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▲︎ Organizing Bedrooms


Organizing Bedrooms

This page contains tips for organizing your bedroom.

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Armorie for Storing Linens and Blankets

I have a very large cherrywood armoire in my bedroom. I use the large opening on top, filling it with sheets and matching pillow cases, all matching sets together.

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Creating Storage in a Small Bedroom

I'm 19. I have a small room with no closet. My boyfriend does stay with me, but we need more storage space. We need more clothing space for both of us and more shelving space for hygiene, jewelry, pens, notebooks, etc. Any ideas please?

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Organizing a Bedroom Shared by Two Teens

My teen who is 13 and my tween who is 11 share a room and their room is so unorganized! It seems like a disaster every time I walk in the room.

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Organizing a Bedroom

My 13 year old daughter has a medium sized bedroom and a queen bed. My mom bought her a bedroom set which includes the dresser/mirror and 1 nightable and a new mattress (queen) and I don't know how to organize it.

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Organizing Little Girls' Rooms

Two of my girls share a bedroom. It is quite large, so there are lots of areas with potential. The problem is, they are swimming in their stuff! How do I organize their hats, purses, shoes, Barbies, jewelry, craft supplies, etc.?

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Organizing a Small Bedroom

How can I organize my very small bedroom in a rental when I have no closet and a limited income? I have a twin bed, chest of drawers, 2 night tables, a plastic unit w/3 drawers for my underwear, a folding table for my TV, computer (can't afford internet access), sewing machine...

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Organizing a Small Bedroom
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Recycled Jewelry Display
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Silica Packets for your Jewelry
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Organizing a Shared Bedroom for Kids
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Organizing a Small Bedroom

I have a very small bedroom, I mean 9 feet by 8 feet with a lot of stuff. There's a double bed, night table with drawer, a 3-4 foot clothes rack, TV stand with 2 shelves, and an Ikea 9 cubby organizer with a 30 gallon fish tank on top. How can I organize my room so I have a little bit more space?

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Inexpensive Bedroom Makeover and Organization Ideas

What if you don't have a lot of money? Then how do you pay to get the stuff to makeover your room?

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Storing Blankets

To save room when it came time to remove blankets or place a lighter weight bedspread/comforter, I merely place them on the bed and then put the sheets on over them.

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Small Room Lots of Stuff

I'm 18 and my sister and I share a bedroom (still!). The problem is between the two of us we have way too much stuff to fit in a room the size of ours.

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Keeping Bedskirts in Place
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Organizing a Bedroom

I try doing everything I can to make my room organized and still look cool. I have a double sized bed, a stool, art supplies in desk drawer and a little desk. How can I organize this room?

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Organizing a Bedroom Without a Closet

How can I compensate for not having a closer in my bedroom

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Organizing a Bedroom Without a Closet
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Organizing a Small Bedroom
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Mug Tree for Storing Bracelets or Watches

Wooden mug trees make great places to keep watches and bracelets. Just hang them where you would put mugs. Do not have one? You can find them at thrift stores or garage or yard sales.

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Monkey Pajama Holder for Childrens' Beds
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Organizing With a Messy Husband in the Bedroom

My husband is a firm believer in piling and stacking. This is something he utilizes in every aspect of our lives including the bedroom. There are 3 sets of clothing that he uses daily (2 jobs and casual) so it is important that we keep them separate.

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Organizing Your Bedroom
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Organizing a Small Bedroom

I live in a room very small; any organization ideas? I don't have much clothes and not much "junk" per say. Oh and I'm fourteen so keep it limited! Thanks for the help!

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Organizing My Room

I have no clue how to do my room. My mom says I have to clean my room and organize it tomorrow while she's at work. I share a room with my sister and have a small room with lots of furniture with more coming.

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Organizing Your Dorm Room
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Keeping Jewelry Neat and Organized

I have found that using a piece of plastic canvas to store earrings keeps them organized, together, and visible. I cut a doorknob hanger shape into the plastic canvas and hang my earrings on the inside of the bedroom door.

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Sort Earrings By Color

I love earrings so I have a lot. I was constantly having to go through so many each time I chose an outfit. I organized them in a divided box made for that purpose, I sorted by color.

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Organizing Jewelry
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Using Collectible Bowls for Jewelry

I have collected tiny, little shallow bowls for years. They are so cute. I put them out on my dresser in my bedroom and use them for my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Now I can enjoy both the little bowls and my displayed jewels!

