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Get Rid of Mice with Exlax


We owned and operated a seasonal fishing camp/resort out in the bush. Our cabins, lodge and washroom facilities were basic & simple. It was a summer business. In the fall we closed down, and in came the mice, although we lived year round on site with 5 cats! I tried everything to protect the cabins, house, etc. from the mice! Now you cannot mouse proof over 11 acres of resort out in the bush, can you? Thanks to a old timer bush man we did.

You may laugh out loud at his wisdom on getting rid of mice or other rodents, when you think about how his bush man solution works out in the boonies, with seasonal cabins, a lodge, workshop, garage and our house.

Here it is, and it worked like a charm for us. It is to feed them ex-lax... super strength if you can. Rodents love ex-lax! We placed it outside & inside. If we thought a cat or dog could get at it, we covered it so that only a rodent could get in and eat it. Even if a bigger animal did get it, it wasn't deadly.

The old bush man told us. Rodents are smaller, their digestive systems are smaller. A little ex-lax goes a long way! Rodents live in communities or families. If one gets sick in "home space". They learn fast and leave for a safer environment.

A mouse or any rodent loves the chocolate wax like bar of ex-lax! Add peanut butter to the bars if you like. It is "Dairy Queen Deluxe" for rodents. Once the word is out among fellow rodents about the "after effects" of the food supplied, they leave the area for healthier food, as well as, communicate and smell the
"Gastric Distress and Results" of the afflicted ex-lax filled rodent to the community!

We thought it was crazy until it worked. The mice were gone and we were trouble free for over 5 years! Easy and Inexpensive! Yes, some rodents had diarrhea as they packed up and left, but we never smelled it. Anyway this worked for us up until we sold the resort and moved!

PS - As it looks and tastes like chocolate, DO NOT PUT WHERE KIDS, ADULTS or PETS may eat it! You know what will happen with ex-lax! Good luck and happy rodent free spaces!


By Ziggee 220 11/12/2008

I'm going to try this since we have a problem with rats and mice.


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By (Guest Post) 11/12/2008

Gives a whole new meaning to "gotta go"!

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By Karen Lawson 11 63 11/12/2008

Thanks for the great tip! I won't use any kind of poison.

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By Leah Jones 4 52 11/12/2008

This is fantastic - I can't bear to kill anything, and I don't. Won't use fly sprays, cockroach baits etc, and we have had a mouse problem from time to time.
This has delighted me - I guess they get sore stomachs for a while, but they can go and live somewhere else, and they won't. I don't mind if they live in the garage or shed, just not in the house. I wouldn't even mind that if they didn't make holes in the flour bags etc. So . . . . . Exlax.
I shall make the trek to town, and bye, bye meece.
Thank you so much for this, it's just great.
Leah from Down Under.

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I am giggling at the shear simplicity of this and how you explained how it works ;-) I'll spread the word :-) Thanks!

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By auntbaba (Guest Post) 11/12/2008

Hello, does the "Gastric Distress and Results" not smell bad insite the cabinets and between the walls?? I would hesitate about this because the "Results" might be on a plate or bowl. Yuck.

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By unigrad (Guest Post) 11/12/2008

Thanks so much for the tip. My SIL is deathly afraid of mice (can you imagine a very pregnant lady on top of the washing machine screeching for anyone to save her from the little mouse that ran across the floor?). Today she lives in a retirement complex and has a gentleman friend set traps for her mice every night. This tip will be a great help for her so she won't have to see them in the trap or have anything to do with them.

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Post By auntbaba (Guest Post) (11/12/2008)

Hello, does the "Gastric Distress and Results" not smell bad inside the cabinets and between the walls?? I would hesitate about this because the "Results" might be on a plate or bowl. Yuck.

I am giggling even more now. There's going to be this result whether or not there's Exlax so might as well have a couple Exlax moments and the critters then 'move away' because of the 'distress' rather than have permanent poopy continue in the walls and on the plates ;-) LOL !!!

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By Ronda 1 2 11/12/2008

WOW. I thought I had heard it all when someone said to put "GRITS" on "FIRE ANT" hills & once they carry them down to the Queen Ant they will explode as soon as digested...but this gives a whole new meaning to explode! Thanks for the advice, I will be trying it.
P.S. By the way..."GRITS" do work!

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By lovesthosehounds (Guest Post) 11/13/2008

Too bad it doesn't work on snakes!

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By Susan from Morristown, TN 3 8 11/14/2008

We have tried everything to get rid of mice, but nothing seems to work for long. We will be trying this.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 449 2,075 11/15/2008

When you mentioned "the bush" I immediatly assumed you were in AK...then I remembered they don't live up there!

It's one of the best things about AK is no spiders, snakes, or rodents. Well, maybe as pets but that is about it.

Mice and Rats have a one way digestive system, according to Mother Earth News. That is why feeding them cola will make the little tummies "pop". But whatever works is whatever works, huh? Good tip!

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I think 'the bush' is in Australia ;-)

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