When Should Girls Start Shaving?

It is a common question that often begins to be heard in grade or middle school. This is a guide about when should girls start shaving.

When Should Girls Start Shaving
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Right now it's winter so I really don't need to shave. I'm a diver, and no one really stares at my legs. When I have gym at school, I have to wear shorts. I see some people looking at my legs when I'm sitting on the floor. I really want to shave. My parents are fine with it. I'm afraid that once I start shaving, I will be committed for life because of the stubble. Once I shave, the fine point of the hair will be gone, and it will look thicker and darker since the razor is cutting the hair into a blunt edge. So, if I shave does that mean that I'm going to have to shave forever? Or would I be better off not shaving? I already bought a razor and shaving cream.

By W.W.

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I am 61 years old, and I have shaved my legs for years. Should I quit for awhile, the hair grows back, pretty much the same as it did before. Shaving will not change your hair. Think about men's beards. Do they change when they shave them and then let them grow, and then shave them again? No, of course not.

Once you have shaved your legs, if you run the razor over your legs daily, you will never have stubble. I do this, and it takes about a minute to keep this up, daily, after I shower. I do not use a shaving cream to do this.

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So I'm going on to grade 9 and I want to shave my legs. It is summer and all my friends are wearing their shorts and I'm afraid to wear my shorts around them so I wear them when my friends are not around. I really want to ask my mom if I can shave my legs, but I'm scared. I've asked her about it a couple of years ago and I think she said I can do it when I want. But I'm scared to ask her now. She isn't struck and I really don't think she would get mad at me, but I don't know, I don't know how to ask her or tell her I want to. Even me grandmother said, "you soon need to start shaving your legs'. I said, "I know", but that's all there was to it. I was thinking now I know my legs are bad.

So can someone please tell me how I can tell my mom. I'm afraid to come right out and say it so I don't know if there's a way I can ask/tell her without really saying it. And going to the store and looking at the razors and bringing it up isn't going to work. Because I would find it very awkward. Help me!

By K.D.M

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When my girls, aged 14 and 16, go grocery shopping with me, they just put razors in the cart.

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Every girl at my school shaves their legs and I'm not allowed to! I've asked my mom, tried to make a deal, even asked my dad! I have alot of hair on my legs! Is there a way to keep the hair from growing on my legs or to get rid of the hair without shaving or waxing?


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Ok so you maybe over this but what you can do is:

1) wash and scrub your legs hard enough to soften leg hair

2) put conditioner on your legs for about 5 minutes to soften

3) rinse it off and scrub again some should come off not all

4) if you have any kind off hair removal cream use it

5) if not repeat 1-3 again and every time your hair darts to grow back

Hope it helps :) It works for me.

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I am going to be 15 this May. My legs are so hairy that I feel so embarassed when I wear shorts and all. I really want to shave. But the problem that arises is that my mother doesn't shave. Last time when she got shaved was near her marriage. From then on my mother, who has so little hair that they don't even appear, has not shaved. So a few years ago she became a nun and she literally doesn't shave. What should I do? I also don't want that my mom should know about it. I am too shy to ask for a razor and all that stuff from a shopkeeper.

By Ishu

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After some more thought about your post, it occurs to me that you may be from a different culture than what I'm used to here in North America? If so I think I understand your dilemma a little better, and perhaps it would be better if you asked one of your friend's mothers to help you, as a previous poster suggested.

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I am afraid to ask my mom to shave but i hate my legs I have tried to bring up the subject but I keep chickening out. Please help me.


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Next time you are in a store that sells razors with your mom, casually pick some up and ask your mom if you can start shaving.

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I'm 13 and have really hairy legs. I don't know how to ask my dad to shave because I fell like I would feel more comfortable asking my mom, but I only see her once every 3-4 months. What should I do?

By Destiny

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Just ask him, and let him know how it makes you feel to have so much hair on your legs. Also don't be afraid to ask for shaving tips, to prevent you from having any issues like scrapes or razor burn. Plus, he will feel honored you asked for advice. Good luck!

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So last year when I was 12, I realized how hairy my legs were. So I asked my mom to shave, but she said "no, I didn't start shaving till I was 27". That's an obvious sign that she doesn't want me to shave, but I really need to and I was gonna ask today, but what if she says no? My mom is a really easy going person, but I don't understand why she won't let me shave. I'm going into 8th grade and ever girl already shaves. Whenever I try talk about it I just don't say anything. I would really like to show off my legs, but I'm too embarrassed. Pleas help!

By Ariel.13

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minkuti...you took the words right out of my mouth! I just want to add that Ariel13 I think it's great that you care about what your Mom thinks, that goes a long way to help the communication up between you two! Good luck :)

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I'm Jessie, I'm 14 years old and a 3rd year high school student. I'm going to have a prom and I don't know what to do. What if our theme is a cocktail dress? Should I wear stockings because I am so embarrassed about how I look.