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Organizing a Small Bedroom

I am looking for ideas, suggestions, testimonies of DIY bedroom makeover for a boy, age 12. The room is on the small size. He is sleeping on a full size futon, but that is really taking up too much room. Storage/shelves are really needed, it is a very unorganized room.

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Mark Top of Comforter For Easy Bed Making

I often get mixed up which direction my comforter goes since it has a large floral pattern and the width and length are closer than on a twin comforter. To solve this problem, I pinned a safety pin on the two underside corners that lay at the head of my bed.

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Pin and Earring Storage

I turn old linen calendars around so the back side is showing and put my lapel pins and earrings on them. They come with a dowel for hanging, so I hang them in my bathroom where they're handy when I'm dressing.

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Store Earrings in Ice Cube Trays

I love earrings and was tired of not being able to organize them where they stayed together. Use ice cube trays!

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Organizing a Small Bedroom

I have a pretty small room. The walls are bright and colorful, but I have a bed, a desk, a wide dresser, and a tall dresser. My room's so crowded so I put one of my dressers in my closet. Please help organize my room!

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Hang Jewelry On Thumb Tacks
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Candle Earring Holder

Organize and decorate at the same time with post earrings! I have purchased inexpensive scented pillar candles, not to burn, but to use as a "holder" and display of my post earrings.

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Organizing Stuffed Animals

My son has many small stuffed animals that always get lost or misplaced. To solve this problem, we made a little hotel for them out of tissue boxes taped together with duct tape and mounted on the wall. The best thing is, we can add more as we save boxes.

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Getting My House and Life in Order

I need help! I'm a 51 year old single head of household and my life is way too disorderly at this point. I have a huge bedroom which feeds into a huge bathroom/sitting area which I have cluttered up with my sewing, tools, crafts, etc.

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Ideas for Organizing a Teenager's Bedroom

I am 15 and am a freshman. I am a straight A student, a cheerleader, a runner, a softball player and I love technology. I cannot seem to keep my room clean, neat, cute, organized and smelling nice! I need help!

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Label Corner of Fitted Sheet

Before putting on a fitted sheet on a bed, take a permanent marker and write on the tag, LB or RB, depending on which side the tag is on. It makes making a bed much faster and easier! No more trying to figure out which corner goes where.

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Organizing My Desk Drawers

How can I better utilize all of this drawer space? I have an absolutely massive office drawer and I have some stuff in it, but it's all so difficult to access and gets so messy so quickly!

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Mark Corners Of Fitted Sheet

My 89-year old mother has macular degeneration in both eyes, so her vision is very limited. Mom also has arthritis, which limits the feeling in her fingertips and strength of her hands.

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Organizing a Bedroom Shared by Adult and Two Children

I share a bedroom with my two boys, ages 3 and 1. We have very little space to move around. I have my youngest son in the crib. My other son and I sleep in bunk beds. Our walls are blue and black and the room has a big closet.

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Keeping Comforter Set Looking Tidy on Bed

How do you keep your comforter set neat and tidy on your bed? My pillows always go flat. My friend removes her pillows with shams and puts them in the closet at night and sleeps on another pillow.

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Organization Ideas For Small Bedroom

I will be moving in to a home with a small master bedroom and have been trying to figure out a way to make the most of my small space.

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Use Beaded Wire Coat Hanger To Hang Necklaces
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Store Bracelets and Watches on a Mug Rack

I moved to a small flat last November and am still finding items that I have not unpacked. Amongst these are my bling bracelets and watches, only cheap from holidays but I just love them.

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Organizing a Small Bedroom With Sloping Knee Walls

My room is 12' by 10'. My wall does a dreadful slant, leaving me not being able to stand in more than half the room nor put furniture in.

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Organizing My Bedroom

My room is an absolute disaster and its only a 12' by 12' room. Things I have: a queen bed, a six drawer dresser, a large corner desk, a small 3' by 3' closet and, a floor lamp. I currently have everything under my bed and in my closet.

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Locker Organizer for Your Night Stand

I live in a motor home, which automatically means that space is limited. To keep some items that I use at night organized, I hung a locker organizer bought at the dollar store on the cabinet next to my bed.

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Freshen Sheets Every Morning

Truth be told, I change my bedsheets once a week. I also love the smell of clean bed linens and the smell of baby powder. When I make up the bed every morning, I sprinkle baby powder over the bottom sheet.

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Keeping Track When Flipping Your Mattress

Which way did I flip my mattress last time? Place a safety pin on the bottom left corner, keep removing it and placing it at the bottom left corner every time you flip and turn the mattress.

