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I haven't been able to locate an awesome product for cleaning the toilet that I used to use. Does anyone know where I can locate Sani-flush? I think it may have been taken off the market.

By SLS from MI


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By Suntydt 75 877 12/03/2009

I did a search at ASK and got these results http://www.ask.com/web?qsrc=2417&o=0&l=dir&q=Sani+Flush+sale

I found this at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Reckitt-Benck ... oducts&qid=1259886053&sr=8-1

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 12/04/2009

I bought some a few months ago at Canadian Tire. It's a store sort of like Walmart, but with mostly car, sports, and outdoor stuff.

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By capn sticky 1 07/19/2010

Crystal toilet bowl cleaners have evidently been discontinued for environmental or safety reasons (Sani-Flush and Vanish Crystals were the main brands.) The active ingredient was sodium bisulfate, which releases an acid when dissolved in water. This was very effective for removing calcium deposits caused by hard water. The liquid cleaners are basic, not acid. I suspect the acid is bad for septic systems, but probably would not harm a city sewer treatment system. Sodium bisulfate crystals can be purchased at a Pool Supply store, sold as Dry Acid, Ph Lower, Ph Down, etc. Intended use is adjusting pool and spa Ph level. Read and follow all precautions.

Do not get in eyes!

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Archive: Buying Sani-Flush

Where can I buy Sani-Flush? My mom is looking for it and can't find it anywhere.

By JSKA980405 from Goshen, IN

RE: Buying Sani-Flush

Well, I went to google and typed in "who makes sani clean" and got several sites to click on. One said sani clean is no longer available because of environmental concerns. But another said you could buy it online at Office Depot in Mishawaka In. A 54 oz of Sani Flush is $3.79. So I would search out google and see what you can find. (09/29/2009)

By foxrun41

RE: Buying Sani-Flush

Yes, I noticed that myself. You can no longer find it in the stores. I live in Brookville, PA. If you ask about it, most people don't seem to notice it any longer on the shelf. But yes, the Home Depot sells it online. (10/06/2009)

By twilightsmine

RE: Buying Sani-Flush

I called the company and they said it is discontinued and that there is nowhere that I could buy it. I just finished my last jug and I'm very disappointed. It is the only thing that really "cleaned" my toilet. I think the other stuff on the market just coats over the stains etc. (10/30/2009)

By Whipster

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