Cleaning Dog Urine Odors from Carpet

Pet owners may find themselves needing to remove dog urine odors from their carpet. This is a guide about cleaning dog urine odors from carpet.

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Is there a product I can use in my carpet cleaner to remove urine odor?

Lisa from Long Island, NY

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I use a few different treatments which work well. Sprinkling stain with dry washing powder with enzymes works well to remove the scent to help prevent attracting animals to re-offend. Also some spray fabric deodorizers such as Fabreeze can help too. Bi-carb of soda is a cheap & effective treatment to absorb urine odours. Sometimes it takes a few treatments to completely remove odour & do test on a hidden patch of carpet first to check carpet colour fastness.

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I have tried alot of the neutralizers from pet stores without getting good results. What I have found that works very well & cheaply is to use Tide or Gain liquid detergent mixed with water, at least a 50/50 or stronger mix, pour over stain area, scrub in , cover with towels and let dry. You may want to test a spot to make sure it doesn't discolor your carpet. I have burgundy frieze carpet & it didn't change colors. I'd much rather smell Tide or Gain than urine!

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How do I get dog urine smell out of my carpet?

By Cheryl

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My favorite thing to use is a thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply on the stinky areas and using a slightly damp sponge really rub it into the carpet and then let dry completely. Then simply vacuum up. I also sprinkle baking soda directly on my carpets as part of general cleaning regimen and vacuum to keep carpets smelling fresh and clean (especially due to the pet dander smell that can seep in, pet accidents or not).

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I found out the hard way. Never ever use a mixture of vinegar to clean carpeting of dog urine. The vinegar reacts with the urine and produces more ammonia than there was originally. I thought I'd pass out from the stink. I had to go to a pet store to get their advice and they informed me it's a very BIG mistake to put vinegar (white mixed with water) on dog urine for the very same reason I mentioned above. I bought an enzyme at $30 a gallon. Used it as instructed on the container and got rid of the stink. Unfortunately it took the entire gallon, and alot of work, for a small area but it was worth it in the end.

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My carpet seems to be saturated in dog urine from 2 small Dachshunds. We didn't know it was done until it dried and was too late. I have a steam cleaner and have tried everything. Help me!

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I had the same problem and hiring a carpet cleaning service didn't help. A friend told me what to do and I thought she was nuts but it worked. Get a bottle of Windex and saturate the stain or spot then take a rag and scrub back and forth in all directions then place rag down and step on it to remove most of the moisture. STAIN/SPOT GONE!! Hope this helps!

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I recently moved into a new place. The previous tenants didn't clean up after their dogs. I have a 9 month old and am pregnant. So I don't have very much I can spend and I'm limited on what I can use to clean with due to this being a high risk pregnancy. This smells really bad of ammonia and pee. I've tried pet carpet shampoos and other things. I've cleaned the carpet so many times I lost count. How do I get of this smell?

By Ashley V.

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You can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it for at least a day before vacuuming. Before you clean the carpet, spray regular hydrogen peroxide (after checking color fastness)on the carpet and then use your carpet machine as usual. This almost always works for me. Also you can try Fizzion tablets made for carpet cleaners.

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Our regular baking soda and the vinegar is the best solution to remove the stain and odor from the carpet.

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How do you get dog urine out of carpet?

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I add white vinegar to the wash/rinse water in my shampooer. This removes the odor very well and doesn't harm the carpet. You will notice a vinegar odor, but it dissipates once carpet dries. Just make sure you lift the urine from carpet as much as possible before using the wash/rinse settings on carpet shampooer. My shampooer uses the separate containers for a mixture of cleaner and it merges below the water reservoir container; not in it. Then the vinegar is used twice in the wash and again in the rinse. I don't know how large your shampooer's water reservoir is, but on mine, I add two cups vinegar to full container.

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I have a 4 year old dog that is constantly wetting on the floor in my bedroom. I can't stand the smell. I have used the Bissell cleaner solution for pets, but still have the same odor. Could someone please tell me the best, least expensive solution to my problem?

By TammySue from Bladenboro, NC

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I also agree with white vinegar if you don't want to spend $$. Pikka's suggestion will work well also. Though, after you clean the floor up with soap and water let it dry before applying the vinegar. It is very important for the floor not to soak in liquids as it will not fully get rid of the smell!

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I don't have a remedy for the smell but a 4 yr. old dog should not be wetting like that. Our terrier had "leaky bladder syndrome" and the vet put her on Proin which is a hormone and it took care of it for about 7 yrs. and when it began again we added DES which has taken care of it completely - she is now 14 and no problem. Both are prescribed by the vet but had no side effects. I wish you good luck with the problem and the solution.

