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Keeping Cut Fruit Fresh

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How to keep cut up fruit fresh?

Traci from Lodi, CA



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By mary (Guest Post)07/28/2007

put fresh berries in canning jars, they stay fresh in the frig longer...

By Lavendergal (Guest Post)01/31/2007

I have found that for sliced strawberries if I sprinkle a little Splenda on them, they do not get mushy as quickly as they do with regular sugar.

By jc42 (Guest Post)01/31/2007

Lime juice also works. My kids like it because it gives a little different flavor. But anything acidic will discourage oxidization.

By denise warner (Guest Post)01/31/2007

hi you just squeeze some lemon juice on it! this will stop it from turning brown and keep it fresh in the fridge for up to one week!

By Cheryl [8]01/31/2007

Lemon or pineapple juice work great. There is also a product called Fruit Fresh. It is powdered citric acid, which is what is in lemon and pineapple juice that keeps the fruit from turning. I use it when I am canning or freezing to keep my fruit looking fresh all the time. It is available in your grocery in the spice aisle or near canning supplies, not very expensive.

By Janet45101 (Guest Post)01/30/2007

I learned this as a supermarket demonstrator.
Soak the cut-up fruit in pineapple juice. It works

By Michawn [18]01/28/2007

Fresh as in no brown fresh? A squirt of lemon juice or a soak in salt water (then rinsed, not the lemon juice) would do that. If you use a little more lemon juice on apples that are just blah, let them sit for a day or two, they get a really great flavor, kind of like a pinapple guava (yah, gotta have one, there is no way to describe the taste, but it's good).

As for any other fresh ideas, I am stumped.

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