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Removing Dog Urine Stains from Carpet

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Sad looking puppy on carpet

Accidents resulting in dog pee stains can happen whether you have a new puppy, a senior dog or anywhere in between. This is a guide about removing dog urine stains from carpet.


Solutions: Removing Dog Urine Stains from Carpet

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Tip: Homemade Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner for Dog Urine

Here is a recipe to use on dog urine stains on carpet or upholstery.


  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 3 Tbsp. sodium lauryl sulfate
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp. lavender essential oil
  • 1/8 tsp. ginger essential oil


Mix all ingredients together and fill shampoo bottle half full. Shake the bottle before using. Do not wet too much, you only need a thin layer of suds.

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

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Here are questions related to Removing Dog Urine Stains from Carpet.

Question: Old Dog Urine Stains on Carpet

I have two puppies. Every now and then I catch them peeing on the carpet! I try to clean it up as soon as I see it, but there are times when I don't catch them. The bedroom is really bad because they go at night when I am sleeping and cannot let them out!

It's making my apartment smell really bad! I don't even like to have company over because of the smell! Its horrible. I've tried everything! It just won't come out. The last product I used just made my carpet all stiff and hard, so now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that! Can someone please help me?

By ILoveMyPuppies


Most Recent Answer


DO NOT USE VINEGAR! NOOOOOO - This is a MAJOR no no for pet owners.
Deep pet stains can easily be removed from carpet using Genesis 950. It is a surfactant based cleaner which works by breaking the bonds of stains and lifting them from the surface. In doing so, it not only removes the physical stain, but also the odor as well.

It is very important that the odor be completely removed because animals urinate instinctively where they smell urine. If you are using a cleaner that only masks odor, or a cleaner that does not get deep into the carpet, then you may run into problems with your animal repeating the behavior in that spot. Genesis 950 completely deodorizes and kills those odors. You will want to be sure not to clean with ammonia or vinegar (or any cleaner containing these) as those items contain some of the same chemical compounds found in urine. If your pet smells ammonia or vinegar, they may mistake it for the odors found in their urine and continue to go in that spot.

You also want to be sure you are killing any germs and bacteria found in the carpet from the urine. Stay away from enzymatic cleaners as these are bacteria based in themselves. When used, the living organisms in the enzymatic cleaners are released to feed on the stain. However they often do not have the energy to reach the core of the stain or to get into the padding. Also, being living organisms themselves, the will die out. When this happens, you then have to deal with the odor of their decomposition in your carpet. Gross.

Question: Dog Pee Stain on Carpet

My little dog decided to pee in a corner of the room on my beige rug that I didn't catch so the stain set. It's yellow and its smells. I tried store bought cleaners like resolve and others but the stain is still there and it still smells. Can anyone out there suggest anything to get this stain out and help the smell in the rug? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Most Recent Answer

By Yvette Cruz10/23/2010

Try Fresh & Clean. They sell it at a pet store. It is amazing. It has peroxide in it. I use it when I volunteer at an animal shelter. Natures Miracle requires to much and very expensive.

Question: Female Dog Urine Stains on Carpet

Does anyone have proven suggestion for removing dog urine from carpets? The stuff from pet store doesn't work and neither does Oxiclean. My old female dog (16 yrs.), because I left her home alone too long, and she had an accident(s).

I have tried everything. Hopefully you have had success and will pass it on. Thanks.

By Ginny R.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]10/10/2011

Hatty is right-the lingering odor is likely coming from the soaked underlay of the carpet.

Since you posted your question a few days ago the padding has probably begun to dry but the smell isn't going away. MottmillerCremean is right about the vinegar, but because the accident is a few days old. You're going to have to do some remedial work. You're going to need:

*rubber or disposable gloves
*a big trash bin liner
*a big bottle of vinegar
*and a big stack of old newspaper-avoid using the glossy sections (won't soak up anything) and any colour pages (the ink will run and stain your carpet). Paper towels would be too expensive, you'd need several rolls to do this job properly.

Soak the accident area with full strength vinegar. Yes, it will smell strongly but it will dissipate and take the odor with it. Don't be afraid to use the whole bottle if the area is that big-make sure you soak the entire area including a few inches out beyond the accident in all directions.

Next lay several (at least ten, that's what seemed to be the magic number for me) layers of newspaper over the entire spot and go a few inches beyond the wet area, then step on the newspaper until it's saturated.

Pick those wet papers up and put them into the bin liner bag, then put another set of newspapers down, and repeat the stepping on process. Do this until the newspapers aren't absorbing anymore wet.

When the newspapers have absorbed as much wet as possible to get up, lay a new set over the area, but don't step on them; just leave them for a few days while the spot dries. Make sure no-one else steps on the newspaper, put a piece of furniture over it to create a barrier.

If you can open the windows in the room it may speed drying if your weather permits. If not, consider placing a fan aimed above the spot (not at it or you'll have newspaper all over) to help move the air and dry the spot faster.