I have hairy legs, but I notice my mom has smooth and soft skin and I'm opposite of it. The other day I saw a razor in our bathroom and I felt like I should use it to shave my legs. Then when I started to shave a little part of my skin I remembered that I should ask my mom if I could shave my legs. So I started to ask her if I could shave my legs. She just said "No. Many girls have hairy legs. The hair on your legs will become more and more thick and darker if you do. Trust me. You're too young for thinking that and your are so insecure, just study hard!"

I started to run in my room and started to cry. She doesn't know what I am feeling. When I wear shorts I fake feeling comfortable because every time I wear shorts everybody's looking at my legs and I can see how their faces react. They are like saying, "eew". So can somebody help me? Sorry for my grammar I'm not good at it, but I tried hard.

By Harlett A.

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I do urge you to get an aunt or another adult female friend or relative to speak to your mom. Or perhaps, if your dad is approachable, he might intercede on your behalf.

First, be assured that most people are NOT looking at your legs to see if they are shaved or not. And anyone who would comment on or tease you about it is NOT your friend. However, that being said, there is absolutely no reason not to shave your legs if you think that they need shaving and you would prefer to have them look hairless. Shaving is by far the least invasive method of hair removal. I used to use my father's electric shaver and there is no risk of cutting yourself with an electric shaver. (I think it was a couple of years before he realized I was doing so!!! ha ha) Shaving will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker or anything like that. Sometimes it appears that it grows in darker if you have been wearing shorts and the sun has bleached the hair. Of course, when it grows back, it will not be sunbleached.

If there is no way to convince your mom about this at this time, by all means, wear panty hose to the prom. Sometimes girls wear fancy colors of hose to match their dresses. I don't know if that is style at this time, but the gals in a dress shop would be able to advise you of the latest trends.

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At what age should girls start shaving their legs?

By precious from Chicago, IL

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When I started shaving my legs at age 12, no one was there to teach me. (My mother didn't have hair on her legs, but I had lots!) So, being ignorant I ended up with bright red lines that burned because I pressed too hard on the razor. The red marks didn't appear for a couple of hours, so I didn't realize it was happening. The most important thing to do is warn your teen not to apply too much pressure. Instead of buying a special product to use as shaving cream, hair conditioner or hand cream works great, and there is no rinsing; just towel dry after shaving.

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What is the average age for a girl to start shaving?

Kittyclaw from Hendersonville, TN

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Great comments ... I've hesitated to bring the subject up with my nearly 12 year old, because she seems oblivious. After reading all these comments, I think I'll mention it to her, give her options (ie. shaving or not!) and leave it with her to decide. I know my husband would like her to wait until she's 25, but I think she needs options a little sooner than that! :)

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What age do you think is appropriate for little girls to shave their legs? My mom wanted me to wait until I was about 14 or 15 to shave, that was pretty embarrassing, but I was a compliant child, but this day and age it seems kids start doing everything earlier. I'm not the type of parent that lets their kids do whatever everyone else is doing and when they do it. But I just wanted some input.


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I think early middle school would be acceptable. It's when their bodies are developing into young women anyways.

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My mom has talked to me about growing up, but I am embarrassed and I need something to make her notice, but it never comes out of my mouth! My leg hair is getting darker and more noticeable! Please help me.

By Adriana Marie

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Well, my mom and I both speak Spanish, and my first language was English, so I felt more comfortable asking her in Spanish, so I could impress her with my Spanish skills as well as telling her what needed to be done. Afeitar means shave in Spanish. Write it down on a piece of paper and ask her to look up the definition tell her it is Spanish. Also come up with a few good reasons why you think so and a reliable resource.

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What age do you think is appropriate for little girls to shave their legs? My mom wanted me to wait until I was about 14 or 15 to shave, that was pretty embarrassing but I was a compliant child but this day and age it seems kids start doing everything earlier. I'm not the type of parent that lets their kids do whatever everyone else is doing and when they do it.

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What is the average age for a girl to start shaving?

Kittyclaw from Hendersonville, TN


When Do Girls Start Shaving?

Usually any age between 10 and 13. Normally when they start to grow pubic hair and their leg hair starts to get thicker. Hope this helps. (06/01/2006)

By smathis123

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I told my daughter that she had to wait until she started her period before she could shave. She was thrilled to start shaving, but she found it to

actually be a curse, too, after awhile. (06/02/2006)

By Susie0813

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

Your daughter will know when it's time. Trust her judgement. When she starts feeling uncomfortable with her excess hair, when her friends are doing

it and/or making comments. I started around 12 or 13, but I took it a little too far the first time. I shaved my legs and my arms. (06/02/2006)

By jrslady

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I started the summer after 6th grade. I felt a lot of pressure from classmates to start shaving. (06/03/2006)

By Allison

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I started shaving Saturday, and I didnt even have to ask. My mom walked into my room and told me that she thought I should start shaving. She found

her electric shaver, and she helped me with the first leg but after she showed me I got the hang of it. I love my silky smooth legs. I think it is a

good time to shave when ever you feel self concious. It is okay, just go to your mom in a serious tone and ask her woman to woman that you think it is

about time that you start shaving. When you first start shaving I think it is good to start with an electric razor, because it is almost impossible to

cut yourself and it even tickles until you get used to it. Good luck girls. (04/30/2007)

By Kayla C.

