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Water Spots on Leather

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Do you have any suggestions for getting water spots out of leather covered tables, also wood tables? Thanking you in advance.
By Anna Marie


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By Carlitos (Guest Post)07/09/2004

To remove white rings from wood tables use "METHYLHIDRETE" on a cloth and let it stay for 5 minutes or so and the ring will go away.

God luck.

By kcohenvt03/24/2001

I had to consult my Make It Last Book, by Yankee Magazine, for this answer. Keep polishing! If you continue applying furniture polish on a regular basis, the rings will eventually disappear. Also, to clean a leather tabletop: Mix a solution of equal parts lemon juice and water. Sponge on solution, then wipe dry.
This may not be the quick answer you may have been hoping for but the tips in this book are tried and true Yankee Ingenuity!
Mrs Kathy Cohen

By marbles03/24/2001

I once read that a little bit of mayonaise rubbed into the area would remove the spot.

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