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Preventing A Cat From Meowing

Cat Meowing

In order to get you cat to stop meowing, you will need to first try to determine the cause. This is a guide about preventing a cat from meowing.



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Question: Why is My Cat Meowing So Much?

Orange and white cat in window.My 9 yr old healthy male cat has been meowing/crying a lot, for the last 2 months. As soon as I get home from work he starts in. I always go up and sit with him and feed him right when I get home. He is also doing this at night while we are trying to sleep. He is eating/drinking and using the litter box - so problems there. I had to put his 13 year old female mate down in May; but he didn't even seem to notice that she was gone - never once cried or looked for her. So I don't think he's missing her (?). And I don't think that he would accept another cat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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By Chumofheart.09/24/2015

Cats do grieve when a member of its family die.s He may have depression and he may be sick. Find a female vet and bring him in. ONE OF My CATS DIED WHEN SHE WAS 19 YEARS. (please excuse the caps) . All the humans and pets of my home became depressed when she became ill and died. Cats will meow when loney. My cat Mr. Teetles was meowing a lot when my beloved cat Monker died. Animals like people all react differantly. Give Him extra love and playtime to help him in this major change in his life. He can easily need help and a visit to the vet after his freind died.and you may as well need help during this most difficult . People and pets are one family and everyone gets depressed When a member of the family dies. Take care.

Question: Cat Meows Every Morning

I have a six year old female cat named Rosie. She is wonderful. My only issue is about an hour prior to my getting up each morning, she start meowing and won't stop. I will call her, and she will come to my bed for a few minutes, leave and start meowing all over again. It is not because she is hungry or thirsty because there is always food available for her. Also the kitty litter is scooped each day to ensure cleanliness. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

By Karyn01 from Ottawa, Canada


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That's not good to suggest squirting the kitty with water just because it might be irritating that she wants her owner to wake up and be with her!
My cats have all either meowed or started giving me an arm or leg massage or simply sat next to my face and looked at me for about an hour until I got up. They are just waiting to be with their awake best friend :-)

Question: Cat Won't Stop Meowing in Car

My older cat usually starts loudly meowing every time he has to go anywhere in the car. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to settle him. I cover his carrier with a towel or blanket every time we go anywhere. I have tried talking to him. I've tried not talking at all. I have tried him in the front seat and the back seat. I've tried facing him this way and that, nothing seems to work.

By sharylesley from South Australia

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By Lynn [6]07/22/2009

You can give your dog or cat something called Bach's Rescue Remedy. You purchase it at a health food store. It is all natural so no hangover or side effects. Used specifically to calm an animal. I have used it for years with my cats. You put it in their water or food. If you have more than one pet and the others get it as well, it won't make any difference to them. It will only have an effect on the one who needs it. Strange and wonderful product.

Question: Kitten is Constantly Meowing

I have a new 2 month old kitten, and he is constantly meowing for no reason. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to make him stop it's driving my parents insane!

JDM87 from Tx

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By Annie Rios Hill [14]01/08/2008

the clock and warm water bottle work wonders also
you might add a tshirt with your scent to make
it really feel secure
kitty is just a baby and missing mommy and other kits
good luck

Question: Cat Started Meowing All the Time

Orange tabby catMy 6 yr old cat, out of the blue, has decided he wants outside. He was born at a local animal clinic and has never been outside, and he was neutered and declawed as soon as he was old enough. He has the most horrible loud meow and it is constant morning, noon, and night. I'm about to wring his neck.

There have been no changes in living quarters, food, litter box locations, etc. He has never been a lap kitty or lovable cat, but does like to play with a long piece of fabric on a stick. No matter how much attention we give him, he still goes around the house meowing. He is up to date with vaccinations and regular checkups. We have 2 other cats (he's grown up with them and does play with them) and they seem fine. Many of you may find this amusing, but it is very frustrating to us. It's driving us crazy!

By Melodie M.

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By Denise [10]06/25/2012

My cat has been an indoor cat for probably all but 2 months of her 13 years. She does have a harness and leash, and once in a while I put them on her and take her outside. She loves to sniff every blade of grass, wallow in the dirt,etc. We stand in one spot a long time, and loud noises scare her. People look strange when I say I walk her sometimes on a leash, but she likes it. Unfortunately, I don't do it very often because it makes our outdoor,fenced in dog so exicited! Leashes and harnesses for cats at Pet Smart...

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