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I'm 30, I have a condition called PCOS, and I got dark hair when I was around 8-9 years old. My mom taught me to shave around 10 years old. I started

waxing my lip and eyebrows when I was 14. I'm really sorry some moms are being strict about it. It's hard being a teenager and having hairy anything

just makes it that much harder. (06/25/2007)

By guest named jo

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I personally have just started, and I'm 15. Honestly, the only time it bugs me is when I go swimming, but no one has ever said anything about it to

me. The fact that I rarely show off my legs might have something to do with it, but if no one notices, I say don't bother. For example, my friends

started shaving around the seventh grade, but I honestly couldn't tell. (And one of them shaves her arms.) I honestly only started noticing body hair

on my peers when the guys started with the serious 'woolly man-beast' legs, about this year. (9th grade/HS freshman)

Just my two cents. (06/27/2007)

By A. Moral

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

To All Moms from a much older Mom: Please talk to your children about this topic (and all others). Help them be comfortable with approaching you about

personal hygiene and health issues. Understand that when something as simple as this is a major concern for your kids it is important to discuss and

teach. Shaving necessitates using a razor. If your child is really bothered by hairy legs/underarms, please get them their own razor/shaving cream and

teach them. Don't risk having them use friends' razors etc. Healthwise this is very dangerous. Bloodborne diseases (Hepatitis C and HIV) CAN be

transmitted in this manner and it really is not worth the risk. This is an issue that goes beyond shaving. If your child is afraid to approach you for

shaving their legs, what else won't they talk to you about? This goes for daughters and sons. (07/02/2007)

By Love to decorate!


My first daughter, who is now 21 and hates to have to shave, wanted to shave at 12. Because she had very little noticible hair that was blonde peachy

fuzz, I encouraged her to hold off, but she insisted and just starting doing it againt my judgment. My second daughter is from an Italian-Greek father

and has dark brown hair. I bought her an Intiution razor about six months ago, told her it was time to start shaving, and showed her how. I wanted to

save her embarrassment with the black, hairy legs and pit hair. She'll be 14 in Oct. Every girl is different and develops at different stages. The

reason moms do not want you to rush into shaving is because we know what drudgery it is to be a slave to a razor for the next 40+ years of your life.

Don't be in a rush to grow up girls, but if you are noticing the hair and feel self conscious about it, be open with your moms and if they demand that

you not shave well, then I guess you'll either be stuck with hair, or you'll be shaving at your BF's house. (08/22/2007)

By A. Mom

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I am a mom of an almost 12 year old. Of course I don't want my baby girl to start shaving. It means she is growing up, She also has never made a big

deal out of it and I think she knows how bad I hate shaving and once you start you have to keep it up. Anyway, summer is coming and I have been

noticing black underarm hair for a while now and it is getting really bushy and I am gonna go ahead and teach her how to shave because she really

needs to and I want her to be safe about it. I put it off as long as I could but I would hate for another kid at school to make a big deal out of it

and embarrass her.

So if you are scared to ask your mom make sure you actually need to shave and she should understand completely. You know us moms were kids once

too. Good luck. (05/02/2008)

By Loving Mom

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

My daughter is 9 and she is welcome to start shaving anytime she wants. A lot of mothers say no because you catch them off guard and it is just a

reflex. Girls, it is important to give them a little time to think about it before they answer. No mother wants to admit to themselves that their baby

girl is growing up. Please do not be afraid to ask and give her time to deside. You might be suprised at the answer you get. It is very important to

be able to talk to your mothers, always. Explain that it make you feel bad to be hairy and you might get further then just asking if you can shave.

Good luck. (07/06/2008)

By mybailey

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

I'm fifteen and I haven't started shaving yet.

  1. Because I can't be bothered: too much hassle, why waste an hour every week or more often getting hair-free legs when I could be out with my mates

    wearing jeans?

  2. Because nobody has commented or asked if I want to.

  3. I will shave when I want to and when I feel ready.
However, I do shave my underarms.

By Rachael

When Do Girls Start Shaving?

Thanks to all you girls for the honesty here. I have an 11 year old who has mentioned that she feels ready to shave. I remember sneaking my sister's

razor in 5th grade, so I did not want her to go through that (I didn't know what I was doing and cut myself really bad). I think that it should be up

to the girl herself. If you are ready and it can help your self esteem, ask your parents. They want you to feel good about yourself. I'm saying yes

to my daughter today. (10/28/2008)

By Michele/A Mom

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