Removing Gasoline Smell from Shoes

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When gas is spilled, it can be difficult to remove the odor. This guide is about removing gasoline smell from shoes.



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Question: Gasoline Smell on Shoes

Somehow, gasoline spilled on my brand new shoes. I have washed them in cold water with baking soda and detergent twice to no avail. The smell is still there. What else can be done?

By Michele


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By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/25/2012

You can also try filling the sock with cat litter and leaving that in the shoe for a few days.

Question: Gasoline Smell on Shoes

I stepped in gasoline while filling the car and want to know how to get the gas smell off the bottom of my shoes?

Susan from Chicago


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By Katrina (Guest Post)06/10/2007

Try straight Simple Green.

Question: Removing Gasoline Smell from Shoes

I have managed to spill some petrol which had some 2 stroke in it into my boot, which has a polystyrene decoration in the shape of a tyre. Any ideas on how to get the smell from it? Your help would be appreciated. Kind regards.

By titquinn

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Archive: Gas Smell on Rubber Soled Shoes

How do you get gasoline smell off of rubber soled shoes?

Susan Brock from Somerset, KY

RE: Gas Smell on Rubber Soled Shoes

Soak soles in a pail with Dawn dishwashing detergent and water. 1 good long squirt for 5 gallons. If Dawn can get oil and gasoline off ducks and other water fowl, it can get it out of sneakers. Give it 24 hours under the sudsy water. you may have to agitate gently. You may have to do this for several days. Rinse well and wash in washing machine. Air dry. (11/01/2005)

By Cat Somerville