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Unique Appetizer "Crackers"

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I was looking for a unique idea for appetizers for my upcoming wedding reception. I wanted to make the crackers for my crackers/cheese display. I bought a loaf of "Wonder Bread" and decided to experiment a bit. I rolled out a slice of wonder bread, very thin. I then buttered it and sprinkled garlic salt on it. I cut out heart shapes with my cookie cutter and placed them on a non-stick pan. I baked them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 275 degrees F.

They came out perfect! Little golden-colored, heart-shaped crackers! They will make a great addition to my appetizer tray, especially since you can create the "crackers" in any design you want with the cookie cutters. My daughter and I are going to try using cinnamon sugar on the next batch and see if they work as well- then we'll have homemade crackers and cookies!

Note: 1 loaf of bread makes about 52 crackers (2 per slice).



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By lavonneann [6]03/11/2009

Very clever and good idea. To me they are homemade because you made them at home!
Way back many years ago we did something similar with bread in our home ec class. We rolled it out thin and used it for pizza crust. Thanks for reminding me - it was pretty good and very quick.
You are sure to have a very nice wedding.

By sandy [77]03/10/2009

They do sound good, but I want to add a correction. They are not home made. You had an assist in the store bought bread. Home made (in my head ) applies to items made from scratch. I hear friends telling people something is home made, but it is from a box.


What a lovely work of love idea! :-) Try plain ones, too :-) Let us know how the cinnamon ones taste :-)

By Holly [367]03/10/2009

Sounds like a nice idea for home made croutons for a fancy occasion.

By d horner [2]03/09/2009

You could save and make nice crackers by looking for some good recipes or watching for a sale and buying in bulk.

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