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I had an older dog with a weak bladder and a Shepherd puppy that after 4 months I had to return to the shelter because she would not pee outside. I've tried the vinegar and water mixture. I even let it set for an hour before suctioning it up with carpet cleaner machine. I have tried baking soda, carpet fresheners, Febreze, Lysol, plain hot water, plain cold water, and carpet shampooing products for pet urine. My house still smells like dog urine. Please help! I won't even allow company over I'm on a very tight budget and completely desperate to get rid of the smell.

By ST from Luther, OK

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In desperation I tried pouring rubbing alcohol directly onto a spot where my old dog had just gone pee. First I used paper towels to get as much of the liquid up as possible and then poured the alcohol directly on the spot and left it dry out. It worked for me. Next time I shampoo the entire carpet I am going to finish with a final rinse of rubbing alcohol mixed in the water as I now know it won't hurt my carpet and it may help kill bacteria that causes odors where I am not aware other bio-messes have been made (spilled milk/food etc).

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After rescuing a very sick dog and her litter of puppies, we had some odor problems. This is what I used:

1. Hoover carpet cleaning machine (buy it. you need it for long enough it isn't worth renting one.)

2. Hot water.

3. Time.

4. Enzyme cleaner (optional)

Fill the machine with hot water. Wet a three by three foot or so area. Let sit for 15 minutes. Run the machine over it over and over again flushing large amounts of water through until it appears the area is clean (water that is sucked up isn't foaming or yellow, no fresh odors float out.) Repeat in the next 3 x 3 area. Return to the original area to clean up what has "wicked" up in the interim. Repeat again and again and again. It will take forever and use a lot of water. I think the first time I did it it took about 30-35 hours and well over 75 gallons of hot water for about 250 sq ft.

After you feel fairly confident it is clean, you can go over it again with a very dilute enzyme cleaner.

You probably will need to repeat, not requiring quite as much time, after it has dried and some of the deep smells have worked there way up in the drying process. I thought I was going to have to replace my carpet until I did it is all about how much you can afford, because time wise, it takes a lot of effort and a new carpet might be a better value for you. I did it during a week that dh was out of town and work was slow, so I could spend the time.

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Anybody have a good home remedy for spraying areas that have been cleaned of pet urine so dogs will not start to pee in the same areas again? I've heard of vinegar solutions. Does anything else work?

By Tammy

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I use cider vinegar and with Dawn dish soap.I let it dry then put baking soda sweep it in the area. Wait 45 minutes then use sweeper. Please let me know if it works for you.


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How do I clean dog urine on carpet? There is no stain but an awful urine odor.

By rb

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I'm in the process of doing that now. My older dog has begun not holding it as long as he could when he was younger.

First off, let me tell you what I do to prevent it. If I'm going to be gone more than 2-3 hours at most I put him in his cage (my dogs normally have the run of the house). He won't go in there, but if he absolutely has to at least it's not on my carpet. Also the cage is large enough so that if he does, he can go to the other end to get away from it.

Now for the cleaning. Here's the solution I'm using and it's working great so far. My shampooer has a separate place to pour the soap or whatever into. In there I pour straight dog urine solution leaving about 1/3 of the container for white vinegar. The main container on the shampooer is of course for water. I pour the hottest water that I can in, leaving enough space to pour 1 full cup of Pine Sol (not the generic either, but the Pine Sol brand, original scent).

Then I have at it. I shampoo it thoroughly twice, letting it dry completely between each. After this I take a black light and go around the room (at night, lights off) looking for any "leftovers". If I find any (haven't so far) I spray straight Pine Sol on, wait an hour, and go over it again with the same solution.

So far this has worked great for me, and I've tried many combinations before when I had puppies running around!

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I have 4 dogs and 4 cats, all inside pets. So yes we do get mishaps. I have used with great success Mr. Clean either the lavender scent or the aqua blue kind. Both work great. After soaking up an liquid, then I mix some up in a bottle and spray on generously. Let sit for 5 minutes and then use a heavy towel and a heavy weight to soak up any liquid. Usually I step in it until it's all pulled up into the towel. I have a carpet shampooer, in which I mix up Mr. Clean and shampoo the spot up. It works for me.

Sometimes I even add Mr. Clean to my laundry when a cat has messed on a throw rug or something that can be laundered in my machine. No bad scent or odor remains. It is the only thing that I have found that works and is cheaper than buying other products that are made for such problems. Good Luck.

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This is a guide about cleaning urine odors from carpet. Urine odors in carpets can be difficult to remove. With the proper method you can get your carpets looking and smelling just like new.

Dog laying on beige carpet next to a vacuum

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