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Spray Freshener from Dryer Sheets


I usually buy Febreeze to freshen the house and thought "There has to be a cheaper way to freshen the house." So I took a spray bottle and put a couple of bounce Febreeze fabric softener sheets (for your dryer) and added water and it worked GREAT! All I have to do is maybe add another fabric softener sheet when I need a stronger scent. Hope this is a good tip for you and also to save money. If you have the liquid Febreeze and you're getting low, add a sheet to the bottle and add more water. There you have a full bottle again.

By Tina from West Virginia



By Cynthia M. (Guest Post) 01/21/2009 Flag

You can also take liquid softener and put about 2 inches of it in the bottom of your spray bottle and add water to almost the top. Shake and spray! Pick your favorite softner and you can have the smell through your house!

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By Jana 7 264 01/21/2009 Flag

A trick that a friend recently told me, that she got from Martha Stewart -- Refill the Febreeze bottle with water and add half a cap of liquid softener (Downy, Snuggle, Suavetiel... whatever)

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By Janet 11 720 01/22/2009 Flag

I read this weekend that dryer sheets have cancer causing chemicals in them.
Have you ever tried essential oils? You can mix with distilled water & spray - as a room freshener, put on a cotton ball, etc. One bottle lasts a long time. You can add a few drops to homemade house cleaners for a nice scent. Lavender oil is calming, clary sage helps smokers stop smoking, etc. Much better then chemicals, in my opinion.

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01/22/2009 Flag

This is a very good frugal tip!

I also like the post about using essestial oils (made purely from plant extracts, not imitation) to scent everything we use including ourselves and I do it too when I can afford it but the reality is that even so called 'natural' marketed products contain cancer causing agents much of the time including many essential oils, toothpaste, food, shampoo, lotion, dish soap, medication, etc.

Thanks for your tip, Tina, and I'll be giving it and the liquid softeners a try :-)

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By Susan 8 17 11/18/2009 Flag

I am going to do that today! What a great idea for linen spray too! This list could go on and on. Thank you so much!

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By Sandi 7 182 11/06/2010 Flag

So many of these sprays and softeners contain chemicals which can cause cancer. Do we need all these sprays which we are told 'we need'? How about opening a window for a short time, keeping the stinky garbage out of the kitchen, being a better house keeper? What did our mothers do? Eliminate the source of the offensive odor versus spraying all kinds of nasty chemicals.

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