Homemade Easter Cards

Three dimensional bunny card.

Homemade cards add an extra level of sentiment for the receiver. This is a guide about homemade Easter cards.


Video: Bunny Cards

Friends and family will be delighted by these cute Easter bunny note cards. Use pastel solid and patterned cardstock to vary the designs. View the full project here: Bunny Note Cards

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Solutions: Homemade Easter Cards

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Easter Egg Hunt Card

Finished card.

Use a cookie cutter to trace a bunny onto sugar paper. Add some Easter eggs and you have a perfect card to celebrate Easter this year!

Approximate Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 1


  • 1 piece 8.2 x 5.6 inch light blue card stock
  • light pink sugar paper
  • green card stock for the grass
  • 3 small pieces of colored card stock for the Easter eggs
  • small flat-sided rhinestone beads
  • small piece of white felt
  • 2 small paper flowers
  • craft glue, pencil, ruler and scissors
  • 3 in bunny-shaped cookie cutter


  1. Score the 8.2 inch x 5.6 inch blue marbled card stock length-wise to create a card sized 5.6 x 4.1 inches.
  2. Draw grass onto the green card stock, cut it out and with the fold at the top, glue the grass to the front of the card.
  3. Grsss added.
  4. Use the bunny-shaped cookie cutter. Trace a bunny onto the light pink sugar paper, cut it out and with glue to the front of the card.
  5. Cut three small Easter eggs from the colored card stock and glue the eggs to the front of the card.
  6. Bunny and egg shapes added.
  7. Cut a small circle from the white felt to make the bunny tail.
  8. Use the rhinestone beads to add an eye to the bunny, and detail to the eggs.
  9. Add the finishing touches by gluing the paper flowers in place.
  10. Two photos showing additon of decorations to eggs and bunny eye.

Photo 1: Glue the grass to the front of the card.
Photo 2: Glue the bunny and eggs to the front of the card.
Photo 3: Add some detail to the bunny and eggs.
Photo 4: The completed card.

By BessieBessie [187]

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Faberge-Inspired Easter Egg Card

I have always been fascinated by the Faberge eggs. To me, these eggs speak of luxury and master craftsmanship, a historic rendition of times gone by. I wanted to make a Faberge-inspired Easter egg card for my mother, who also loves the Faberge eggs, to convey special Easter wishes. Because of the religious meaning behind the day, I chose red as the main color for the card, but the card can be produced in any other color.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • 8.2 inches x 5.5 inches marbled cream-colored cardboard
  • 6 inches x 6 inches piece of red cardboard
  • 8 inches x 6 inches of silver glitter mesh
  • 8.0 inches x 5.3 inches of ordinary red paper
  • a left-over piece of red ribbon, 0.2 inches wide
  • one small red fabric bow
  • the following rhinestones: 4 small crystal flat-back round rhinestones and 17 red flat-back heart rhinestones
  • short red tube-shaped glass beads
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • a pair of standard scissors
  • quick-drying glue
  • egg-shaped object or cookie cutter
  • one matching envelope


  1. Fold the 8.2 inches x 5.5 inches marbled cardboard crosswise in half to create a card 5.5 inches x 4.1 inches ~ use the ruler to make the fold neat and smooth.
  2. Use the egg-shaped object (I used an egg-shaped cookie tin) and trace an egg onto the red cardboard. Cut out the egg that you have traced on the cardboard.
  3. Red egg shaped paper.

  4. Glue the silver glitter mesh to the front of the red cardboard egg and cut off any protruding edges.
  5. Egg with a closeup of the mesh.

  6. Glue the cardboard-and-mesh egg onto the front of the card.
  7. Divide the egg in half with the piece of ribbon. Glue the ribbon and the fabric bow in place.
  8. Ribbon bow added and egg glued to front of white card.

  9. Glue the 4 crystal round rhinestones in place on the ribbon.
  10. Glue the red heart rhinestones in place on the bottom half of the egg.
  11. Red heart shaped rhinestones on bottom half.

  12. Use the short red tube-shaped beads to glue three rows of beads that intersect at the top of the egg.
  13. Tubular beads added in three rows.

