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Removing Labels from Glass Jars

Spaghetti Sauce Jar with Torn Label

Glass jars can be reused in a wide variety of ways from storage to crafts, but first you will want to remove the label. This is a guide about removing labels from glass jars.


Solutions: Removing Labels from Glass Jars

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Tip: Removing Adhesive Labels from Glass Jars

I paint glass jars and find at times the labels are nearly impossible to remove without using chemicals. I found a much easier way and it's far less frustrating. Peel as much of the paper label off as possible, then fill the jar with water and place in the microwave until the water boils. Between the steam released from the water inside microwave and the heated water against the glass the label adhesive then scrapes right off. However, be very careful of the hot liquid inside!

By Tracey V. from Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Tip: Removing Labels the Thrifty Way

I do not remember where I learned this, but I am so glad I did. This tip has always worked for me. The easiest way to remove labels and sticker residue from glass jars is as follows:

  1. Peel the label. (Soaking in hot water helps.)
  2. Rub any sticky areas with peanut butter.
  3. Rinse and enjoy, knowing that no chemicals were needed!

Not only did you avoid spending money on some sort of cleaner, you also got to play with your food!

By Anip from Social Circle, GA

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Tip: Goo Gone Alternative

You can make a Goo Gone alternative that works very well (and doesn't smell as gross) by mixing two parts vegetable oil with one part baking soda. The oil loosens the glue, and the baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive to wipe it away. Rinse with hot water and that's it!

    By ConstantPraise [1]

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    Tip: Removing Glue Residue from Bottles

    Recently I did a project and needed to remove the sticky glue from plastic bottles. I tried soaking them in alcohol, but that didn't work. I tried lotion (this works with spray adhesive when it is on your hands). I finally tried some plain dish soap and Oxiclean. None of these helped at all.

    I did not want to mar the surface so I took some WD40 and a soft cloth. I put the WD40 on the cloth, and gently rubbed until all the sticky glue was gone. I then washed my bottles and dried them to use for my craft.

    By GEM from VA

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    Tip: Soak Off Jar Labels

    In my quest to reclaim a Mason jar (specifically Classico pasta sauce jars) I needed to soak off the labels. I submerged the jars in hot water and let them sit until the paper was easy to pull off. The best part with the Classico jars is that the glue they use is also water soluble! So I was able to remove the glue with hot soapy water. With other jar, I removed the glue with Goo Gone and a paper towel. I was amazed at how well this worked! Classico spaghette sauce jar. Removing label from jar soaking in large pot. Jar after label removed.

    By Laurel from Port Orchard, WA

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    Tip: Removing Labels from Glass Jars

    It's easy to remove labels from glass jars by taking a bit of cooking oil and slathering it on the jar's label. Let it sit undisturbed overnight and it should slide right off.

      By Pommy [1]

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      Tip: Refrigerate Jar Overnight to Remove Labels

      I made an alarming discovery today quite by accident. I am an compulsive recycler so I save all my spaghetti sauce jars. I use the same brand all the time so they match. Yes I use them for drinking for hubby and me. I have decent glasses but these jars are sturdy.

      A few weeks ago one of our sons went grocery shopping with DH, and was helping him put things away. He didn't know where the jars of sauce went so he stuck them on the door of the fridge.

      Since I am also frugal with time and effort I left them there. I got one out today to use and found that the label was loose. It only took seconds to remove. Yea! I had been placing them in the sink with a wet cloth around them till it soaked loose. Sometimes it would take hours. I'll be keeping them in the fridge from now on. An overnight stay in the fridge might work for any jar labels you have.

      Source: My son Steve who didn't want to "lose" Mom's spaghetti sauce.

      By MartyD from Houston, TX

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      Tip: Removing Labels Without Chemicals

      Just soak the jar in hot water, remove what you can, and use steel wool on the rest. It doesn't scratch the glass and you don't have to use chemicals. It's a win, win.

      By robdbeal

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      Tip: WD-40 to Remove Labels from Glass Jars

      Slightly sand surface of label with sandpaper. Spray with WD-40. Label will come off easily. If not, put napkin on label and saturate with the WD-40. Let sit for as long as necessary.

      By Lonnie from Chatsworth, CA

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      Tip: Removing Labels from Jars

      Do you like to save glass jars to reuse as storage, but sometimes have problems removing the labels? Using a razor blade or what I use is a razor box cutter, slice large sections of the label. Soak in hot soapy water until label is saturated. Scrape off sections of the label with a scraper or an old plastic supermarket members card. If you slice the sections on the label too small, it will be harder to scrape off.

      Some labels have a plastic coating on them and are hard to remove. By cutting sections of the label with a razor blade, breaks the plastic seal and allows the water to penetrate the paper under the plastic. This makes it easier to remove.

