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Cleaning Black Refrigerator Doors


I have a GE refrigerator that is about 4 years old. The front doors are black. I think the surface is like a "vinyl" type. They are the type that won't show fingerprints. What is the best way to clean them? When the sun shines on the doors I see all the water marks left by my rag that I used to clean them. Help.

By Barbara from Dallas, TX


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By Terri 5 4 01/01/2011

Try using vinegar or a vinegar/water mix. Make sure to dry it well. I have a cooktop that only looks good if I clean it with straight vinegar and buff dry with paper towels. No smears or streaks!

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By Jill 4 738 01/02/2011

The key, as with windows, is to keep buffing until they're dry.

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By norma carlyon 57 01/04/2011

I use white (clear) vinegar. Then I put one drop (only 1) of liquid dish washing detergent. Add the water, half water half vinegar and shake well, pour on a soft cotton rag, and wash, wash, wash and polish with a clean cotton rag. Don't let it dry, polish it dry. it works.

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I used to have an all black refrigerator that was the kind that did not have the finger smudge proof coating. After wet wipe cleaning just wipe again with a dry non terry cloth type of cotton towel.

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By gem 154 261 01/05/2011

I feel for you. On Thanksgiving one year our stove died. So I tell my hubby that if he don't find a stove there will be no Thanksgiving dinner. The only one he could find was black. Nothing would keep it clean. I shined it with windex and all the little lint fibers arrived back all safe and sound so I gave it away and bought me a white one.
Good luck!

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By Janus 8 455 01/06/2011

I agree with the vinegar and water mix.
But you might try crumbled up newspaper instead of a cloth.
Use the newsprint tho, not the glossy ads.
It will make your appliances sparkle just like it does for windows.

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