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Vinegar Rinse for Dogs


You have heard to rinse vinegar through your hair once a month to get rid of shampoo residue, well do this for your dogs, too! My Lab/Husky mix has thick hair. Once a month during the warm days, I will take plain vinegar and mix it to a sprayer (just like you were spraying your plants) and spray the dog. Let him shake it off. Repeat and scrub it it in and than rinse again. It is a refreshing bath for him

I use a lot of vinegar during the summer months. After getting burned in the sun, I always take vinegar bath and than lather with some great lotion of your choose. I like hemp after sun repair. Good for you and your tan will be the best this year.

I think it helps with the bugs too!

By mhuskins1 from Murfreesboro, TN


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Archive: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

My vet directed me to give my cocker spaniel vinegar rinses, 10% vinegar and the rest water. But I am uncertain if he meant to leave it on her or rinse it off? She has had terrible skin allergies for 11 years now. I have given her allergy shots, benedryl, and other remedies for it throughout her life. I have found bathing her more often has made a little difference, she doesn't break out as much. But I am still in question about the rinse method?



RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

A light vinegar rinse when you bathe the family dog will help control doggy odor.

ByBy Chell

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

Call the vet and ask (08/08/2005)

By aardvark

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

Hi Ellen, I would think that you wouldn't need to rinse it off if it is only 10% vinegar but calling the vet would be the best.

By Susan from ThriftyFun

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

Hi Ellen,

I, too, have a cocker spaniel with skin allergies. My vet gave me Malaseb shampoo to use on her and it has helped much more than the vinegar rinse did. You might want to get some from your vet or a pet store to try.

I have no interest in the company or the shampoo other than it helped my dog tremendously and I know how much misery she was in.


By Yvonne

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

I found using the cheap dandruff shampoo from Walmart works good too. (08/09/2005)

By Gina

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

All through my childhood, the only rinse we used on our own hair was white vinegar. It leaves hair residue free and shiny. I forgot all about it and when brushing my puppy, I noticed some flaking. I think I'll try it on her. Oh, rinse it out. (02/13/2006)

By valery

RE: Vinegar Rinse for Dogs

I have found that a lot of skins allergies are caused by the food the dog eats. I have a golden that had skin issues for years and I started feeding him Solid Gold Dog food and he is doing awesome. I also found that dogs have a reaction to white rice and chicken products in the food. Solid gold doesn't have all the processed stuff and doesn't have a lot of the stuff they use to preserve food that causes allergies too. I am in no way affiliated with Solid Gold, I just love the stuff! It works great. you can check them out on the web too. and they even have a place you can type in your specific issue and it will tell you which of there products helps that issue. (06/08/2006)

By Krys