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Getting Onion Smell Off Hands

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How can I get rid of onion smell from my hands?

By Linda M.


Recent Answers

Here are the recent answer to this question.

By TeeeeeeeeeeJ [2]02/11/2012

Bits of tomato or tomato juice, some people say minty toothpaste works too.

By Wanda10/30/2009

Simply add salt to wet hands and rinse off in running water.

By Beth [25]10/19/2009

I learned the stainless steel trick years ago. It works! I just soap my hands and run them back and forth over the sink a bit. And as Merry50 mentioned, you can buy a stainless bar of "soap" if you don't have a stainless steel sink.

By melissa [8]10/19/2009

I found that cutting celery after the onion removes the smell completely. You can add the celery to whatever dish you are making or just eat it.

By merry woods [1]10/18/2009

Run your hands and fingers over your stainless steel sink if you have one - you can buy a block of stainless steel "soap" which is a soap shaped piece of stainless steel you use as if it were soap and it removes all sorts of nasty smells. I think you can get them at hardward stores.

By melody_yesterday [213]10/18/2009

Does anyone know if a little mouthwash would work?

By Anita Geffinger [4]10/18/2009

Used coffee grounds do the trick. Works for fish, garlic and other odors. Just scoop some into your hands and rub then rinse.


Lemon juice works too.

By metroplex [81]10/15/2009

Just run your hands under cold running water while using a stainless steel spoon at the same time and wipe the spoon and running water all over your hands where the smell is. works like a charm.

By kathleen williams [23]10/14/2009

Vinegar will do the trick, good luck.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

You know how to get the onion smell off your hands after chopping onions? If you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen, rub your hands on the stainless steel sink or the stainless steel faucet. It will take the odor off your hands, then wash with soapy water. Yes, it really works!

By Debi

Removing Onion Smell

After cutting and dicing onions, rub your hands on the inside of a stainless steel sink. The odors will be removed. (12/20/2004)

By Bill Robinson

Hands Smell After Chopping Onions?

Cut a small piece off of your celery and rub it on your hands, knife, or other surfaces. The chemicals in the celery counteract the smelly chemicals in the onion. (01/25/2005)

By Heidi

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Stainless steel works! I take a large stainless spoon and rub it under running water, like I'm washing my hands with soap, between fingers, and any place the onion has touched. I love onion, but hated the smell left on my hands. (01/25/2005)

By Bustersmamajo

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

You can also rub some salt on your hands. (01/25/2005)

By Michelle

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Rubbing your hands on stainless steel also removes garlic odor. I would still use soap to remove any oils, but the remaining odor is gone just with a swipe on the sink. (01/25/2005)

By beanygurl

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Lemon juice works, too, and you can also use it to get the onion smell off your cutting board! (04/06/2005)

By Darla

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Plain old table salt will take the smell of onion away and also helps with the sting of the hot peppers. Just wash hands with soap and water and sprinkle table salt on your hands. Smell gone like magic! (08/29/2005)

By QuakerMom42

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Tried the salt and the sink, neither worked completely. (11/26/2005)

By Joe

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

Tried just rubbing hands on faucet - didn't work. Tried using a stainless steel butter knife handle with salt and Dawn dish detergent all over hands and between fingers for at least 3 minutes. Helped some, but not 100 percent. It did work well to dry out my skin! Gold Bond medicated moisturizer finished off the onion smell and repaired the dryness to my hands. (01/09/2006)

By Sandy

RE: Getting Onion Smell off Hands

The tap thing worked for me! (02/24/2007)

By Jasmine

Archive: Getting Onion Smell Off Hands

What is the best soap or hand sanitizer to get rid of the smell of onion off your hands?


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