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How do I fix frizzy doll hair?

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I bought 2 used American Girl dolls for my daughter, they both have slightly frizzy hair. Does anyone know of a way to improve the hair so it will be less frizzy?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Jennifer from Bend, Oregon


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By gymnastsarah1706/08/2011

Yes, send them to the American girl doll hospital. You will need to admit them. Here is a link to the form. Print two of them one for each doll. But ship them in the same box to save money on shipping.

Here is the admittance form.

By amazed06/14/2010

Easy! I just discovered this on a website last night. Fixing frizzy, tangled, matted Barbie doll and Bratz doll hair. Steam!
I boiled a pot of water and held the doll over it upside down, then immediately began to comb, repeat 1-4 times as necessary. I did 12 dolls with great results. Some I wrapped the hair around a pencil, held over the steam, then clipped with clothespins till this morning. Curls! I was able to save a baby doll with crazy hair - steamed then twisted into little curls and fluffed. I can't believe how easy this is!

By Sara (Guest Post)12/30/2008

You can either take baby shampoo and mix it with baking powder with water or use wig shampoo.

By Laurie (Guest Post)12/24/2007

Look at this site...has some great advice!

Special Tips For Restoration of Barbie® and Other Plastic Dolls

By Amanda (Guest Post)07/22/2007

Also, try fabric softner. It does wonders for tangles as well as frizz in doll hair.

By dollmaster01/09/2007

I use Crisco baking lard it truly works the best; once the lard has sat for at least one hour I then microwave just the head (if possible) due to metal parts that maybe on the inside. Just for 60 seconds on high!!! when its done use a glove just in case and comb the hair.. works the best.. You can clean the excess lard out if desired though if left in; it gives a beautiful sheen.. not too much of an odor.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)12/27/2006

I contacted american girl originally. They have the doll hospital, for $25 they will brush the hair, for $40 they replace the head. You have to pay initial shipping plus $7 or $8 return shipping.

I did the color treated hair conditioner suggested above. That did pretty good for one doll but the other is beyond help but better than it was.

The other suggestion above has some great tips that I will try soon,

Thanks for all your help!

By Paula (Guest Post)12/27/2006 has tips for washing and they do a downy dunk---for frizzy hair they reccommend using a steamer--check it out--I found it trying to restore some of my older daughters dolls for my younger one.

By Natalie (Guest Post)12/14/2006

Look up a local doll hospital. Most of them can do it for a low cost. They use specialty products, like Twin Pines:
Their things are a little expensive, but well worth it to care for dolls that are collectable or will be played with for a long time, and a little bit goes a long lng way. They also offer free advice and are super nice, just email them! HTH!

By (Guest Post)12/10/2006

Wash the dolls hair with a shampoo made for color treated/damaged hair. Then saturate the hair with a heavy conditioner like Infusium or Pantene. Carefuly comb through the hair with a large tooth comb or hair pick. Let the conditioner sit for an hour or so and then gently rinse. Don't rinse all the conditioner out, leave a little in so the hair feels slick. Comb out straight and let dry. This works well for Barbie hair.

By Janice C. [18]12/09/2006

Try They have a Doll Hospital and tips.

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