  14. Fold the 8.0 inches x 5.3 inches red paper crosswise in half and glue it to the inside of the card to write a message.
  15. By BessieBessie from Pretoria, Gauteng

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Easter Card

Easter card.Send Easter greetings to your friends and family.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • cardstocks: blue, green, white
  • scraps of patterned paper
  • yellow paper
  • glue pen
  • pencil
  • double-sided and foam tape
  • scissors
  • finished size: 5 x5 1/2 inch


  1. Make card from blue cardstock.
  2. Cut out green cardstock in the shape of grass. Adhere to the bottom edge of card.
  3. Use a template to cut 3 egg shapes from scraps of patterned paper. Adhere.
  4. Punch or cut out little flowers from white cardstock with a small circle of yellow for the centers. Adhere to card using glue pen.
  5. Print "Happy Easter" on white cardstock. With a pencil, draw a cloud shape around the greeting; cut out. Adhere to card with foam tape for dimension.

By Maricel from Fairfax, VA

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Bunny Note Cards

Finished cards and envelopes.

Friends and family will be delighted by these cute Easter bunny note cards.
Use pastel solid and patterned cardstock to vary the designs.

Approximate Time: 30 mins.


  • color cardstock
  • narrow ribbon
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • envelopes


  1. Print the bunny template on cardstock, and cut out.
  2. Template
  3. Fold the color cardstock in half, and lay the template on the card so that the nose and feet are on the fold (solid lines). Use scissors to cut out bunny shape.
  4. Use hole punch to cut out eye.
  5. Cut ribbon into two 11 inch pieces. Tie one piece around the neck of each bunny. Trim the ends at an angle.

By HellofromMhay [73]

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Easter Kisses

Decorated envelope and gift bag.Easter is a special time when everything is reborn after the dark days of winter. Why not celebrate the spirit of this season by sharing cards and gifts with family and friends. Add a colourful touch to envelopes and gift bags using simple embellishments that can be sourced in the home. Don't forget to add some kisses too, to show the special people in your life just how much they mean to you at Eastertide.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes plus drying time


  • blank cards and envelopes
  • paper bags
  • paints and a brush
  • pieces of scrap card
  • recycled gift wrap
  • craft glue
  • raffia or yarn
  • glitter glue or rub on stickers
  • items to decorate
  • a sharp tool to make holes


  1. Paint the outer sides of an envelope and a paper bag in a colour theme of your choice. Let dry.
  2. Place a hand-made Easter card in the envelope and seal it.
  3. Tear some gift-wrap into strips and glue to the envelope to give a pleasing design.
  4. Wrap a length of raffia or yarn around the envelope and secure with a bow.
  5. To finish, attach feathers and some "kisses" use rub on stickers or a glitter glue pen for the individual letters.
  6. Make a pair of holes on either side at the top of your paper bag.
  7. Plait lengths of yarn or raffia together to make two handles.
  8. Thread the end of each handle through a hole in your paper bag and knot on the wrong side to secure in place.
  9. Fill your paper bag with chocolate eggs or a small gift.
  10. Cut a large gift tag out of scrap card and make a hole at the top of the tag.
  11. Paint the right side of the tag so it complements the colour theme of your paper bag.
  12. Glue strips of gift-wrap to the tag as for the envelope; attach feathers and a special 'For Easter' message.
  13. Thread a length of raffia or yarn through the hole in the gift tag and tie to the handles of the paper bag.

Crafty tips: Mini pegs are a fun way to attach feathers, tags, and other items to gifts. Try using skeleton leaves, painted eggs, or hens to embellish your gifts, too. Make sure children are supervised by an adult when using sharp tools. Happy Easter!

By Anne from United Kingdom

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Craft Project: 3-D Easter Bunny Card

This 3-dimensional Easter card will bring a smile to anyone's face. It's a great way to wish someone special a very Happy Easter!

Approximate Time: About 30 minutes


  • Green,yellow and white card stock
  • pink craft foam
  • Six 4-inch lengths of thin wire
  • wiggly eyes
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • powder blush and cotton swab
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks


Fold a piece of 8 1/2 x 11-inch green card stock in half to form a card. Cut an 8 1/4 x 5 1/4-inch rectangle from yellow card stock. Glue the rectangle to the front of the card. Draw a cute bunny onto the white card stock and cut out. Draw a large pink nose onto the pink foam and cut out. Using a cotton swab and powdered blush, apply blush to lower edge of ears to represent the bunny's inner ears. Glue the bunny head to the rectangle. Glue on the wiggly eyes. For the whiskers, curl each piece of wire around a pencil and flatten slightly with your hand. Using hot glue gun, glue ends of wire just below wiggly eyes. Glue foam nose over wire ends. Write an Easter message inside the card and send to someone special.

By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC

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