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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

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I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 7 months now, and I don't know what to get him. I'm 16 and he's 19. He's kind of a hick boy. He likes to hunt and he's into diesels. He likes tools, knives, and guns. For his birthday, I got him a homemade knife. I'm not allowed to buy him a gun, what should I get him?

By b-leigh19 from IN


Recent Answers

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By Lilian12/14/2010

An emergency survival kit might be nice.

By Sherri [6]12/14/2010

Hello, my son-in-law hunts and he buys a lot of his gear from a catalogue called Cabelas. Go to their website and you can find many gifts.

By Mockey [4]12/11/2010

Find out what kind of tools he doesn't have and get him that. Or, you could buy him some clothes. Some that look cool but also something that he could wear when he is out hunting.

By jean leiner [12]12/11/2010

How about a gift card to a sporting goods/outdoor type store so he can choose his own? Or a gift card for however many gallons of gas/diesel fuel you can afford?


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Archive: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

What can I get my boyfriend for Christmas? He loves hunting and being outside.

By Amanda from Hickory, NC

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

If it gets cold in your area get a couple of those heat packets for your pockets. That will be comforting on the cold mornings hunt or anytime outside. (12/01/2009)

By Suntydt

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

Turkey hunters use gun ammunition, bow and arrows, turkey caller, decoys, camouflage gear and camo tent and a camo 5 gal. swivel can for sitting and storage.

Deer hunters use ammunition, portable deer stand, good buck knife for field dressing, thermaboots, insulated underwear, binoculars, small Coleman catalytic heater if the deer stand is enclosed.

Squirrel and rabbit hunters use trained Beagles or a Mountain Kur for squirrels and a black and tan, Walker, Coon hound for raccoon, and then there's the bird dogs like Spaniels and Labradors for geese, quail, and pheasant.

Check out the hunting goods department in a sports store or on the 'net. There's tons of hunting items from low end to high end merchandise. (12/02/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

Go to they have some great gifts for hunters, and they are reasonably priced. I got my brother a book all about guns, yeah I know boring right, but he will love it. They have duffle bags with deer and bears on them, even furniture that looks like rifles. (12/02/2009)

By micksgirl

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

Go to your local feed store and get ideas. Look online at hunting supplies. Get a book at the library about hunting and read about it so you know what hunters need and enjoy, then you'll have better ideas what to get him. (12/03/2009)

By PainterLee

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

How about going to your local hardware store and check out their pocket knives. I know that is always a hit here. Also, if he has a good knife check out watches that attach to belt loops and a note that says something like never forget to make time for you in his busy schedule. The hardware store will also have someone that can help you find something for the Daniel Boone boyfriend. (12/03/2009)

By grannygirl

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

My husband of 15 years is obsessed with hunting. What kind of hunting does your boyfriend do? You could get him the scent killer spray, scent killer soap and shampoo or clothes detergent for more inexpensive gifts. Make a basket from them. Camo clothing: shirts, jackets, coveralls, or pants. You could get him a gift card to Dances sporting goods or Bass Pro Shop, or Cabellas. If you know what kind of hunting he does you could get him ammo for his gun or broad heads for his bow. You can find the broadheads cheaper on eBay. If he uses a gun find out what kind of cleaning items he uses, gun oil, patches, etc. and you could make a small basket of those items. I would need to know what kind of hunting he does, gun, bow, deer, rabbit, or fowl, etc. to help you to know what kind of items to get. Hope this helps. (12/03/2009)

By minnabird

RE: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Who Likes Hunting

Simply speaking, I believe all hunters would be glad of an extra package or two of his fave ammo. (This includes arrows or crossbow bolts, of course.) If you know what kind of hunting weapon he uses and his usual target, any clerk in a hunting goods store (or dept) will be happy to help.

Another simple, inelegant gift idea is hunting socks. They're not costly, usually under $10, and every hunter needs at least two extra pair. Same goes for gloves. Oh, btw, happy birthday to your boyfriend! (12/06/2009)

By JustPlainJo

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