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Homemade Conditioner Recipes

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Homemade bath products in clear bottles.

Using conditioner is helpful to prevent tangles in your hair. Making your own conditioner allows you to use more natural ingredients and save money. This page contains homemade conditioner recipes.

Solutions: Homemade Conditioner Recipes

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Tip: Homemade Hair De-tangler

Use a small empty spray bottle; add 1 tablespoon of hair conditioner and fill the bottle with warm water. Shake well before you use. Spray on wet hair and brush, without tears. I use this on my two girls' hair and it works great!

By coville123

Tip: Leave In Conditioner Recipe

Make your own leave in conditioner. Use one part conditioner to 10 parts water and mix in a spray bottle.

Source: "All You" magazine.

By lkutynsky from Des Plaines, IL

Tip: Mayonnaise for Hair Conditioner

Mayonnaise makes a very good hair conditioner at an affordable price. For shiny, silky hair, rinse with vinegar. Don't worry, the smell disappears! To strip conditioner build-up off hair, use Dawn dish soap. This works very well.

Source: My sister-in-law who is a beautician.

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

Tip: Homemade Conditioning Rinse For Shine

Homemade Conditioning RinseMany kitchen products can be used to make homemade shampoo, conditioner, and rinse. Hair rinses are usually used to add extra shine, bounce, color, or moisture to tired tresses.

Vinegar is a popular choice, because vinegar has the exact same natural PH as hair, so it's useful for restoring balance. Beer helps with shine and body, but only if it's dark. Light beer is too weak to help. Light oil and water mixtures are turned into boosting sprays that help bring out color and shine. Coffee and tea brewed in water can help make colors seem richer.

These items can be used alone or in any one of many assorted mixtures. One of my favorite recipes for a great rinse is my "Homemade Conditioning Rinse For Shine", as shown below.

Remember, whenever creating homemade beauty products, there's a chance of an allergic reaction. Regardless of what you make, always test it on a small patch of skin before spreading it over your body!

Approximate Time: 3 minutes to 3 hours


  • 1/2 cup - Dark Beer
  • 1/4 cup - Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp - Rosemary Essential Oil


You need to use a dark beer for this recipe. Light beers don't give the same body and shine to hair that a dark beer does. You also want the beer to be mostly flat. The carbonation isn't great for your strands, but a little doesn't hurt.

Mix the beer, vinegar and essential oil together in a container. Mix very well. If possible, put in a lidded container and shake well to truly mix. I pour the mixture into a glass measuring cup to make it easier to use.

Shampoo, rinse, condition, and rinse your hair as usual. Pour the beer mixture over your hair, making sure to douse every single strand. Let the rinse sit on your hair for about one minute. Then lightly rinse the mixture out, using lukewarm or cool water. You don't want to over rinse, it will wash all that lovely shine and body out. If you under rinse you'll walk around smelling like stale beer and vinegar.

Let your hair air dry if possible, but you can use a blow-dryer if needed. Once your hair dries, you should notice a huge boost in it's overall shine and body. You'll also notice a tiny bit more sparkle in your highlights and the depth to your hair color.

Tip: Avocado And Mayonnaise Conditioner For Hair

Avocado and Mayonnaise Mask is a very good conditioner. This deep conditioner works wonders on dry and damaged hair.


  • 1 Mashed Avocado
  • 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise(Plain Mayonnaise)
Take 1 mashed Avocado and mix it with Mayonnaise. Apply to hair evenly, put on a shower cap and leave for about half an hour. Rinse off. This Hair Mask helps you get Soft and Shiny Hair.

By Lyon from India

Fruit Conditioner


  • 1 avocado (peeled and mashed)
  • 1 cup of coconut milk


Combine mashed avocado with some coconut milk. Mash together until it is smooth and about as thick as shampoo. Comb it through the hair and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse.

By Ellen Brown

Note: Some recipes are not suitable for sensitive skin. Each person is different, so test on the inside arm or wrist for any possible allergic reactions before using these recipes.

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Here are questions related to Homemade Conditioner Recipes.

Question: Recipe for Hair Conditioner

Does anyone have a recipe for hair conditioner? It would be much appreciated.

By Dorothy from Durban, KZN

Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]05/05/2011

Plain on olive oil. Shampoo afterwards. I tried mayonnaise once and I thought I'd never get it out. I sometimes put a dollup of store bought conditioner in the palm of my hand and add some olive oil. Mix both those together in the palm of your hand and put on your hair. But the oil alone works good too.

Question: Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe

I am looking for a homemade hair conditioner recipe.

By Denise

Most Recent Answer

By Shannon [58]01/21/2011

There are actually several things in your kitchen that you can use as a conditioning treatment that are safe, natural and easy to use. Mayonaisse is a great hair moisturizer, just shampoo, apply a coating of mayo, let it sit and rinse well. Olive oil, and coconut oil are excellent too, just make sure to rinse really well.

Question: Homemade Spray On Conditioner

I want to make my own spray on, leave in hair conditioner with sunscreen. I would like to know if anyone has a recipe to make this?


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)05/05/2008

You can make your own by buying liquid glycerin and mixing a tablespoon or two with distiled water in a spray bottle and using that. Glycerin is pretty cheap and you can get it at most drug stores.