down, like a wonderful massage.

I wish I could say I leave it on for ten minutes, but that never happens. The most I have been able to do is about two minutes. Then I rinse and get all the shampoo off, all the time telling Dutchess how good she is and massaging her. After this is off, I take a human shampoo, just a small amount and put it on the top of her coat, just a small amount. I don't work this in. I quickly rinse it off.

After I do this, I dry her off, since it is the winter here. Then I blow dry her and then I go in the car for a long drive in a very heated car, not so much as to be uncomfortable but nicely warm. This is a treat for taking a bath at all.

Anyway, I did this before I took her in for her vet's appointment. She usually comes out with prescription shampoo, to get rid of yeast, and also pills and all sorts of expensive stuff. The shampoo he gives me is expensive and it has to be used each week. When the vet saw her coat, he looked all over her and said she was in such good shape that she didn't need the pills or the shampoo at all.

He did say that the Comfortis is the best way to go for fleas now, because fleas are immune to the other topicals. With Comfortis, it doesn't matter if you get them wet, etc. So she is on this now. He said after Comfortis has been on the market for fifteen years, fleas will become immune to it also. Comfortis is a huge chewable tablet that they take like a treat and it is given once a month.

After I did this bath and for weeks after, I noticed she really seemed to be happy and not digging on herself, like she does when she gets that buildup from the yeast, etc. The yeast will show itself on the skin by looking like mold, or black trimming around the ears. The vet had showed me this before.

I had looked at her stomach a day or so after the bath and I could see where I actually missed. There were black dots on part of it where I couldn't see where I was massaging. The place the shampoo touched and was massaged in was perfectly clear of the yeast.

I was really impressed with this recipe which is also a lice remedy when combined with white vinegar. It makes her happy. I don't think any other form of shampoo would be such an anti-fungal as the tea tree oil and Dawn. Dawn has long been used on animals and such. As harsh as it sounds, it is actually very gentle, and I always use it because I know how much I always used it on my foster animals. I really never thought of using it on a full grown dog, such as mine, but I am so glad I did and so is she.

Remember to keep it off of cats. Also, never use oatmeal shampoo on dogs with a yeast problem because it only feeds the yeast and then they multiply faster.

By Robyn Fed from Tri-Cities, TN

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Looking for home remedy for pet with hot spots or best place to purchase tea tree oil shampoo.

BT from Gettysburg, PA

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Most Recent Answer

By Dee (Guest Post) 10/17/2007

You can add about 10 drops of TTO to regular baby shampoo, or 10 drops of TTO to 8 OZ of warm water. Rinse the dogs with it after bathing, or mix in spray bottle. It really works on hot spots on my dog. We finally found out it was the dog food that was giving him hot spots. Now he eats lamb and rice food.

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What are the side effects of spraying a small dog with bad case of fleas with diluted tea tree oil directly onto the coat?

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Most Recent Answer

By Robyn Fed [394] 06/19/2011

Remember Tea Tree Oil is extremely toxic to cats.

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By Robin-Lea 10/19/2014

You can use it for your dog according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Read it here:
http://www.vcahospitals.com/main/pe ... ticle/animal-health/tea-tree-oil/578

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Question: Treating a Dog's Yeast on Skin With Tea Tree Oil

I used the Solo cup recipe, and it is working. Yay! The article said that you bathe the dog often. How often can I use the TTO shampoo recipe on my dog without overdoing it?

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