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Use Coke For Removing Smoke Odors


Several years back we had a fire in our home and the pros came in to help us with the clean up. Everything smelled like smoke, even our clothes. One of their cleaning secrets was to put one can of Coca-Cola in the washing machine, per load with your regular laundry soap. They said: "Do NOT use sugarless and do not use Pepsi, just regular name-brand Coca-Cola." It worked wonderfully! It was amazing how well just adding one can of Coke per wash load would take out every trace of smoke smell from our clothes and other washables!

I've since used this trick to get rid of that campfire smell from my jackets and other clothes after camping and it also seems to get rid of nasty nicotine smells from my clothes when I've been around smokers. I don't know if a knockoff brand of Coke would work, I used the real thing but you could always give a cheaper brand a try!

Source: Professional smoke damage cleaners gave me this tip.

By Cyinda from near Seattle



By Janice C. 18 710 04/19/2008 Flag

I love unusual hints like this. Have to try it. You've made my day.

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By frugal lou (Guest Post) 07/23/2008 Flag

We did $84 worth of laundromat laundering yesterday, trying to remove cigarette odors from clothing that had been in a smoky home for many years. Coke did nothing to mitigate the stench, more did Pepsi. I realize this was an extreme test. Coke may work for mild odor removal.

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