      By mkymlp from NE PA

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      Tip: Furniture Polish for Removing Labels

      Furniture polish and glass jars.

      I was looking for a easy way to remove the labels from glass jars. I started reading all the different solutions people had come up with, but I still wanted something easier. I was looking around my room and I saw my furniture polish sitting on top of my stereo. I grabbed it sprayed it on one of the jars and grabbed a flat screwdriver. It worked really good. Then I realized that if I just spray a coat of polish on the jar and let it sit for 10 minutes or maybe even five, the label and all the sticky glue comes right off with the wipe of a towel. What's even better is that I bought my furniture polish at the 99 cent store.

        By Gellen [1]

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        Tip: Removing Label Glue on Jars

        After removing the label, left over glue on jars can be removed using charcoal lighter fluid. It works better than anything I have found.

          By barbara [2]

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          Tip: Olbas Oil to Remove Stickers

          The best way I have found to get rid of sticker/label residue is a few drops of olbas oil. It slips off with a gentle scrape of the dull side of a knife.

            By MaryH38 [1]

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            Tip: Removing Label from Glass Jars

            Soak glass jars in hottest water that your faucet will allow. Make sure labels are completely submerged. If there is more than one label that can't be submerged rotate the jar until labels are peeling off on their own. Once this is done, wash the jar inside and out and let it dry completely. Use acetone (found in or as nail polish remover) with an old rag or cotton and wipe away adhesive. Just dab acetone on the rag or cotton. It doesn't take much. Wash the jar again to make sure all adhesive and streaks are gone. Don't forget to wash your hands.

              By tootiefrootie [1]

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              Question: Removing Label Residue On Bottles

              How do I remove label glue from bottles?

              By BLC from Elkhart, IN

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              Best Answers

              By Kat 7 216 10/15/2008

              I usually use WD-40; spray it on, let it sit, peel the label off, wipe any residue with a paper towel, then wash them all in soapy water. Looks like more steps than it is. I have even used it to successfully remove sticker residue inside pricey leather shoes with no ill aftereffects. Good luck!

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              By wendy 3 4 02/23/2010

              You can try scraping off what you can with your fingernail, then using fingernail polish remover. Or, another trick I have learned is to use lighter fluid. Again, scrape off what you can, then rub the area with a cotton ball soaked in lighter fluid. Comes right off!

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              Question: Removing Beer Bottle Labels

              How do I remove beer bottle labels?

              A.E. from UK

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              Best Answer

              By Judi 18 938 06/11/2008

              I don't know why they would be any different from any other bottle label. I fill bottles and jars with water. lay them on their sides with the label down in a sink full of water, and soak for as long as needed. Sometimes the glue is stubborn so I use a bit of Goo Gone on the last of it.

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              Question: Removing Digital Printing from Jar Tops

              So how does everyone remove the digital writing, sell-by dates, etc. from the tops of jars? It's fairly easy to get if off the glass with a dry brush scrub. What I'm talking about is the caps. I have tried lots of things. Alcohol did not work.

              By Vee333

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              Best Answer

              By Loth 1 18 03/04/2015

              I have used hairspray (also removes ink from clothes). Then there is Goof Off... a good little can product to keep around as it can do many "remove" jobs. Good luck!

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              Question: Removing Label Adhesive from Glass Jar

              Candle jar.I have a Yankee Candle jar that held a large candle. I got the label peeled off, but I'm still trying to remove the glue. Any ideas? I've tried soaking and scrubbing, but some of it's still there.

              By Katheryne

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              Most Recent Answer

              By Robyn 369 748 04/10/2013

              Have you tried the acetone in nail polish remover or WD 40?

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              Question: Removing Paint From Mustard Jars

              I have some cute little mustard jars that I would like to use but first I need to remove the information that is painted directly on the glass. Does anyone know how to remove it?

              By Dianajoyce

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              Most Recent Answer

              By Laura G. 1 08/21/2015

              Contact the company who is on the label first to find out who made the jars that way. I would start there to try to find out what type of paint was used and if it was baked into the glass. You might not be able to remove it, but it is fun to learn how things are made, so I would start there.

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              Question: Removing Label Glue from Glass

              Candle jar.I have a container that once had a candle in it. The candle is gone and I peeled off the label. But how do I get the remaining glue off?

              By Flyingbug from Los Angeles, CA

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              Most Recent Answer

              By mikayla downs 1 12/02/2014

              I have used peanut butter, just spread a thin layer on the sticky residue, and then use hot water to rinse it off after about 5 minutes, you may have to use soap and water to get the oil off from the peanut butter.

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