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Storing a Toilet Brush

Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.

The toilet brush is a handy often used tool, but not necessarily one you want to leave out in the open. This is a guide about storing a toilet brush.


Solutions: Storing a Toilet Brush

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Tip: Recycled Container As Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.This is a good idea for recycling your laundry detergent containers, Clorox or gallon milk containers. These work really well for holding your toilet bowel brush.

First mark where you want your cut to be, and be sure to leave enough of the handle, plus a 'groove' where the spout was to hold the handle of your bowl brush. You can decorate your containers with permanent markers to match your decor also. When your container is dirty, just rinse out and toss in your recycle container to re-recycle. These are also very handy to store other things in, such as cleaning supplies for under your sink, or in the laundry room for missing socks, as a trash container by your desk, or for storing plastic bags in your pantry. Use your imagination - the possibilities are endless. :)

By CDC from FL

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Tip: Put Liquid Hand Soap in Toilet Brush Holder

I hate those toilet cleaning brushes and their containers, but they are so needed. I had a moment of inspiration - I put liquid hand soap in the brush holder. It smells lovely, becomes a bubbly foaming cleanser when used, and it works, removing calcium deposits too. My bush holder is actually a wine cooler with a liner made from half a plastic coke bottle.

By Joan from Geneva, Switzerland

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Tip: Storing a Toilet Brush

I hang the toilet brush on the back of the tank using a piece of string and a paper clip. To do this, get a piece of string and make a loop for the toilet brush handle. Mine had a hole through the end, which made it easy. Use a large paper clip and open it to form an S shaped hook. Remove the the lid from the top of the toilet tank and hang the S shaped paper clip on the back or side lip of the tank. Replace the tank lid. Slip the loop over the paper clip hook and let the brush dangle behind or to the side of the tank. The brush is handy and out of site.

By Tubbygirl from Pompano Beach, FL

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Tip: Glass Vase for Toilet Brush Storage

Toilet brush in glass vase.Make your bathroom elegant on a dime! I have no storage in the bathroom under the sink for the toilet brush. I purchased a large glass vase at the thrift store and put my brush in it. It is no longer the "eyesore" in the corner!

By Deborah from Spokane, WA

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Tip: Pickle Jar with Laundry Detergent to Hold Toilet Brush

I have a large pickle jar in which I keep my toilet brush, which I use to clean the toilet with. In the pickle jar is enough laundry detergent to cover the bristles of the brush.

It is an old toilet, and I have to pour water down the bowl often to complete the flushing process. I have found that putting the toilet brush in detergent has helped the bowl to be clean. I just lift up the seat and brush the toilet with it every so often. It is already in detergent, (laundry detergent) and it is always ready to be used. If I had small kids or unruly pets, I would use something non toxic like vinegar for keeping the toilet brush in.

It has worked out really nicely for me, and after trying everything possible, it is keeping the bowl really clean and some of the old hard water stains are starting to come off. The lime cleaners and hard water stain cleaners never worked and I was surprised to see this is working.

Also, I am sure it is the extra water that I am putting in the bowl when I flush it along with the detergent that is helping to keep it cleaner than it ever was before.

By Robyn Fed from Tri-Cities, TN

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Tip: Let Toilet Brush Dry and Sanitize Above Bowl

Toilet brushes can get very stinky and mold-infested. To avoid this, flush the toilet after cleaning it and dunk the brush up and down to rinse it. Dunk again when the water refills, then put the handle of the brush under the seat with the brush over the bowl (keep the cover up for air circulation). The brush will dry cleanly. After it's dry, put the top down and then the brush can go back into the holder.

By Polly L.

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Tip: Toilet Brush Tip

I use a toilet brush that has a holder that will hold water. I put a small amount of concentrated bathroom cleaning solution in it and fill it with "hot" water. The brush gets sterilized with the hot water and then I have solution in the holder so that I can give my toilet a quick swish every day. Saves time in the long run, because there is no hard scrubbing to be done when you brush the toilet daily.

By Dee K.

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Archive: Storing a Toilet Brush

There is no room in my little bathroom to store the toilet brush. After using it, I rinse it thoroughly. I dry it on a rag, wrap it in another rag, secure it with a rubber band and slip it into the back of my under the sink cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind!

By Latrtatr from Loup City, NE


RE: Storing a Toilet Brush

Sounds like you are making work for yourself. I just plop the brush in a small plastic container that sits in the sink cabinet. (04/02/2010)

By Rhea58

RE: Storing a Toilet Brush

A decorative flower pot with a drain dish attached makes a nice holder and that water that accumulates in cups just evaporates from the dish. If you buy a brush with a short handle this might fit under your sink. (04/03/2010)

By Ann Parker

RE: Storing a Toilet Brush

How about using a cheap glass vase or a dollar store plastic container?

Wrapping it in rags is just inviting germies to multiply. Better to air dry or store in something that will help it air.

I've been using the clorox wand, the scrubbies work great and its tossable. The wand is just a stick which is easy to store! (04/03/2010)

By dvg

RE: Storing a Toilet Brush

Next time your at the grocery store and they bin is empty that holds the disinfecting wipes for the shopping carts, ask a checker if you can have the empty container. These containers work perfectly to store toilet brushes!

Simply remove the lid, then put the brush in to the container, then slip the top (with the hole in it) back down over the handle of the brush and your germy toilet brush will be covered and secure! (only the handle will be sticking out). If your handle is too wide for it to slip inside the lid, you can cut the plastic with some old scissors.

Leave the little bit of liquid disinfectant that's left in the container for additional germ-fighting or clean it out and put half an inch of bleach in the bottom then store securely away from children and pets! (04/21/2010)

By Cyinda

RE: Storing a Toilet Brush

I save my plastic laundry detergent jugs. I rinse them out, then carefully cut off the top portion, just above the handle. Then I throw the top part away, and store my toilet bowl brush in the remaining part (bottom) of the jug. (05/13/2010)

By Dibbs

Archive: Storing a Toilet Brush

I got so tired of trying to find a decent container for my toilet brushes and plunger that I kept thinking about it. Our small town only has one large all round grocery store and department store and little selection. I finally hit on an idea. I picked out 2 colorful garden pots. I would have liked a deeper one but settled on two that were about 8 inches deep. Now, I have a pretty pot for my brushes.

By Sally from Crawford, NE