Urine on a Suede Couch


My husband and I just got a brand new suede couch. Well last night my three year old fell asleep and peed all over it. It soaked through the cushions and the worst part is the cushions are attached, so I can't take them off to clean them really well. How do I get this awful smell off the couch? I only have a few hours till my husband gets home from work. I would love to have it all cleaned before he gets home cause he wouldn't be a happy camper.

By Courtney from Carlisle, PA


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By Jess 125 743 09/23/2010

I would be careful about cleaning real leather suede, many products might damage the finish. If you just bought it, I might contact the company or see what cleaning instructions they might have provided.

If it is microfiber fabric that emulates suede, I would try a product called Kidz and Petz. It is an enzyme cleaner similar to Nature's Miracle, but I think it does a better job. It can get into the cushion and treat the odors that went in deep.

Of course, whatever you do, test a small inconspicuous area first.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 09/22/2010

I do not know how to get urine out, although many people have suggested at other times, to use products from pet supply stores for animal urine. They say these enzyme based products are very good.

However, the reason I posted was to assure you that neither your little boy nor you is at fault for this accident. Your husband is not likely going to be the one cleaning up the couch, and so he should just suck up anything he has to say about the matter and be a good father. Your little boy's feelings and yours are way more important than any suede couch. If a person is going to have kids, they should expect things like this to happen. Your husband can make the trip the store to get the cleaner.

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I second Louel53's comments! By now your hubby has already discovered the problem and I pray he acted like a decent human being over an accident of a young child!

As an extra note, (and I am swallowing much dignity in sharing this) I have Emphysema and often fall asleep on my microfiber sofa. One night I was so sound asleep that I couldn't get up fast enough when I started coughing and ended up very heavily wetting on it. The next day I generously sprayed some distilled vinegar on it, rubbed it in well, allowed it to do it's work for a little while, then used a damp soap and water rag and then fluffed the fabric with a dry rag and allowed to dry. It worked like a charm and no odor or stain remained. :-)

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By Courtney 1 1 09/22/2010

Thanks for your ideas. One thing though I didn't really mean my husband was going to come home and start going off...He understands that she is only 3 and that stuff happens...I guess u could have taken it the wrong way, but i just want to make it clear my husband isn't an evil man like u all may think he is...I think I was more mad about then he was cause im the one that had to scrub the couch!!

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 09/23/2010

Okay, glad to hear that.

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Archive: Urine on a Suede Couch

We are in the midst of potty training my 4 year old son. He had an accident on our brand new suede coach TWICE!! The first one was not bad and I cleaned it quickly afterwards and disinfected without a problem. No smells. This time is really bad! He fell asleep on the couch and really soaked up the cushion and backing. I did the same as before but I still smell the urine. Will dry cleaning take out the smell? Or any other suggestions that are quick. I don't want to let it set for too long or it will never come out. Mimi from CT

RE: Urine on a Suede Couch

Can you remove the cover if so remove it and wash it gentle cycle warm water cool rinse and spray woolite oxy carpet spray on the padding. really soak it. If you cant remove the cover. clean the spot with the spray and injects with a syringe the cleaner every inch in the area and surrounding area. (07/24/2006)

By Dr Beth

RE: Urine on a Suede Couch

Try vinegar or vinegar diluted in water....works great for me for pet urine so I would assume it would work good for this situation. Once dry the vinegar smell dissipates, the mild acidity neutralizes the smell. Good luck. (07/24/2006)

By Barbie

Urine on a Suede Couch

My daughter just urinated on my microsuede couch. The covers are removable, but I'm not sure if it is safe to soak in the wash under gentle cycle. Can anyone help? (05/07/2007)

Archive: Urine on a Suede Couch

OK, so my little cousin urinated on my brand new suede couch, and I don't know how to clean it. He drew on it a few weeks before, and I was told to use Windex, and that worked to get the ink out. His mother didn't tell me he urinated on it until 2 or 3 days later. Can anyone help me, or do I need a new couch?

Kim from Baltimore, MD

RE: Urine on a Suede Couch

Your little cousin's mother was a poor guest. She must have been so embarrassed. The idea above about injecting the deodorizing solution is great, and you can buy one needle and syringe at any farm supply store. The big number is the smaller diameter needle. A size 5 needle would be as big as a garden hose (I exaggerate a little) and a size 18 would be a blood-draw needle. I would choose a 22 or a 25 to leave no holes that show. In dentistry for numbing we use a 30, and it's so slim and bendy you can literally tie it in a knot. Anyway, hope it helps you find the right needle for this job. (09/10/2007)

By kimhis

Archive: Urine on a Suede Couch

How to clean urine stain from a suede leather couch?

By babe from OH

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