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Urine Smell in My Bathroom

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I cannot get the urine smell out of my bathroom. I clean it every day. It is a brand new unit and only I live in it. I have not had this problem before. I do notice that there is a low water level in the toilet bowl. I hope you can help.

By Gissy from Muswellbrook, NSW


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By myshell02/14/2014

Can I use normal Oxysept powder for dog urine smell in bathroom and drain. If not can you tell me what I can use.

By Tim12/20/2010

We were having the same problem. This was after I had replaced our vinyl flooring with tile, so I knew it wasn't the floor or subfloor. The odor was isolated to within the toilet bowl. After alot of nostril work, I traced the odor as coming from under the lip around the top of the bowl (where the water washes down when you flush). It seems that over time, urine has splattered and crystalized into the calcium deposits under the lip. I purchased a flexible plastic putty knife for under a buck and some pet urine odor neutralizer. I soaked the underside of the lip with the neutralizer and scraped the deposits free with the putty knife. I also used a scotch scrub pad and scoured under the lip with the pad and some lysol bathroom cleaner (I used the putty knife to wedge the scouring pad under the lip). I scraped, scrubbed and soaked with the cleaner and neutralizer until all the deposits were gone. The smell instantly disappeared and remains gone today. Good luck.

By Vicky [5]12/12/2010

My sister just moved into a brand new house and had the same problem; she was cleaning the commode and around the commode all the time. The odour seemed to be coming from the 'plastic' the commode seat/lid unit was made of. After a few months, the smell has now almost totally gone. I hope this is the case for you, as well, and the 'new' smell eventually fades. Blessings.

By Lee Taylor [10]12/12/2010

I clean houses for elderly people and notice that urine gets on the outside of the bowl all around the sides , front and back. Really check the entire toilet. If you don't find anything, there may be urine that seeped into the flooring. As said by others, talk to your landlord.

I know it's frustrating. Sorry!

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]12/11/2010

You may have urine soaked flooring from an old wax ring just under the base of the toilet. If you rent, ask you landlord for the date this was last replaced, which should be about every two years. If it is the case, it is their responsibility to replace it.
Good luck, Sandi

By kim [4]12/11/2010

When you clean use backing soda. It will take the smell out of the bathroom.


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Archive: Urine Smell in My Bathroom

I clean my bathroom regularly, but a day or so later, I can always smell urine. I clean in and around the toilet good but the order is still comes back.


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