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Clothes Tree from a Lamp Stand

You can make a clothes tree of a sort from a curlicued lamp stand! I found an abandoned standing lamp stand, which was quite heavy and had 3 metal curlicue decorations on it around the top of the stand.

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Sew Sheet Clips Directly to a Mattress

For my queen size bed I found that the corners of the sheets were always coming loose during the night. So I go some of these elastic things that have the clips on either end that you clip on the sheet at the corners.

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Store Extra Blankets in Cushion Covers

To save space I made large cushion covers and folded my extra doonas up in them. Make the covers to match your lounge or sofa, and no one would guess. It's great if you have limited space, especially if you live in a small flat or unit.

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Reuse Curio Cabinet as a Jewelry Box

I reused an old curio cabinet as a jewelry box! I simply add hooks at the top of each shelf section for necklaces and bracelets. Then I found some cute wooden boxes at various yard sales, for less than a dollar, to hold my watches, rings, etc.

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Triple Sheeting a Bed

I've been wanting to redecorate my room for a while now, but have hesitated because I didn't want to spend money on a new bedspread. The other night I stayed in a hotel where they "triple sheeted" my bed and I enjoyed how that felt and looked.

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Keeping Bed Dust Ruffles (Bed Skirts) in Place

When I change out my dust ruffles (bed skirt) I put a small safety pin in the 4 corners of the dust ruffle. You can attach them to the fabric on the box springs. They won't slide around and get all uneven.

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Keeping Earrings Sorted

I was having a problem keeping up with my earrings. I wanted to separate my real ones from my plastic ones, etc. so I came up with an idea. I purchased several ice cube trays. In 2 different colors.

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Organizing Your Pins and Brooches

I bought large size embroidery hoops, 2 scarves (or a nice piece of material cut in half = for 2).

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Keep Necklaces From From Getting Tangled

I am looking for a way to store my necklaces. Jewelry boxes are so expensive. Right now I have a jewelry box but my necklaces get all tangled up in the drawer.

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Organizing Jewelry in a Drawer

I would like to organize my jewelry in a drawer of my dresser. Are there any ideas on how to do that in do-it-yourself way? I do not want to buy the jewelry box, as I like to have everything out of the way.

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Cute and Fun Ways to Organize Your Room

I need help organizing my room! I have a lot of stuff and I need it all. I have little storage, but a lot of clothes. I have tried every organizing tip I have heard, like throwing away or getting rid of stuff I don't need.

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Storing and Displaying Antique Pins

I would appreciate ideas for storage and display of antique pins (jewelry).

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Craft Idea for Feminine Product Storage

I don't have any cabinets in my bathroom to put my feminine products. I took an empty plastic face wash container (oil of olay wet and wash) and used Mod Podge glue and material that matches my bathroom to cover it.

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Storing Items Under the Bed

Storing items under your bed doesn't require those expensive boxes for storage. Use the large garbage bags, use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air.

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A Bedside Pouch

A bedside pouch, easily made from a towel or yard of fabric, that fits between mattress and box spring helps keep clutter off night stands.

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Organizing With Land O'Lakes Egg Containers

I use Land O'Lakes egg containers to store jewelry, office supplies, bathroom items such as barrettes and bobby pins, buttons, etc. I can see what I've stored and they can either stack or trifold close.

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Keeping Necklaces Organized

To keep necklaces organized, use a 12 by 4 inch piece of wood, (thick enough to screw hooks into without them poking out the back) and medium to large screw-in-cup holders. Add picture hangers to the back of the wood.

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Help Me Organize My Room

I really need help to organize my room. I keep cleaning it, but it just gets messy again, no matter what. I try to store things but they just make it back out on the floor again. Thank you, Alicia, Oregon, 14

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Sleep In Smaller Rooms

If you are short on living space in your home consider this: use one of your smaller bedrooms for sleeping, and use your largest bedroom as a family room, den, or craft room.

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Keeping Track of Earrings

Do you have a hard time keeping up with earrings? Here's a thought. I bought 4 plastic ice cube trays. In each of the cube spaces I put a single pair of earrings. They stack easily and you can see 12 at once and find the pair you are looking for in a jiffy.

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Barrette/Hairbow Holder

Does you daughter have lots of hairbows and barrettes and no where to put them? Here's a great idea for making a barrette/hairbow holder.

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Cup Rack Necklace Holder

Do your chains and beads get all tangled up? Mount an adjustable wooden cup rack on the back of your closet door. Now you can hang your necklaces tangle free. By Debra in Colorado

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