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Where Can I Buy Diaper Pins?

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Can someone tell me where to purchase diaper pins?! I used to use them, with cloth diapers, many years ago, but they seem to not be available any more!



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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/28/2007

Sent in by email:

Buy Diaper Pins at WalMart or Dollar General Stores .. and I'm sure other places as well.

By Carrie [2]02/27/2007

Usually, you can find pins in the cheapest store around, located in the sewing section.
Since you use a computer, Google on "cloth diaper pins". If you're using the pins for diapers, you will find that there are improvements in this area.

Dritz diaper pins have a safety lock. There are also fasteners that don't use metal or pins at all.

Here's a typical link:

How ever did we get our baking done?

By Marty [7]02/27/2007

If you have a Dollar Tree in the area, they usually have them.

By jean (Guest Post)02/25/2007

I have bought them in the dollar store. They might be available at Babies"R" Us stores if there is one near you.

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