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Yardman Riding Mower Won't Start

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I have a Yardman mower that is not a year old yet. It will not start. The motor turns freely, but won't engage. The last time it worked, when I cut it off it backfired. What could be the problem?

By Linda T


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By CRYSTAL [15]10/27/2010

Hi, have you checked the spark plug? There is also a sensor on the seat, that if you are not sitting down, it will not crank. Safety reason. :) Hope you get it fixed.


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Archive: Yardman Riding Mower Won't Start

How do I fix my 15 hp Yardman riding mower? When I turned the key it tried to start. It would turn over once then stop. So I started getting into it and I came across a red wire hooked under the carburetor that was nicked by the starter. I cut it and twisted it together then tried to turn it on. The same thing happened.

Then I traced the black wire to the coil and it ran under the engine where there was a connector (still the black wire). I took it apart and put it back together. Now there is no power when I turn the key.

By Sunny

RE: Yardman Riding Mower Won't Start

Sounds like you grounded out a hot wire. Just because it's black, you can't assume it's a ground wire. This is why they have wiring diagrams. Unhook the last wire you tied together and check your fuse. Either you have a bad starter, or a bad battery. Not enough cranking amps for the starter. (09/16/2010)

By revravyid

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