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▲︎ Garage Sales

Garage Sales

This page contains great tips for buying and selling at garage sale, including advice for planning your own garage sale, pricing, finding sales, signs, and getting a good deal.

Woman holding a box for a garage sale Selling Tips 
Garage Sale sign laying over top of a black keyboard Advice 
A yard sale with lots of household goods for sale. Buying Tips 
Yard Sale Sign Signs 
A sign announcing an estate sale. Finding Sales 
Two pair of roller skates on table at a garage sale. Garage Sale Finds 

Having a Virtual Yardsale

How would I keep sales in 1 county?

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Advertising a Garage Sale

I live 12 miles from town. Any tips to help make my garage sale workable and easy to get to? There's only one exit off the interstate and then 2 turns to my road.

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Selling at Garage Sales
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Selling at Yard Sales vs Online Auctions
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Preparing for a Garage Sale
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Selling Food at a Garage Sale

Can we sell foods at the garage sale?

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eBay vs. Garage Sales
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Using Virtual Yard Sales
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Tips to a Successful Yard Sale

I have been to and I have had many yard sales and I have noticed a few things that would affect how well a yard sale pans out.

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Shopping at Garage Sales
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Hair Spray To Protect Printed Signs

When putting home-made signs out on the street advertising the sale, it is helpful to spray the entire page with hair spray. This is helpful so the printing does not bleed if the weather is inclement. Hair spray is a lacquer and dries in seconds.

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Planning a Yard Sale

I have tons of kids stuff that I would love to clear out. I have no idea how to have a yard sale. I have never really been to a yard sale, but would love to get something for all our old and unneeded items. Can anyone help a first timer get started?

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Garage Sale Success
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Tips for Successful Moving Sales

I would appreciate any suggestions you all could provide concerning what makes a moving/garage sale successful. I live in Arizona, so it is incredibly hot here, but have to move due to financial constraints. Thank you!

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Yard Sale Tip

I know with all the yard sales this time of year, many people are buying second hand and giving new life to their finds. When pricing items, many types of pricing elements are hard to remove and leave sticky residue.

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My Frugal Life: The Garage Sale Hunt

My house is filled with large and small surprises throughout, treasures that I have collected over the years at garage sales. Treasures from around the world.

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Virtual Yard Sales

Join or create a virtual yard sale on Facebook! I recently discovered this idea. You post a picture of the item you want to sell along with a description and price.

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Price for Garage Sale Food

How much should I charge for a bottle of water, can of soda, box of juice, a brownie, a cookie, and a Rice Krispy treat?

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Having a Successful Yard Sale

Here are several tips for a successful yard sale:

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Garage Sale Tips and Tricks
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Research Prices and Reviews While Shopping

I like to use my phone when I am at thrift stores or yard sales. I sometimes find products that sound like a great bargain, but having my smartphone allows me to look up the actual price of the item as well as reviews.

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Shop At Church Mega Sales

Every year our local church has this huge sale where if you come on the last day, not only is everything still there, they start at noon with $3.00 a bag whatever will fit; then at 3:00, it's everything half off; then at 5:00 whatever is left is free.

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Labor Day Weekend Yard Sale

Usually Memorial Day and Labor Day are big yard sale days, but I have noticed it depends on your area. Let's be positive and say your area is big on yard sales these days. Labor Day is just around the corner.

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Posting Your Garage Sale on Craigslist
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Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale

Here are some tips to have a great garage sale. Pick the right date, the first and fifteenth are when people receive their social security checks and/or pay checks.

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Signs To Advertise Your Sale

I don't advertise in the paper because I hate to have super early shoppers. I arrange my stuff the night before, and cover tables with sheets to keep snoopers out!

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Finding Estate Sales
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Get Them To Stop At Your Garage Sale

Use bright neon contrasting posterboard to make your signs (example: hot pink and hot green or flourescent orange). Have a box labeled FREE near the enterance and put a few toys, socks, etc. in it which is free for the taking.

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Selling the Estate

Due to her health, my mother had to leave her home and move in with my family. That left her with a three bedroom home empty, yet full of furniture. My brothers and I decided we would have an estate sale company come in and give us a "one price takes it all" offer on it.

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Getting the Best Profit for Your Items
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Have an Organized Priced Sale

Make sure everything is organized and has a price tag on it. Before opening your sale, be sure everything is put out to be sold. As customers move through and buy, straighten things back up, and keep everything neat.

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Promoting Your Garage Sale

As a rummage goer and a rummage doer, I've found that proper signage is very important. BIG arrows are necessary. Matching signs help, so that people know the sign they are following is for the rummage they are looking for.

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Clear Signs to Promote Your Garage Sale

When having a garage sale, bright, clear signs are a must. I use neon poster board and paint on it with black paint. You can see them in time to stop at the sale without driving by and having to turn around.

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Setting Up Your Garage Sale For Success

Garage sales are a lot of work to set up and operate. Don't miss out on potential sales because folks can't find you. Follow local ordinances regarding these sales. Prepare carefully. Good luck.

