Cleaning Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are dust magnets. Cleaning between each and every blind can be time consuming and difficult. This is a guide about cleaning mini blinds.

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Tip: Keeping Blinds Clean

By Luana M. 82 149

Like most renters, I have vertical blinds everywhere in my home. Where I live (near a beach), putting up curtains would mean way too much dirt and dust.

I clean my blinds bi-weekly with microfiber cloths. This area with a nearby airport is extremely dusty. A dust that depending on the weather can look like a car engine's dirt. I assumed using my vinegar and water with microfiber was the best way to keep as much out as possible. Keeping them clean is much easier than dealing with build up.

As you can imagine, this can be time consuming work. I have discovered a way to cut the time in half - using water only one time a week and taking a fraction of the time. All without spending a penny on the new, latest, or better product. I discovered that, like with the television which also get an extreme amount of dust on it, used dyer sheets work like magic. Instead of throwing away your used dryer sheets, save them and use for dusting the blinds. If it works on my blinds with the special sea and airport dirt, it will work on yours.

I have found dryer sheets to be so helpful other places also, leaving no lint behind. New ones are used when I don't have any from the laundry. They seem to do such a good job that when I do use water and vinegar on my major cleaning day it's easier. Try using dryer sheets on computer screens, the television, even my tables. All are shining and dust free.

I have a hand steamer I use on all my screens. Yes, my screens with the steamer! You do not have to remover the screen. I live in Southern California, so my windows are open daily. If you live where it's winter now, remember the furnace also brings so much dust into your home. For now, try the dryer sheets. When the weather warms up if you have a steamer it cuts the dusting down without too much hassle.

I am a clean nut, so helpful tips that make it easier are a blessing. Try this one it works!

If it works on computers. I was amazed at how it works on blinds as well.

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA

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Tip: Use Wading Pool to Clean Blinds

By Monica 296 58

For a no mess place to clean your mini-blinds or give a dog a bath, buy a 42 inch kids' wading pool. After washing blinds, hang them over outdoor chairs and rinse with a hose. No mess in the house!

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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Tip: Ammonia for Cleaning Window Blinds

By Litter Gitter 155 568

We have a blind in our small bathroom that gets caked with dust and hairspray which can be hard to clean. I have to clean it several times a year.

To clean it, I soak it about 30 minutes in the bathtub in hot water with a little ammonia added to the water. This loosens the dirt and grim and makes it easy to wipe off while it's in the water.

After cleaning it and rinsing it off, I bundle it in my hand, lift it out of the tub and put a towel under it to catch the dripping water while I walk through the house and out to the porch where I hang it on the nails that were placed there for hanging blinds to dry. In just a few minutes, it's dry enough to hang back up.

Cleaning vinyl blinds is simple and easy when you can give them a little soaking in the bathtub and have a place to hang them to dry.

window blind hanging to dry

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    Question: Ink On Blinds

    By Edel Gill 1

    My daughter got black ink on my white window blinds, does anyone have any tips to get it out?

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Holly 1 Flag

    July 28, 2005

    Try a product called Ink Away, you can get it at most office supply stores. It works great getting ink out of almost everything. It is a big winner in my house since my kids like Sharpe pens!

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    Tip: Soak Mini Blinds In the Bathtub

    By Kathy 1

    I soak my blinds in Clorox Clean Up in the bathtub for an hour then rinse with the shower head and dry with a couple old beach towels. They look nice and clean when I hang them back up.

    Note: I have off white blinds and never have tried this with colored blinds.

    By Kathy

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    Tip: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    By Marty Dick 167 967

    Our vertical blinds are 108 inches top to bottom. Mine needed cleaning really bad since DH is doing a lot of painting in the house. I couldn't take them outside and use the hose, because the complex had to shut off hose supplies for a while due to frozen outside pipes.

    I put the slats a few at a time in my bath tub with dish liquid. I sloshed them around a bit, then I wrapped a wet micro fiber cloth around one end and pulled each slat through. I held the cloth with the blind in it against the side of the tub to allow the water to run back into the tub. I just had to put the end of the clean slat back in the tub to start the end through the bath towel which I put on my lap (I'm sitting on the toilet all this time). I pulled each slat through the folded bath towel to dry and draped them across the top of the two hampers in the vanity area.

    I can't submit photos because I look horrid when cleaning. I hope this helps someone.

    By MartyD from Houston, TX

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    Tip: Clean Mini-Blinds Outdoors

    By Paul Wilson 3 8

    I put my mini-blinds on the outdoor table and hose and wash with the car wash brush, then flip and do the other side. I hang them on the clothes line to dry. Kids can do this chore.

