Cleaning Coffee Pot Stains


My glass coffee container had stains in it. I remember reading somewhere that I should fill it with hot water and a denture tablet, let it sit overnight, rinse out,and the stains should come right out. Tried it and it works!

By dwedenoja from New Creek, WV


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Archive: Coffee Pot Stains

I have a large aluminum party sized coffee pot. It has ugly water mark stains on the outside. It also has coffee stains on the inside. Does anyone have a solution for this?
- Gretchen

RE: Coffee Pot Stains

The best thing I've found for cleaning aluminum coffee pots is cream of tartar. Put a tablespoon for a regular sized coffee maker, probably 3 or 4 for the large pot. Run it through a cycle and all inside stains will be gone. For the outside stains, S.O.S pads and a little elbow grease will take a lot of stains out and shine it back up. - Susan (08/21/2001)

RE: Coffee Pot Stains

Be aware that that black gunk is actually a coating on the aluminum surface, and it contributes to the mellow flavor of coffee. You may NOT want to clean it all off. If you DO, you'll find you're going to have to run 10 or 20 fresh pots of coffee through the coffee maker before your coffee tastes right again. If you want to just do a light to moderate cleaning, you can use a mild solution of baking soda and let it sit overnight. That will take off a large portion of the stain, but not clean down to the bare aluminum, which would spoil the flavor of the coffee. If you MUST clean out all of the stains, a weak solution of Clorox bleach allowed to soak overnight will get it all. Be careful about experimenting with mixing cleaning agents, particularly when working with bleach. Some combinations can produce poison chlorine gas - NOT what you want to deal with! (12/25/2004)

By NurseBob

Archive: Cleaning Coffee Pot Stains

I learned a neat trick for cleaning coffee pots or tea pots. Fill with crushed ice (you can put ice cubes in a bread bag and hammer them until crushed), quite a bit of salt, and a lemon slice. Swish it around several times and rinse out. If the pot is stained, you'll need to let it sit longer and then use a large brush to clean.

Works great!

By LovingLynden from Lynden, WA

RE: Cleaning Coffee Pot Stains

Ice works too for coffee that has been left in the pot and baked on. Just swish it around and the crusted coffee comes right off the glass. (05/21/2009)

By Beth

RE: Cleaning Coffee Pot Stains--Press pot

Anyone ever tried the ice, salt ,lemon in a French press carafe? Just bought it last week. The glass seems so thin I'm fear the ice cube (even crushed-style) might crack it. Hate to take the chance unless someone has done it successfully. (05/21/2009)

By jpear