Kenmore Washer Error Code F 02


We own a Kenmore HE4T front load washer/dryer set. We have had it for 3 years. We are now getting a message of F 02 on the washer board. The warranty expired of course and we are looking for some advice on how to clear the problem up. Help.

By trillian1 from Dayton, OH


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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 08/28/2009

Do a search on: Kenmore Washer Error Code F 02, or check the owner's manual.

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By Pamela Moore 5 16 02/21/2010

Definitely get a repairman you trust out to check it out. Alot of appliance stores have people that keep up on repair all washers. You can also get on a site called FixYa.com. You can post a question of all sorts and will be sent a possible answer.

Let me also warn you about Sears, a company that I had trusted all of my life, but never again. When our Kenmore front loading washer that we had only had for 8 years broke, it was going to cost almost the price of a new washer to fix it. The problem was that the "spider" part that held on to the tub had gone bad; I found out through searching for an answer that Sears had been involved in a scam to only make the front loaders last 4 years, making owners think that they could only buy parts from them and charge customers almost the price of a new washer for parts and labor. We replaced our washer with an LG and we love it!. My husband and I swear to never give Sears ANY more of our money again. Good Luck!

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By oSandi 16 14 10/10/2011

We bought a Kenmore Elite H3 washer in 2003. Through 2006 and 2007 each wash cycle was getting progressively noisier plus we had the F02 error message appearing repeatedly.

We had a Sears service technician come out in June 2007 and he gave us a wealth of information about the appliance. The lower panel (beneath the door) comes off and there is a filter inside. Turns out there was a dish cloth caught up in this spot that had obviously been there for quite awhile (largely disintegrated).

The filter was cleaned and everything became like new again, meaning the machine operates quietly and the F02 message hasn't come back to this day. The most frustrating part of this experience was that this filter wasn't mentioned in the official operating guide provided with the appliance and most people could easily access this area on their own. Good luck with your H4T. Hope it turns out as well.

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By Diane 13 59 10/16/2012

I had the same problem, took me all day to figure it out. Behind the bottom panel covering the front of the washer is a safety switch. If the panel isn't secured, the washer won't spin.

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