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Does The Power Rider Provide Effective Exercise

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I have an exercise equipment that was really popular about 10 years ago. It's called a Power Rider. I wonder how effective this equipment is when trying to lose weight. I have a hard time getting to a gym or out on my own, because I have a small child, and I thought if I woke up early each morning and worked out on the Power Rider I could work out from home. Anybody know about the effectiveness of this equipment?

Stacy from Denver, Co



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By cyrilhartman09/18/2015

I do 250 stroks a day on mine thats 125 in the morning and 125 in the evening Thats 250 every day made my shoulder hurt for first 8-10 strokes and I kept riding and pain stopped got the fat off me so I am happy have been riding for over 60 days feel great for having MS

By noeleenfalkner12/27/2013

Yes I had one years ago & I got my size and weight down from a 20 to a 12. If you've got the space a cupboard or in a corner it does work. Hope this helps.

By noeleenfalkner12/27/2013

Yes! but you do have to use it I was a size 20 and I watched what I did eat not religiously as I had a fit job and I got down to a size 12 if you can buy cheap do so. I had the timer reps and the weights on the back got another one now and I have been told by the hospital I have to use it regularly. Hope this helps.

By jay (Guest Post)07/09/2008

I had the power rider about 10 years ago as well and I loved it. Unfortunately, I moved and left it behind about 6 years ago. I so do regret it because I ve been searching for another one ever since. Get on it girl early in the morning and every other time you can.

Good Luck!

By carguy1993 (Guest Post)03/20/2008

yes i just bought one and you can really feel the workout and my back hasn't hurt yet

By Annie (Guest Post)03/18/2008

I have had the power rider for about 10 years now. i must say it was quite effective for me. I shed about 6-7kg. It also helps to maintain the weight after that. But remember to watch your diet if you want quick and noticible results. Good luck!

By Holly [367]09/19/2007

I've heard pf people hurting their backs on these items. Make sure you know the proper body form.

By susan [8]09/19/2007

The problem with these, is that when they came out, they were such a big thing that several companies made them. Some of the same type were marketed under different names, and others worked on the same principle, but were very different. Some were much more comfortable to use than others, put less strain on the body, and worked the muscles better. A person's height also made a difference in which model worked best for that particular person. With that said, I bought one and still use it to this day. I do not use it to lose weight, but simply to stay fit, so I really do not know how effective they'd be in the weight loss arena. I think they're like anything else--not a miracle, but effective with regular use. They always reminded me of those swings for kids at the park. I always loved them as a kid, and think that's why I've stuck with this for an exercise.

By Kim Churchman [3]09/18/2007

I checked it out and saw pictures of it on eBay, and I can't recommend it. Looks like something that would strain your back, and not enjoyable enough to stick with for long. BTW, the eBay one for sale was for only $20. Grab that baby, pop her into a stroller, and go out the door.

By mcw [80]09/15/2007

I try and do some form of exercise each day in order to burn calories, and to keep my own weight under control. A person has to burn more calories than what they take in every day. So any form of exercise where you are moving is good and will help you to burn calories. Also any nutritionist/dietician will tell you about food portions, and try stay away from fast food restaurants, their food is loaded with calories. My husband and I only eat out once a week at a restaurant which is buffet style. We normally do not eat at fast food restaurants, unless we are on vacation and there is no other choice.

The best daily eating plan to follow is the diet that is prescribed for people who have diabetes because it regulates the amount of carbohydrates that you are allowed to eat each day.

Between housework, cooking meals, etc. I try and exercise. Some days I might miss because I have errands that I have to run and there aren't enough hours in the day.

My routine is lifting some weights, doing several floor exercises on a mat and some aerobic walking around my town.

I hope that I was able to give you a few pointers.

Marge from NY

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