I learned this while caring for a beloved elderly pet (neutered male Boxer) in his last years. I had to go to work, couldn't afford doggy day-care and had to come up with ways to cope. I finally started laying newspaper under and over disposable drop cloths and he would use that if I couldn't get home at lunch.

Bless you for caring for your elderly pet. I know from experience that's not an easy job, and a lot of people would not go that far.

Question: Removing Dog Urine Stain on Carpet

The stain is set in. I have tried vinegar and water.

By Sandy

Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [147]02/12/2014

My friend's husband is a professional carpet cleaner and I actually just asked him about this last week. He strongly recommends a product by BioKleen called Bac Out for pet and kid stains. It's natural, safe around children and pets (even birds), and doesn't leave a residue behind. You can find it at most stores that have a health foods section or you can get it through Amazon. He also recommended Nature's Miracle specifically for pet stains.

Question: Removing Dog Urine from Carpet and Hardwood

I am curious to how to remove dog urine from carpets and hardwood floors. I have tried several things already like a steam cleaner, Lysol, dish soap, bleach, and even vinegar and none of that has worked. Can you please give me some kind of answer to what I can use?

By angel from Philadelphia, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Heather04/18/2011

For new accidents use cornstarch. Leave it on for a few minutes and it will soak up the moisture. Then scrub with club soda and vinegar. The best way us to treat it right after it happens. The longer it sits the harder it is to get rid of. As for heavily soiled carpet , you may have to bite the bullet and get a professional out there to clean your carpets. For wood, use an orange oil or lemon oil based cleaner. Elbow grease, scrub the floors by hand, then rinse with vinegar and tea tree oil (you can find it in the ethnic hair section @ the drugstore- it acts as an antiseptic/ disinfectant plus has a nice strong mint smell). Good luck!

Question: Removing Dog Urine Stains and Odor from Carpet

I have a dog that has marked his territory on the bedpost in my spare bedroom. The carpet is an off white and I will lose my deposit if I can't get this out. It is dried and terrible. Please help!

By Lucy from Daniel Boone National Forest

Most Recent Answer

By Dink [3]04/13/2011

I think I have something that will help. I have yet to find a stain it will not remove and it must also remove any odor because everyone tells me that they cannot tell I have four cats in my house. And it is very cheap to make. Buy a large bottle of peroxide. A quart is about a dollar. Also buy a quart of ammonia.........not sudsy, just plain. If you don't have a spray bottle, you will also need to get one of those. Then simply mix a cup of peroxide to two table spoons ammonia. Spray the area until it is fairly wet. Let it sit a few minutes. Some stains will simply disappear before your eyes. Have a roll of paper towels and blot, blot, blot. If you have a terrible stain, you can fold several paper towels together or use an old white towel and weight it down with something and leave it overnight. I have yet to find a stain it won't take out. I keep it mixed up all the time and love it. Also, it has never taken the color out of any carpet or upholestry that I have ever used it on.

Question: Removing Dog Pee and Poo from Cream Carpet

How do I get puppy pee off my cream carpets? I want to do this without a carpet cleaner.

By Claire from Scotland

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]11/07/2009

There is an excellent product call Carpet Details Spotter. It is a great! I have two little dogs and my carpet still looks great. Carpet Details Spotter removes stains, does not leave any residue on the carpet. It is excellent for stains on clothing too. You can get it at

Question: Absorbing and Removing Dog Urine in the Carpet

I have a dog about 8 months old, he seems to have picked up a habit of peeing in the hallway. It doesn't matter what I do or use in there he always goes back to the same places. Arm and Hammer used to make a powder that you put on wet or dry places and it actually absorbed the liquid and when it dried you would vacuum and all was gone. Does anyone make a similar product?

By Loretta B.

Most Recent Answer

By Anita06/10/2011

I use SPOT-SHOT aerosol. I have totally white carpet throughout my home and have used this for several years. Follow simple directions on the can & it will remove it all !! No odor, no stain & no return to the same spot by your pet. You can get it at WalMart cheaper than anywhere else I have found. I have even used it to get spots off clothes when nothing else would work. Before I lost my dog, she was having bladder & kidney problems which had traces of blood in the even removed all of that!

Question: Dog Urine Stains on Carpet

My male pit bull marks his space all around the house. I have a dark colored carpet and where my dog pees it is like a light brown almost green. I have cleaned the spots over 100 times with all kinds of carpet cleaner and it does not take out the smell or stains. I have not tried a Rug Doctor because I am kind of scared that it will bleach it. My question is how do I get out these nasty stains out with out ruining the carpet?

By Kim

Most Recent Answer

By LaQuetta [1]05/17/2011

The reason the area has turned to light brown almost green is because the dogs urine has already caused it to bleach out. Permanent damage has already been done, the discoloration is not going to go away. Your only solution would be to dye the lightened areas to try to match the rest of the carpet.. I'd done so using tea or coffee as my source of dye because you can vary the shade by adding water. I start with what I think looks close and can then darken as needed. Sorry I don't have better news for you. Good luck.