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Making Garage Sale Signs
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Promoting Your Garage Sale
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Finding Garage Sales
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Throwing a Neighborhood Garage Sale
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Ideas for a Dollar Yard Sale

I am thinking of doing a yard sale and marking just about everything at or under a dollar. Most items are office related, folders, binders, etc. and some household items and small toys.

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Terrific Tag Sales
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List for Garage Sales

Every year before garage sale season starts, I make a list of items I need for around the house or personal items I'm interested in finding. That way I have a "road map" for the season.

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Planning a Church Yard Sale

I need help planning a yard sale at my church. I have never planned a yard sale before and I like things to be well organized.

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Free Wire Coat Hangers

I am having a huge moving sale and need 200-300 wire hangers. Where can I find them for free? I would be willing to pay shipping.

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Displaying Pierced Earrings for a Garage Sale

I am spending these cold winter months sorting through things I no longer want/need for a spring garage sale. Can someone give me some ideas on how to organize and display pierced earrings I no longer want, that is fast and convenient for the shoppers (and me)? Thank you.

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Garage Sale Humor

Once I was online and discovered some funny amusing stories that actually occurred at garage sales. Is there anyway we can make a spot here on Thriftyfun for each member to post their funny stories. I would really enjoy reading these and perhaps posting some. Thanks.

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Inexpensive Signs

When my friends and I used to have a group garage sale, we always had tons of shoppers. The shoppers frequently told us they came because they noticed our outstanding artistic signs.

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Provide Laundry "Shopping" Basket At Garage Sale

When having a garage sale, set out a few empty laundry baskets for your shoppers to grab and fill up. Makes it much easier for them to shop and also, they will more than likely buy more because they have an easy way of carrying around they items.

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Advertising for a Garage Sale

How do I advertise for a garage sale?

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Preparing to Take Part in a Community Yard Sale

I am going to be taking part in a community yard sale that is going to be held in a church parking lot. Should I make my own signs? What can I do to make my booth stand out from the others?

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Planning a Downsizing Sale

What is the best way to price and collect the money from a "moving to a smaller place sale"? I am having to help my parents downsize and everything must go! I need a good way to make it easy for my parents and me. The sale will be inside the whole house.

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How Do I Have a Successful Yard Sale?

I am having a yard sale in a few weeks. I have 10 garbage bags filled with baby girl clothes 0-12 months. Some clothes have never been worn, but most are in great shape. Can I get some tips on how to display, price, and where to advertise? Thanks in advance.

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Preventing Customers from Changing Prices at a Garage Sale

Any suggestions on how to price items that customers can't physically change by swapping stickers or move to another area with a lower designated price? I want to do this without marring the object.

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Show Up REALLY Early at Garage Sales

This is a tip for all those garage sale fiends out there. Everyone knows that the first person at the garage sale gets the best pick of items. Instead of trying to get up early to be the first at garage sales ...

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Garage Sale Pricing Tip

How do I price garage sale items?

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Planning a Moving Sale in the Fall/Winter

I want to do a moving sale and I do have access to indoors. Are November and December bad months to have a moving sale?

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Planning the Date for Your Yard Sale

Can you have a yard sale during the week? I am not sure about the yard sale etiquette, but have been needing to have one for a long time now.

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Look For New Items At Garage Sales

Going to garage sales has always been a hobby of mine. Something that is very cost effective is when people have new items that have never been used. It might not be something that I particularly use but get it and put it away for gift giving throughout the year.

Buy a Counterfeit Detection Pen for Garage Sales

If you are: planning a yard sale, selling items in the paper, selling vegetables or fruit, from home, planning a trip to theme park or fair, or buying at a weekend flea market/antique shop hunter, buy a $3.00 counterfeit money marker.

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Selling Silver Jewelry at Yard Sale

I am planning on selling silver jewelry at my yard sale. What are reasonable prices?

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Garage Sale Survival Tips
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Displaying Clothes at Yard Sale

I have some clothing I'd like to sell at my yard sale. However, I have no rack, clothesline, or fence to display them on. What can I do or use to display my clothes?

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Rummage Sale "Grab Bags"

Small items ranging from 10 to 25 cents, can be a hassle to have to deal with at a rummage sale, and they take up a lot of table space! Try wrapping them (after sorting them into cost categories: 10 or 25 cents) in odds and ends comic paper, magazine pages, brown paper bags or WHATEVER.

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Free Garage Sale Advertising Tip

Recycle a large clean white meat tray into an easy to read rummage sale sign. Use permanent markers or crayons to detail the wording.

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Advertise Yard Sales on Craigslist

While it's kinda late for this year, keep this in mind for your next yard sale - you can advertise your sale for free on Craigslist ! There's a whole category, "Garage Sale"; under 'For Sale', and that's what it's for ! Describe what we'll find - toys, clothes, tools, etc. - and your address, and the times of your sale.

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"Everything is 50 Cents" Garage Sale

If you aren't selling a lot of high-priced items at your garage sale and want to go the low-maintenance route, have an "Everything is 50 cents sale (unless otherwise marked)".

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Reuse Election Signs

The election is almost over (thank heavens!) and I am thinking about all those campaign yard signs all over the place! After the election is over, you can pick some up and set them aside to use for your garage sales next summer.

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