    By Sharon C. from Chesapeake, VA

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    Question: Cleaning Window Blinds Without Removing

    By Jane Price 4 1

    My window blinds (semi-wood) are way too big to take down and using Endust and cleaning between each slat just isn't getting it. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

    Thank you.

    By Jane P.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Susan 63 Flag

    July 27, 2011

    Endust is the wrong product here -- the blinds probably have a somewhat "greasy" buildup, which the Endust adds to. I mix a mild vinegar/water solution, and just take a rough cloth and clean each slat, then wipe with a soft dry cloth. Don't saturate the slats; wring out the cloth before using. It may take two passes, but they will be clean and dry when you're done!

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    Tip: Clean Blinds With Old Sock

    Here's an easy way to remove dust from window blinds: Put an old sock over your hand as if you were making a sock puppet. Now grasp each slat on the blinds and rub your sock back and forth to remove the dust. So easy!

    By Angie from Murphy, TX

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    Archive: Cleaning Mini-Blinds

    Please share your easiest, fastest (yet thorough) ways to clean metal mini blinds.


    Peggy GV from San Antonio, TX


    RE: Cleaning Mini-Blinds

    How I clean my mini blinds: I put them in the tub (or outside) Spray with Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and then rinse off with clear water. Wipe with a towel or drip dry. Their is NO real washing (you let the bubbles do their job!) and they are disinfected and smell great. Also, the wand and cording comes really clean!
    Again, with NO effort! (08/02/2005)

    By Joyful

    Cleaning Miniblinds

    Clean miniblinds by spraying hydrogen peroxide on them. Then wipe dry. (09/23/2005)

    By Terri

    In The Shower

    Stick 2 or 3 heavy duty to back shower wall and hang blinds, get a shower spray and cleaning product and presto! Easy on the back. (09/25/2005)

    By ChinafromSI


    On the subject of cleaning metal mini-blinds, I vacuum them, I wipe them down with a damp cloth, I've put them in the bathtub if they fit. I've also taken them outside and hang them on my fence with nails and used the window cleaning system you attach to your hose and they came out great! After doing all of that I decided when they get to be too much to handle, I buy new blinds!

    By Rob


    I hate cleaning mini blinds, but unfortunately, they have to be cleaned fairly regularly. First of all, I never take mine down to clean them. That must makes even more work than you already have. I clean them while they are up on the window. Depending on how dirty they are, and that, of course, depends on what room in the house, most of the time I can get them clean using a dry Swiffer cloth. If they are really bad and need "wet" cleaned, then I spray 409 cleaner on them and wipe them with a wet cloth. (11/20/2005)

    By Robin


    I bought a gadget called MiniMaids. I love it. It makes cleaning mini blinds so easy. I hang it in the shower and hang my blinds so all I have to do is spray with 409 and then use my shower hose to rinse off and they come out spotless. (01/04/2006)

    By lkaren

    Wet Wipes

    I use Clorox wet wipes. It's the easiest and believe me I've tried everything. I have found they work on walls, doors, and any other surface. (02/20/2006)

    By Michelle

    Archive: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    Any tips on cleaning mini blinds?

    Randi from Vacaville


    RE: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    I take mine to the car wash. It is so easy to hang them, clean with the soapy brush and rinse with the nozzle. We do 3 or 4 at a time. (11/17/2006)

    By Vicka

    RE: Cleaning Mini Blinds


    * spray with 1 part fabric softener (any brand) and 3 or 4 parts water.

    * OR wipe blinds with a dryer fabric softener sheet.


    By Cyinda

    RE: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    I save old white socks, put them on my hand and use rubbing alcohol to clean my mini blinds. It works fast and gets them very clean. (11/19/2006)

    By Janis

    Archive: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    I have metal (blue color) mini blinds that I've had up for 8 years. I do smoke in the house, too. At a glance, you don't notice, but I see the dirt and grime on the blinds and I am looking for a way to clean them. Also, what about the small rope (strings) that are used to operate the blinds?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Sue from Birmingham, AL


    RE: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    I used to clean mine in the bathtub. I would fill it up with warm sudsy water, and then clean each stip with an aggressive sponge. For sticky stains, I would let them soak. It's a bit messy and time consuming, but it works. (09/10/2006)

    By Jess

    RE: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    Try taking them to a car wash.
    A car wash normally has hooks you can hang floor mats on
    Works Good..will get extra clean.
    Good Luck (09/10/2006)

