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Using Leftover Pieces of Soap

slivers of soap in dish

Before you throw away those soap bar slivers, consider ways that they can be used up. This guide is about using leftover pieces of soap.


Solutions: Using Leftover Pieces of Soap

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Tip: Keep Slivers of Soap in Sewing Kit

I keep those slivers of soap in my sewing box. The skinny, thin slivers work great for marking my seam, or to make an X on the material. It washes off so easily. I've used it for crafts, or for sewing.

It is also good to rub over itchy seams made by thick thread or those itchy tags. Just rub it over the itchy spot and it smooths it where it doesn't irritate your skin.

By Nana Lee

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Tip: Melt Soap Pieces Into New Soap

Don't throw away bar soap that dissolves into those little irritating pieces. Save them and add water, then slowly melt them down on the stove and use as liquid soap. Or melt them down without water and pour into greased jar lids or anything you want to use for the a mold and you have new bars of soap!

By Tracey from Thomasville, GA

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Tip: Using Leftover Soap Pieces

When bars of hand soap are almost finished, getting the small remnants to stick together properly (so that they can be completely used up) can be a pain, and they certainly do not look quite right for use in the guest bathroom. If you simply stick soap bits together randomly, the ugly mass tends to hold dirty soap in the crevasses, and they tend to fall apart, anyway.

The suggested method is probably easiest with bath soap, where one uses a facecloth or sponge (or the net equivalent), although it works with smaller bars, just as well. By rubbing the sponge consistently on one side of the soap bar only, that side wears down quicker than the other, becoming concave, making it easier to ensure that the thin, remaining sliver of soap (from the almost used-up bar) fits snugly against either convex surface of a new bar.

Pressing them firmly together when both are wet results in what becomes a single, homogeneous convenient-to-use bar. If the two bars are the same color, they soon become indistinguishable as being joined components and the soap is used to the utmost benefit. What is more, your guest bathroom will not be disgraced.

And there is absolutely no waste, whatsoever.

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Tip: Using Up Small Pieces of Soap

When bars of soap get down to little piece, what do you do with it? Throw it out? Well there is a way to "recycle" the small pieces of soap. You can use a mesh bag, that oranges and apples come it. Cut a pieces of the mesh bag, place the soap pieces in the middle, and tie with a string. It lathers up nicely. Now when it's gone, it's gone, and you save money too!

By Irene from Williston, FL

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Tip: Soap Balls

Don't throw away small pieces of soap. Gather together like colors of soap (or you'll end up with an ugly colored ball.) Place scraps in a bowl, and if they are very small - great, no further work needed. If not, break them up with a knife, sprinkle pieces with warm water; let sit 15 minutes to soften.

Gather up a handful and squeeze into a ball shape. It will take from two days to two weeks to completely cure in a warm, dry area. Reshape every two days to maintain a round shape. Don't worry about irregularities; they will lend interest to your soap.

By MCW from Sanborn, NY

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Tip: Q-Tip and Soap for Mascara Clean Up

I keep slivers of soap by the sink. I use a wet Q-Tip and rub it on my sliver of soap to remove spill over mascara. Works like a charm.

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Tip: Save Soap In The Shower With A Plastic Cup

I keep a plastic disposable type glass in the shower and it fits perfectly snug in the towel bar. I add all the slivers of soap with a small amount of water and use my netting shower poof to obtain the creamy soap. No more wasted soap.

By Ceil from Tavares, FL

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Tip: Using Extra Pieces of Soap

I use a plastic bag to carry my fresh set of underclothes to the gym. Outside of that plastic bag is another plastic bag. After I remove the clean underclothes just before entering the shower, I place the used underclothes in the outer bag. To keep them from smelling too much, I have pieces of soap in that outer bag.

By abcs

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Here are questions related to Using Leftover Pieces of Soap.

Question: Turning Soap Slivers Into a New Bar of Soap

What can I do with leftover pieces of soap? Can they be microwaved and reformed?

By Julie L.

