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Making Garage Sale Signs

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Yard Sale Sign

Garage sale signs are one of the best ways to advertise your sale. Making your sign standout from all the rest is key to getting the "garage salers" to come your way. This is a guide about making garage sale signs.


Solutions: Making Garage Sale Signs

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Tip: Reuse Election Signs

The election is almost over (thank heavens!) and I am thinking about all those campaign yard signs all over the place! After the election is over, you can pick some up and set them aside to use for your garage sales next summer. Just paint over them, using permanent paint that doesn't run in the rain. You can use them year after year. It's nice to re-use something and nice to help un-clutter our neighborhoods now that the election is over!

Tip: Good Garage Sale Signs

Here are some tips for making great garage sale signs:

  • Make sure your signs are easy to read. A very, clear arrow in the direction the driver needs to go is essential. An address on the sign is nice as well.

  • If the driver needs to drive a good distance to the next sign, put the distance on the sign. If the driver needs to drive a distance, put additional signs along the way. Then the driver knows they are going the right way, and didn't miss anything.

  • Colorful signs can also be valuable. Many a time I have almost turned around, and then see the odd color sign ahead, and keep going.

  • Put your signs on thicker cardboard for support. You can also attach some type of support across the top of you sign, to keep the corners from sagging in to the center.

  • Recently I have noticed several signs on one corner. One sign may have a star or clover design on it to help it stand out. If all your signs have a significant symbol (or balloon), there is a better chance people will keep going up the road to find your sale.

Tip: Hair Spray To Protect Printed Signs

When putting home-made signs (pages created using an inkjet printer) out on the street advertising the sale, it is helpful to spray the entire page with hair spray. This is helpful so the printing does not bleed if the weather is inclement. Hair spray is a lacquer and dries in seconds.

    By barbscottage1218 [1]

    Tip: Inexpensive Signs

    When my friends and I used to have a group garage sale, we always had tons of shoppers. The shoppers frequently told us they came because they noticed our outstanding artistic signs. For example, a poster might have a drawing of a clothesline with items of clothing hanging off of it.

    We always did signs on brightly colored poster board (which could be covered with clear plastic in case of rain) with everything clearly written. You need something that can really catch their eye. We were also carefully to post our signs where they could be easily seen.

    Tip: Use Tomato Cages For Garage Sale Signs

    Our city has gotten very strict about placement of garage sale signs. We cannot post on utility poles of any kind, fences, etc. and fines can be levied. A tomato cage works fantastic for this, sign needs to be of heavy paper or cardboard and then tape onto the cage or tie. Voila! Place where you need it. No staplegun needed, it will not blow over and is very easy to retrieve. The sign stays in place and is easy to read.

    Tip: Neon Poster Board For Yard Sales

    Always use bright signs, such as on neon poster board, because they are so noticeable. You need to make the letters (addresses and such) black and as large as you can and still be read. You do not need a lot of information on the signs, just the words "Yard Sale" and the address is usually all people see anyway.

    Tip: Protect Your Signs

    To keep your rummage or garage sale sign dry in bad weather, slip it into a big ziplock bag before putting it up! You can also use sheet protectors.

    Tip: Remove Your Yard Sale Signs

    After the sale, before you count up all of your profit, go around the neighborhood and remove every last yard sale sign! (If you have blanketed a large area with signs, you may want to have kept a list of the signs locations.) This will keep your neighbors happy and make them less likely to remove your signs before the actual sale date.

    By Cait P.

    Tip: Attach Balloons

    Attach balloons to your signs. The moving balloons help people see your sign and not get lost!

    Tip: Large Arrows

    Signs are very important when throwing a garage sale. Make sure you signs have large and clear arrows so that they can be seen easily by drivers. And also make sure the date of the sale is visible. People often get discouraged looking for garage sales because there are so many old signs up from previous weeks. If it is clear to people that your signs are current they will be more likely to follow them. Please take your signs down when you are done.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Lynne04/10/2007

    Using elections signs is illegal abandoned or not. You can get arrested. Why? I don't know. We always use big neon signs, pink and yellow is the best. I use black marker for arrows and our hours. Everyone has always said we are easy to find. We put them on our mailbox, each busy corner in our town and in the next town. We take them down and reuse them. We also use cardboard behind them and tape them on there with packaging tape. They last all season long.