    By Autumn

    RE: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    You can either clean your blinds in your tub/shower or outside, but you'll need to figure out a way to hang them up, like on a clothesline for example. Next, take some Scrubbing Bubbles foaming bathroom cleaner (the dollar store versions of this work great) and spray your blinds thoroughly, including the strings and any other parts you want clean. Now watch the grease and grime melt right off your blinds. Just rinse off the blinds with a hose or handheld shower sprayer. You don't have to rub each individual slat or the strings, but if your blinds are really grimy, you may have to repeat the Scrubbing Bubbles, and then let them hang outside or in your tub/shower until dry. I have used this method for both aluminum and vinyl blinds with great results.

    truerblue (09/11/2006)

    By truerblue

    RE: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    ammonia works great (09/20/2006)

    By heather

    RE: Cleaning Metal Mini Blinds

    MiniMaids - Venetian Blind Cleaning Tool available at You don't have to take blinds to the car wash or hang mini blinds from a clothesline outside to wash. Have hard to clean mini blinds looking like new in minutes. Suspend blinds from brackets attached to shower wall or an outside window (use garden hose), with three super suction brackets, spray really dirty blinds with cleaning solution, then simply rinse away tacky dirt, household allergens, down the drain! (03/02/2008)

    By kheneghan

    Archive: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    I haven't cleaned my mini blinds since we moved in about a year ago! I've lightly dusted occasionally, but little spots and such are showing up on them now. Could someone please tell me the best way to clean them at this stage of 'dustiness'?

    Sue from San Francisco, CA


    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    The bane of my existence! I clean EACH slat with a baby wipe. It takes forever (34 windows) but it is the only thing that seems to cut the dust and grime (in kitchen). AND I have tried almost all the ideas mentioned. All blinds except kitchen and bathrooms seem to get by on occasional dusting and a once a year power cleaning (Spray with cleaner, wipe each slat with a wet towel, repeat with clean towel if necessary and then dry.

    Good luck!


    By Skibum1910

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    Put them in the bathtub turn the shower on and plug the tub add bleach. This cleans the cords too so they look new. scrub them if they are really grungy. (01/04/2008)

    By iBroke

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    The BEST way I have found is to place your blinds in the bathtub and run the hottest water possible. While running the water, add a few cups of bleach. Let soak for 2-3 hours. Drain water. Run more hot water and let soak 15 minutes. Drain. Blinds should be free of bleach residue and they will look as new as when you bought them Have fun and good luck! (01/05/2008)

    By Heather, Arkansas

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    I take all the blinds off the windows. put them in my whirlpool bathtub, add Clorox Cleanup and water and turn the bath tub jets on for about 10 minutes The whirlpool agitates the crud off. I just drain the tub and let them air dry. Easy. (01/07/2008)

    By falldowngobump

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    Take them down one room at a time and put them on a concrete area or porch outside and spray them down with the water hose to let them dry outside. Spray them down with a cleaner a few minutes before you spray them with water to let dirt loose. Hope this helps. If weather is bad, let them soak in bath water. (01/07/2008)

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    I bring my blinds outside and clean them with a sponge and the hose. (05/02/2008)

    By Gary

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    Does the metal mechanical part ever rust? (10/01/2008)

    By CarrieStel

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    I hate mini blinds! You just look at them the wrong way and they bend and you can't fix them when that happens. I tried taking my down to clean as suggested and they got bent - Arggg! I have tried everything and they just get bent and continue to look awful.

    I am going to replace them. Just saving money from check to check during the recession in order to afford it! (01/06/2009)

    By rustyz

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    Just hang dusty mini blinds from MiniMaids support brackets stuck to a shower wall or an outside window, then simply rinse away dust from blinds using the shower sprayer or garden hose. Works great indoors or outside! (02/07/2009)

    By TheVan

    <img src="" width="400" height="313" alt="RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds" />

    RE: Cleaning Dusty Mini Blinds

    Be careful if putting blinds in the bathtub to clean them. I got nasty scratches in my shower surround from the edges of the metal blinds when I did it. Now not only do the blinds look terrible, the shower does too. (01/16/2011)

    By cs_jag

    Archive: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    To clean mini blinds, wear a pair of white cotton gloves. Dip gloved fingers in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm tap water and run your fingers across both sides of each blind.

    By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO


    RE: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    I just take mine down put in the tub spray with basin, tub and tile cleaner. Using my hand held shower head I rinse them down, hold them sideways, shake a little to get excess water off and hang back up to finish drying. I put a towel at the bottom to catch drips. Usually the bottom slat is against the bottom part of your mini blind so I take extra care to lift that one and dry it well. (01/27/2011)

    By dwutz

    RE: Cleaning Mini Blinds

    Dear fossil. How many pairs of white gloves would I need to clean 5 different blinds? Quite a few I think.
    I just use old rags and toss later.

    By stormy10000 in Ca

    Home and Garden Cleaning Blinds and CurtainsJuly 23, 2011
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