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Most Recent Answer

By kitkatk100 7 77 06/03/2011

I've melted them in the microwave a few times, but it can be tricky. Line a small bowl with wax paper, put the slivers in it, and then microwave at 30% power for 15-second increments. When the soap is soft enough to stick together (the bar may be hot), squeeze it in your hands to make sure it's compact, and let it cool down. The bar will feel a little too hard to use the first few times you use it, but after that it will feel (and work) like a regular soap bar. Good luck!

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Question: Uses for Little Pieces of Soap

What can I do with old slivers of bars of soap?

By Janice from Hays, KS

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Most Recent Answer

By jld84 1 04/26/2013

I toss small soap bars in the tray area ... where you put laundry soap in my washer. Then they slowly dissapear as the water runs over them. Just an added bonus to the washing per say. I also have done with with all my old dish soap..dishwater soap.I drain it all into my washer. Yes I have a front load and been doing it for 10+ years with no issues.

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Question: Hand Soap Container for Soap Pieces

Since I was a little girl in a house of 6 kids, we always had leftover pieces of soap. I saw a container in the Harriet Carter catalog on a product that turns old, small pieces of soap into hand soap in some kind of container. Does anyone know where I can find one, I have tried looking in the Harriet Carter catalog and they don't carry it anymore. Any help?

Thank You,
Koren form Virgin Islands

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Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post) 10/08/2005

I've had a "soap saver" from Harriet Carter for years. It is very handy way to use all those little pieces of soap.
I found another source.
or phone 1-800-810-2340. product # 409000
Liquid Soap Maker (set of 2) $11.95.

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Question: Uses for Small Bits of Hand Soap

I regularly have many bits of soap left over. What can I do with these? It is so very wasteful. I need a method of using the last little bits.


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Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 7 841 05/07/2012

I buy packages of thin nylon scrubbing pads, about 4" x 5" each, from the $1 bin at the grocery or drugstore. I take a new scrubber, fold one end up about one third & sew the side edges with any old leftover thread, making a pocket.

I put the soap scraps in the pocket & tuck the other end of the scrubber into it, creating a soap filled scrubber. I add more soap scraps to it when I have them. When the scrubber is worn out, I make a new one. It's very handy to grab for just about anything that needs a little scrubbing to get clean - just moisten it with water & scrub. I keep it in a plastic caddy with drain slots suction-cupped to the inside of the sink.

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Question: Storing Soap Made from Leftover Soap Pieces

After making bars of soap from pieces, how should they be stored?

By Chris from Cumming, GA

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Most Recent Answer

By B Jo D. 1 07/28/2015

Wax paper, or the glossy side of wrapping paper.

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Question: Using Up Bits of Soap

How can I use up old bits of soap? Perhaps make into fresh bars to use. Any other suggestions?

By Sandra

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Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,656 10/01/2012

I crocheted (all cotton, cost $1 on sale each to buy the Peaches 'n Cream yarn) bath mitts, simple rectangles that we slide the soap and hands into for a good scrub up.

Since I made those mitts, lol, we no longer have soap bits:)

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Question: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

Can I melt pieces of soap into big bars of soap in the microwave? Thank you.

By Terry from PA

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Most Recent Answer

By Maile 49 114 02/14/2011

I've never melted soap ends, but what I have done is taken the ends and pieces and tied them up in a nylon mesh and made a 'scrubbie' out of it. It's great and foams up like you wouldn't believe!

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Question: Reusing Soap Jelly

I have a jar full of soap jelly made from leftover toilet soap. How can I use it now?

By Marian

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Archive: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I would like to use up those little bits of bar soap that seem to get left behind. I have think that there must be a way to re-melt them and use them up.

AA from British Columbia


RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

To reuse bits of leftover soap, buy a container of glycerin soap from a craft store such as Michael's (they are the cheapest I've found). I get the kind that can be melted in the microwave. Find a soap form such as a small oblong plastic container and spray it with pam or whatever the glycerin manufacturer suggests. Pour in a thin layer of melted glycerin soap, then put the leftover bits of bar soap in another layer, add more melted soap. Alternate layers ending with melted soap until the bar is as big as you want. This kind of soap lasts forever because the soap bits are usually quite dry and don't melt during use.

