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Reusing Ziploc Bags

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Ziploc Bag

Ziplock bags are often very sturdy and can be recycled in many ways. This guide is about reusing ziplock bags.


Solutions: Reusing Ziploc Bags

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Tip: Uses for Recycled Zip Lock Bags

Cheese bag.I get my cheese sliced in these wonderful zip locks. Their unigue shape got me to thinking that I can use them for other things besides food. Once they are cleaned and dried you can use for:

  • During this horrible weather we all seem to be having, you can keep mail or money/deposit slips dry while on the way to the post office or bank.

  • In the car, keep your receipts for gas and other travel expenses organized.

  • If you just have a few coupons, they are great for taking into the store with your list.

  • Keep stamps and pens/envelopes handy in the glove compartment.

  • Got photos to copy or file? These work great.

  • Keep first aid or stationary items in your car.

You can all think of many more, I am sure. I hope this helps!

Source: My own brain always thinking.

By Sandi from Yorktown, VA

Tip: Reusing Resealable Plastic Bags

When I rinse out a ziploc or other such bag, I let it drip dry over an empty 1 liter plastic beverage bottle. However the bottle was so light it tipped over with any little bump, which was annoying. To make it more stable and more eye appealing on my counter, I took the label off and filled it half way with marbles. I don't use many ziplocs so one bottle is enough for my counter.

By Arlinn from New York

Tip: Don't Reuse Ziploc Bags Containing Meat

Someone mentioned washing and reusing zip-lock bags. I'd like to offer this side note: Please do not reuse bags that have contained meats. I'd rather throw away the bag, than to possibly get sick from contaminated plastic. It just isn't worth it.

By Barbara from TN

Tip: Save Tiny Ziploc Bags

Save those tiny zip lock bags when you come across them, the ones that hold small samples, etc. They can be recycled for all sorts of things, such as sewing kits, eyeglass repair kits, or if they are bigger, groupings of cosmetic samples. You can also use them to present bits of jewelry as gifts. They really are useful!

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Here are questions related to Reusing Ziploc Bags.

Question: Reusing Ziploc Bags

I usually will first insert the food in a plastic bag from the supermarket produce dept as a liner for the Ziploc thereby keeping the Ziploc clean for future use. Empty used Ziploc bags are kept in the freezer. Is there any health problem with this method?

By Leefall


Most Recent Answer

By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]06/26/2013

Sometimes I have noticed a leakage that occurred in the sealed part of the tray when the shrink wrap was put on by the grocer/butcher, especially with chicken and ground meat. Should this be the case, I would strongly recommend washing the bags thoroughly before storing them away for reuse. Just remember the outside of the products was subject to handling by all and sundry. I always wash my bags, and reuse many times. Cay from FL

Question: Reusing Ziploc Freezer Bags

Can you reuse Ziploc freezer bags after you have defrosted what was already in it? It seems like a lot of money to keep throwing them away.

Joyce from Danvers, MA


Most Recent Answer

By ReUseItNut11/03/2009

You don't have to wash them everytime! Just mark the freezer bag with it's contents. Once you've used the contents, zip it shut (minus the air) and stow it in the freezer empty! I've done this for years until the bag is so worn out it can't be used for the freezer.That's when I clean them out and use for other things!

Question: Reusing Ziploc Freezer Bags

I need to know why you can't reuse freezer bags after you used them to freeze meat. My wife will wash them out and reuse to freeze meat again. Help me with this answer. Thank you.

By Rick F. from Central FL

Most Recent Answer


Just wanted to add to Summerofsunshine51's comment. I ask, "Why tempt fate?" This isn't a food analogy I am sharing here but an analogy of general dangers we should all heed just the same.

I have a friend who wouldn't listen to me about the dangers of mixing chlorine bleach with liquid dish soap because she had done it her entire life and it had never hurt her so she was just going to keep doing it. Then one day she could barely breathe because of the resulting chlorine gas and had to go to the emergency room. Thankfully she ended up being okay but she doesn't mix them together anymore.

Taking risks when it comes to salmonella and e-coli bacteria from raw meats is no different.

Question: Recycling Ziploc Bags

At my work we receive a lot of Ziploc bags of all sizes with parts in them. Can we recycle them? We also get parts very thick plastic bags, about 9 x 12. Can we recycle them? Please help, it kills me to throw these away. Thank you.

By Maggi3 from new Milford, CT

Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [31]05/07/2009

I have a dog and have to BUY zip lock bags to collect the droppings in on our walks. Ask your dog owner friends if they want the free bags, or the local vet or animal shelter. I would love it if someone would give me these bags for free!