Solutions for Soft Fingernails

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for something that is good to use for soft, weak fingernails. Mine are so soft that I can bend them forward. Any ideas will be appreciated.

TC from Virginia

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I use "Hard As Nails" on my fingernails. Its a clear fingernail polish but it makes your nails strong. You can find it just about anywhere.

My mother always said that eating Jell-O is good for your fingernails too. I don't know if its true or not but its worth a try.

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try soaking your nails in salt water two to three times a week, take a bowl of water fill it just enough to cover your fingers use about two tablespoons of salt preferably sea salt not iodized salt plain salt is fine, do this weekly until you find your nails getting stronger and they will also grow long, do this just before going to bed. then after you get the desired results maintain this about once or twice weekly, I do this on my nails and have achieved rave results also use lotions on your hands so your cuticles don't dry out as salt can dry them.

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I also have weak fingernails yjat have ridges and peal. I would love to know why this happens and how can I fix it?

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Take calcium supplements. Or add more calcium to your diet. There are several other vitamins that help in nail growth, but I cannot think of them offhand, but calcium is definately the main one.

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I am 37 years old and have always had weak finger nails. When I was about 14 , I asked my mom why my nails wouldn't grow very long, she went out and bought me Gelatin vitamins (tablets), I swear I noticed a differance the VERY NEXT DAY !!! It was just ever so slight , but from there, they kept getting stronger. You really do have to take them religiously or if you skip 1 or 2 days, they go back to how they used to be. It didn't make them grow to the sky, but it kept them hard and at a length that I could actually choose. I quit taking them, mostly because I would keep forgetting to buy the vitamins and then I did acrillics, and then I just said "forget it, I'm done !! I asked my mom how she knew that and she said her mother told her the exact same thing !!

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According to Heloise, white iodine applied daily for a week, then once a week thereafter will do wonders for "abused" nails--acrylic, gel, etc.

I am trying it right now. Hopefully, I will see results soon.

You can easily order white iodine online. Good luck.

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where did you find white iodine? I've been looking for it and can't locate it. Send me an email at janetly at gmail dot com


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Yup, gelatin works. I haven't taken it in awhile but when I did, it did the trick.

I take calcium supplements already so that's not a problem. I suggest you do the same - there can be a multitude of reasons while your nails are soft/weak.

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I have a problem with a couple of my fingernails wanting to curl under as they get long. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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I would like to know where to buy white iodine also.

(I'd also like to know what it is too!)


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I tried Hard As Nails, and it hardened only the top of my nails where I applied it. The underside of my nails stayed soft. When soft met hard, my nails began to split. It was worse than soft nails.

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Hard As Nails nail products/polish made my nails so brittle that I had to stop using it.

Same thing with Barielle products.

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I ordered white iodine from CVS pharmacy. Walgreens will special order too.

They do not keep it on the shelf but in their warehouse. It was $3.00 for 2 Oz.

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Hi! I have soft bendy nails. They are really flexible and break easy.

I've tried hard as nails but it won't adhere to my nails, for more than a day or two, as soon as I do anything like house work the nail bends and the hard as nails stuff peels right off. Super glue won't even stick to my nails, I broke a nail and tried to save it with super glue but it didn't work at all.

It's really annoying because I can't let the grow out and I'm always breaking one off and have to trim the others down to match. :-( Is there anything I can do to make them stronger? I'm sort of scared about it, I'm reminded of school where the soaked a chicken bone in vinegar and it became rubbery.

Oh, and I'm 47 and on HRT (Delestrogen) I wonder if the hormones could have any effect? Thanks! :-) Dee

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I know for certain gelatin does not work so please don't believe everything you read here.

The one who said it helped the very next day had to have gotten help from a vitamin or better yet a mineral.

We're all different and the same thing won't always work for you that did for someone else.

Do a web search and you'll find out Jello or gelatin does nothing.

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I've always had strong, hard nails. Recently, within the last week or so, my nails have become so thin and brittle. I had to cut them as they were bending backwards, splitting, and hurting. I am 51 and wondering if this is hormonal. Does anyone know?

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OK, I'm pushing 60 and have lived with soft bendable finger nails all my life. I am, but haven't always been, a vegetarian I eat right, exercise, enjoy life and am in better condition than most people I know half my age. I avoid processed foods (they comes with all kinds of bad stuff like preservatives, dyes, partially hydrogenated oils, etc.), I take lots of different vitamins, lived all over the world and I STILL have soft fingernails. If my nails were hard, I'd probably be in pain half the time from breaking them! I play softball, fly airplanes, ski, swim, ride motorcycles, garden, travel, etc. Maybe they're soft because I spend so much time in and around water but I'm not willing to give that up. The people I know with long hard nails, don't DO anything. So take some advice from a woman who has acquired lots of wisdom over lots of years; Life is great! Don't sweat the small stuff. If your nails are soft, you are probably active. That can do more for your body than long hard nails can. Trying to look great all the time can be hazardous to your health. Hang around people who like you the way you are. Life's too good to waste a minute of it. Live it! gramma caryn

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I'm 40 and I've tried lots of things over the years with no result. I've found that "nail magic" from sally's beauty supply and hard as hoof nail cream (got mine at walmart) has helped. My nails are still soft, but not as soft as they were. My nails have actually grown a bit past my fingertips (first time in my life) I'm also going to try the white iodine mentioned in another post.

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I'm wondering how long Darrel soaked his/her nails in salt water each time?

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I found something at Walmart that does wonders for my nails - 5 to 7 day growth formula. It actually works, but I haven't found anything that works for Harding my nails. Please help.

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