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Cleaning Textured Flooring

Cleaning Tile Floors, Textured blue floor tile.

Textured floor tile and flooring presents its own cleaning challenges. The textured surface collects dirt and makes it difficult to remove. This type of flooring can be cleaned with a little extra effort. This is a guide about cleaning textured flooring.


Solutions: Cleaning Textured Flooring

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Tip: Scouring Powder and Scotch Brite Pad For Floors

To clean my textured kitchen linoleum, I go over the floor with a little scouring powder and a nylon Scotch Brite pad, then mop it clean. I also have scraped places with a knife in some especially grimy spots. If the floor is cleaned well, then waxed, it collects less grime.

By Judy S. from Valley City, ND

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Question: Cleaning a Textured Tile Floor

I have a tile floor that has a texture to it and I can never get to look really clean. It looks like dirt gets caught in the pattern and I can't get it out.

By G Carolyn from Aubrey, TX

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Most Recent Answer

By Nina 2 27 12/18/2010

I used to have a kitchen floor like that and I used a Mr Clean magic eraser mop replacement head on my old sponge mop. The floor looked the best it ever had.

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Question: Laminated "Textured Stone" Flooring

Would laminated "textured stone" flooring reveal streaks after cleaning? I'm interested in buying this pattern for my kitchen, dining and utility room and would hate to have it installed and then learn it streaks. I know that people have posted that some brands of hardwood floor show prints and streaks. I need to know about the textured stone type, if anyone has info on this kind.


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By Odile53 2 02/26/2013

I have a large kitchen and two bathrooms, and all of them have laminated "textured stone" flooring. I sweep them all daily, vacuum them thoroughly twice a week with the floor brush attachment, and then use a steam mop, which dries very quickly.

Just about any brand of steam mop will do fine, I spent $60 for mine a couple of years ago, and figure it has paid for itself with the savings in the cost of floor cleaning chemical solutions. It literally does clean up anything, including what my puppy did to that poor kitchen floor shortly after I first got it (yuck!) A real bonus is there is no chemical sticky residue in case you missed a spot when rinsing.

Get one that takes plain tap water instead of distilled water, to save yourself the cost of buying distilled water, or the hassle of distilling water yourself. If you have a lot of flooring to contend with, consider buying an extra mophead cover or two. They wash up well in the washer and can be dried in the dryer, just don't use fabric softener with them as that destroys the effectiveness of the microfiber. And when you're done using the mop, set the mop into an old baking pan or tray to avoid water spots on the floor.

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Question: Cleaning a No Wax Floor

We had a no wax Armstrong floor laid in our kitchen last fall. The pattern is a black and white diamond pattern. The black pattern is no problem it doesn't show the dirt, but on the white pattern we have tried everything to get it clean, nothing works! This floor has a rough surface to it that actually has little craters in the flooring. The dirt gets in the craters and we can't get it out. We are very discouraged with this floor! Is there any way to clean and then seal this type of floor to stop dirt from accumulating in the small craters?


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Most Recent Answer

By Annette P. 1 01/13/2015

Hi Ram,
We just bought this same floor last week and I am so cranky, did you ever figure out the best way to get this floor clean! I am going out to buy the best mop money can buy, I was just doing a little research first.

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Question: Cleaning Textured Flooring in a Warehouse

I need to clean popcorn textured flooring in a warehouse that has grey painting on top. What do you use to clean in a big area? I have to make it clean on Tuesday? Any suggestions? Also there is a big hallway. I used the auto scrubber, but it made the floor half white and brown. It's up and down the hallway. What do I use to get it cleaner?

By Charlene B.

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Question: Best Mop for Textured Wetroom Flooring

What is the best mop to clean a wetroom bobbly floor?

By Doreen

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