By Lynn

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

Don't throw away that last bit of bar soap. Save them up. Take and old panty hose leg, put the pieces of soap in it, tie it up and hang it in the shower for shower soap! Or, using a food grater, shave the soap pieces into a recycled jar and use it with some baby oil for bath bubbles. Or, when the are still wet, simply press them together to make a new bar.

Post by Denise

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

To ensure that the soap stays together, spray alcohol on the pieces you place into the glycerin. It sometimes doesn't bind together if you don't do this. This also prevents bubbles around the edges.

Post by Xerophyia

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I put my soap bits together in a solo type disposable glass with a little water. it fits snug in the towel bar in the shower or on the shower door. I then use one of those fluffy netted scrubbers and simply pour the liquid soap onto it. or let it dry up to a solid and push the scrubbie in the cup to coat with soap. Works for me. (03/28/2006)


RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I've been using soap pieces for years because I can't sand to throw something out that is reusable. I place all my soap pieces into a mason jar [qt.size] and pour boiling water over them.just covering the soap pieces.I let them set for about an hour and use a fork or butter knife to kinda break them up.then I might need to pour more hot water on them to fill the jar. leave them alone for a few days and when you go back you can shake the jar and you'll have nice liquid soap.I've even heated it in the microwave if some of the larger pieces didn't melt[taking the cap and ring off the jar first.] but most of the time they do.I buy hand soap in a dispenser at the .99 store and when it's all gone,I pour my soap into the kids like it better because it's softer. (03/28/2006)

By Louise

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I put my bits of soap in a plastic container, whatever size fits your needs, add water and let the soap soften. Then I use this solution for stain removal. Seems that hand soap removes more stains than anything I have found, ring around the collar, makeup smudges, mud, etc. I thought about this one day when I was washing my hands. The hand oap cuts grease, dirt, etc. from our hands, so how about our clothing? (03/29/2006)

By Lois

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

Make Your Own Handsoap

You can make your own handsoap from one bar of soap. Grate one (1) small bar of any kind of soap or pieces of leftover soaps and add 3 cups of water. Put mixture in a microwave safe container and zap for 3 minutes. Pour into a handsoap container with a pump when cool. Makes 24 oz.

By Ace00

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

Along the line of putting soap pieces in old pantyhose, you can also hang one of these by the outside hose for hand washing after gardening. I usually try to stick the old slivers onto my new bar. Depends on the shape of the soap, but they usually just melt together after a few tries. No waste! (04/01/2006)

By beanygurl

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I have never done this, but since you have brought up the subject, I think that I will try it. Keep several of the pieces in a zip lock bag (after they have dried) and wait until you have quite a few. Try melting them in a double boiler or in the microwave. Once melted, pour into any kind of molds. Maybe you could find an old small, shallow pan at a yard sale or thrift store, spray with Pam, pour the "soap" onto the pan and put old cookie cutters into the mixture, and set them in the freezer. It should come out as shaped soap. If I am wrong, I guess that we will both have a soapy mess! (04/02/2006)

By Jamie

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

I have ALWAYS piggybacked mine: when the bar get small, just keep it wet for a few minutes while you bathe or shower with the new bar. while both are wet, STICK the two together. Every now and again I have to do it twice but everyone knows not to throw the small one out! (04/11/2006)

By Mary, Crown Point, IN

RE: Reusing Leftover Soap Pieces

First, I try to adhere them to a larger bar I use in the shower. If they fail to adhere (mainly because of the shape of the larger bar), I them use them at the sink to wash my hands--a smaller bar shape is easier to use than in the shower. After the bar gets to a small sliver, I usually save them in a container and later grate them up to make home made laundry detergent (actually soap). Occasionally, I'll mix the grated pieces into a home made soap right before it is poured into molds. After it is cut into bars and dried, you get neat mosaic bars of soap. (05/28/2006)

By susanmajp

Archive: What to do with Leftover Soap Pieces

I would like to know what to do with leftover pieces of hand soap. I have started using liquid soap for hands, but have plenty of soap pieces left over.

Archive: Using Leftover Soap Pieces

We have all had needs for bath soap etc. and I have found that each bar costs lots of money. I have made up my mind to recycle all of the bits of soap-ends...